Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hwang Bo performing at The Circle, NYC

The poster with details about her performing at The Circle!

Hwang Bo!!!

*Credits: Hwang Bo's fan, Daum- Hwang Bo Gallery*


Anonymous said...

I wish I could just teleport to NYC! I want to meet her too~ ;_;

Anonymous said...

waaaa..........goodluck to all whose going to meed up with HB...Hope you share it with us... aja aja fighting.

Anonymous said...

I really want to meet Hwang Bo I hope she will to California. Anybody know???

Anonymous said...

I saw hwangbo in person at the circle club, she was very beautiful in person and she look alot younger than on the shows everybody really loves her performance at the club she really could sing and dance.Hope she will come to the hollywood bowl concert too, maybe at the same time as ss501 if you know what i mean.