Tuesday, June 2, 2009

About the contest

A few very relevant questions regarding the contest were asked, so I figured that I'd answer all the queries so that everyone has a clear idea regarding the contest.

Multiple entries in a category are permitted, as there is no limit to creativity. But we will only reward the best entry!

For the videos, you guys can upload the videos onto Megaupload or any other file sharing site and e mail us the link to the upload. We'll download the video, so there's no need to worry about size.

The contest will first be judged by a group of selected judges from all over. There will be a popularity vote contest as well, whereby we will choose a few entries and everyone can vote for their favorites. The popularity winners will also be rewarded!

We will be e mailing everyone with the address to post the letters to.

Cheers guys!


UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

is it todAy is hyung joong's burfday?????
it's 6june rite????
OMG....hyun joong aah...saheng chukhai!~
happy 24th burfday!!!!!
i hope HB unnie did remember it....

lai-za said...

I'm joining!!! hehehe. can't wait!!! I love the couple so much! I don't even care about the prize! (well, if the prize includes meeting hyun joong or hwang bo or anything related to them then i need the prize)