Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hwang Bo: You are not alone

Hwang Bo performed at the Friends of Compassion event on the 6th of June at Seoul Art Hall.



Anonymous said...

In this money minded world, Hwang Bo is just a rare person who you can tell from your heart that she is god sent.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. She's one of the people that i respected too much in korea's movie industry. She has a good heart,good personality and a good image. Plus she is a beautiful person.

Anonymous said...

She's just amazing! How many celebrities can anyone count that does that much charity work like her? That's why I love her and that is why HJ loves her.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chonsa! Thanks for the news!

What are the words written on the cards HB is holding?

I saw the second to the last pic before, the link written has ssangchune on it, was is PSed? is this the real pic? hmm ..looking closer, it seemed that ssangchune word was covered. this made me more curious!

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

i am so enviOus of u!!!~
ur my godeSSS!~
ur my roLe modEL!~
i want to be like u..anD even hoPe thAt when i am 30, i will be hOT anD smoking hOT like u!!!
GO hWangbo unniE!

tahrehsi said...

I really respect her with no limits, and she is one of my role model in life. I truly admire her pure hearted mind and soul. I also do wish to make a change and take a step to help other people, like what Hwang Buin Unnie is doing right now. :D

Hwang bo unnie AJA AJA HWAITING!!!

jazmin said...

hwang bo is awesome!
shes beautiful and giving, so much sweetness in one person
love the new layout!

Anonymous said...

hwang bo never disappoints us. She is always showing us what a good person should be. i am so glad that there has such a big heart person like her in the KPOP World !

Anonymous said...

Hwang Bo you are BEAUTIFUL inside and out. Thank you for doing the charity in the Philippines. Good people gets good blessings.

Salamat and Mahal kita

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

HwangBO unnie!~
ur beLoved shiLLang collapse aGAin!!!
seriousLy unnie, giVe uR ShiLLang a medicine....i know its not whaT i think it is thaT unnie is dating HJ Least pleAse caLL him so thAt he is not over work....
and to HJ management! dONT! oVER woRK HJ!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hwang Bo is really a good example for everybody..btw, i hope she was able to visit HJ in the hospital. He sure needs her loving care nowadays.