Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hyun Joong wins Most Popular Male Award at Baek Sang Awards

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Hyun Joong won the Most Popular Male - TV category at the Baek Sang Awards last night. He narrowly won as both him and Lee Min Ho were close competitors for this category. His winning in the category clearly shows that he has won the hearts of the female audience through his role as Yoon Ji Hoo in KPN.

*Credits: Nate News*


amwtang said...

he looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

cutie hyunjoong

Anonymous said...

He deserves EVERYTHING, since OPPA worked HARD for what he is RIGHT now and what HE became. ^__^

I'm soooo proud of HIM, and continue to SUPPORT him.

Hyun Joong OPPA fighthing!!!

Anonymous said...

first of all congratulation to Hj He deserve it i wonder if there is one producer to produce one good drama featuring KIm kyung rok and Hwangbo i think it will be good too..

Anonymous said...

KHJ did work really hard on this drama - and of course he got a lot of support from HB (epi 37-38).

Congratulations KHJ!!