Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hyun Joong news in a flash

I haven't been able to post a lot lately, sigh... Time just flies and I wish I could hold on to it! Anyways, just a brief run through on what has been going on with Hyun Joong lately!

1) The SS boys will kickstart their Asian Tour on the 1st of August. The tour dates are as follows:-
1.08.09- Seoul
13.08.09- Japan

October: Hong Kong, Taiwan

November: Thailand

December: Malaysia, Singapore

They will be conducting their promotional activities around Asia, including places like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Thailand beginning the 8th of this month.

2) More pics from their music video are out! Hyun Joong looks smashing!

3) As many of you have heard, Hyun Joong has been feeling sad and angry over his grandmother's situation, and is currently contemplating taking legal action over the negligence leading to his grandmother's paralysis. Hang in there Hyun Joong, and we all hope and pray that your grandmother will get better soon.



katty1981 said...

hope his granny will be fine....well i think someone will give him lotsa lotsa care dun u all think? heehee....fighting!!!Thanks C for posting this ....Fighting...

Anonymous said...

I see MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!! All they boys will be stopping by MALAYSIA????


UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

ARe they reALLy coming to malaysia????!!!! finaLLY~!
i need to gather all my money!!!!
i haVe to gOOO!
but...stiLL if noT!?
i will be very saD!!!!!
noo....i wanT to gOOO!!! anD atLeast haVe gLimps of HJ!!!!
anD i am suRe aLL joongBoers here in malaysia wiLL be therE!!!

tahrehsi said...

I hope the JANUARY Australia and Vegas will be finalized already, coz I seriously would love to go and I wont even have to think about it. :D

Anonymous said...

oh my vegas....when???

영웅재중! said...

are they really coming to singapore? thats amazing. wheee

Marites said...

i really hope and pray his grandma will be ok soon. Heard KHJ is in the hospital too due to it true?

poohhl said...

Hi there,

Was wondering if you guys can help me out post it on your blog..

I have two polls..
It's just a study to find out more if SS501 really comes to Singapore for concert..

This is so that i can show to possible organisor in Singapore for some confirm fan-base.

Hope you can help...
Thanks much.