Sunday, February 1, 2009

Reasons Why We Love KPN: 4

The fourth extension to our series!

1) KYU!!!!!!!!! Young Saeng!! Hyung Joon!!! Aaahh!!!!!!!!!!! *spazz attack*

2) Ga Eul losing her temper with Yi Jung! You go girl! This is the reason why we love Ga Eul, she's not smitten. Neither does she act like a pitiful kitten. Ga Eul is strong. And cool!!

2) Jun Pyo's transformation into an ajumma!!! Aigoo!! What were they thinking when they allowed such a fine speciment of a man to become like that?? But it's still hillarious! Jun Pyo Ajumma!!

4) Jandi thinking that Hyung Joon was pointing at her! Girl, it's part of the dance! Lol!!!

5) Oh, how we are brought back to the past when she is yelling at him for having stupid looking curly hair, and scolding him for acting like a king on campus and punishing students with his useless red cards. How I love a woman who doesn't bow to money and power and is ready to beat the crap out of a man.

6) Jun Pyo concentrating on his game!

Sharry: I never thought a man with a weapon could look so sexy.

Chonsa: Now we know where all that fur came from.

Sharry: Lol!!

7) The over exaggerated bullying scene! LOL!!! This is why we laugh at this drama, it never fails to amuse us! This is like a theatre production at times, with the heights of drama being reached!

8) Another smexy pretty that distracted us from the drama. Hang on a second, who pays attention to the storyline when something as pretty as that is playing the sax?? Seriously, who??

9) If there's the Jun Pyo transformation into an ajumma, then there's the Jandi transformation into the Bride with White Hair. Modern day, of course! We both agree that Go Gye Sun would make a lovely old lady in a sageuk!

10) Jandi's look of distrust and borderline freaked out expression!! Did we mention how much we love her expressions? Well, we do!!

11) Hyun Joong complaining that it's bad for his buddies to badmouth him behind his back! A part of the 4D Hyun Joong apparent here!! Hyun Joong-ah, how we missed thy 4D nature!

12) Jandi's annoyed look when Jun Pyo comes up to her, and demands that she meets him for their date, threatens her, and stomps off away again! Priceless!

13) AAAAAHHHH!! The three of them in school uniforms, sucking on lollies!!!!!!! Our hearts! Our hearts!!!

14) Jun Pyo randomly using martial arts! It was random, but we're not complaining! ^^!!

15) The first time Jandi thought that Jun Pyo has brains after all!!! Hahahahaha!!! And what he said to her before that.

Jandi: Can I ask you something?

Jun Pyo: Are you not going to ask if I tell you not to? Just act like normal. Being like this doesn't suit you.

Sharry: And just how, may I ask, do you know her so well after three episodes?

Chonsa: And in the first episode he thought she was an irritating psycho.

Sharry: Yes! Lol!!

16) Wonder Jandi! Need I say more??

17) Jun Pyo trashing the room. He seriously has that hurt, betrayed boyfriend feel about him. Ahh, Jun Pyo..

18) The scene where Jun Pyo felt ultimately betrayed...

Jun Pyo: Just tell me one thing. Is that girl in the picture you?

This scene made me feel like he really wanted the whole scandal to be fake, and I felt that if she had denied being the girl in the photo, he would have believed her. Because he really wants to. But her tears and silence betrayed her, therefore he is forced to face the truth. That it really was her. And that made his heart break. Jun Pyo, our hearts cry for you too.

19) Jun Pyo asking Jandi which student doesn't own a phone! Him and his rich world. Ah permie, we still love you.

20) Jandi and her mother fighting for the best buys at the sale! Hillarious! The way they strategized! Hahahaha!!!

21) Jandi looking like Nodame when she woke up in the hotel!! Nodame!! Our favorite Japanese female character! Nodame!!!!!!!!!!

Things that really, really irked us in this episode.

1) The crazy psycho b**c*. She irritated us the entire episode. And she's not pretty, she's creepy looking with all those weird accessories in her hair. *shudder*

2) The Eureka moment. It took them that long to figure out that it wasn't a Sel-Ca picture. And the tattoo! Gosh, it was a huge tattoo! Even without the scrutiny one can see it a mile away!

3) Dandruff like snow. On Jun Pyo Nim. The nerve!!

4) The worst case of editing ever. Is her hair long or is it short? Make up your minds!! We know that hair doesn't grow that fast. We have hair too.

5) We love Ga Eul to bits, she's so spunky! But we have a bone to pick with her stylists. Why does she always look so much better dressed than Jandi?? Aren't they supposed to be in similar financial situations, hence the part time jobs at the porridge place and the fishing boat?

6) The grandpa dancing scene. I know we said that we wanted to see him being more present in the drama, but please. Not a grandpa dancing scene. *sigh*

I rather liked this episode more than the previous one, although the psycho was seriously annoying the both of us. Gah... Plus F4 as kids are as adorable as F4 as men...

The world has become a much better place with all the pretties to look at...


Sharry and Chonsa


Anonymous said...

i noticed the hair too!... hehehe....

Anonymous said...

1 ) the crazy pyscho bitch lol
actually I think she's pretty, she looks fake but still pretty...
I love her (the actress) in we got married with junjin

Anonymous said...

I really like GE and YJ I wanna see how their love story progess. Of course, I'm cheering for Jandi and JP too. I think Jandi's fake friend forgot her did really well being evil esp. she's a new actress that make us hate her so much, she does have fake looking face but I can't wait to be on WGM with Junjin. She kinda pretty.

Anonymous said...

oooh, chonsa, love the new header! gorgeous!

ah, i had forgotten about all the highlights and lowblows of these episodes. can't wait until tomorrow! eek!