Tuesday, February 3, 2009

KPN Pic Spam

A nice dosage of pretties. ^^

*Credits: DC, 501dong*


Anonymous said...

as much as i love her...she's wearing a sweater with two ostriches [speaking of korean fashion chonsa! lol]

Anonymous said...

now that girl need some makeover....not uri hwangbo...sorry im bias again..but seriously i understand she is poor+young+innocent and all but please, she needs help wif her dressing...but i have been starting to lov KPN..i love and appreciate them all..yes including this girl who wears two ostriches ...hi% everyone!!and chonsa too!!

Anonymous said...

owh KPN is getting better....JIHOO too is improving...as much as i love him playing himself aka hwangbuin's shillang i began to see him JIHOO...he has finally succeeded in shading those WGM fun and charming husband role into a fun ,charming ,loyal,warm ,noble F4 guy...hehe..congrats HJ...i believe i sholud also thank the people who have given the support...bet that certain someone has sth to do with it!!!hwaiting!!!

algelic said...

Chonsa, I have a request for you, please!

Could you translate to us more or less what's on these videos about Hwang Bo:

(the whole moment is divided into 4 parts, I think)

Our poor Hwang Bo deserves more attention. :(