Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poor poor Shin Woo


I can't help but sigh when I hear poor Shin Woo singing his heart out to Mi Nyeo..

Only to have her thinking that all he wants from her is to be his test audience...

It's like he's finally ready to tell her his feelings, and he prays that she would be receptive of them. But I think that deep down inside, he knows it's too late, but he just can't give up without a fight.

But he's already lost. There's no way Mi Nyeo can feel anything for him anymore, other than as a dongsaeng who wants to help out her hyung (or oppa).

I think the breaking point for him was when he tried so hard to create the perfect moment to confess, but she forgot all about him when she was bitterly hurt by Tae Kyung, and ran off to cry her heart out. It hurt to see her hurting, but it hurt even more to be sidelined that way. Hence, his harsh words to her.

Shin Woo: How long more do you plan on crying like this? Would you even think of me after you're done crying?
Mi Nyeo: Shin Woo hyung...
Shin Woo: So it seems that you completely forgot about me. Even then, I was waiting for you, came running here for you, was worried sick about you... I really feel like an idiot!!!

But being the man in love, he couldn't bear to be angry any longer at her when he saw her tears. And decided that it was not the right time for her.

So despite not being able to give her the best date, give her flowers and presents, he decides to sing his song for her.

Because there's no time like now, right?

But in his case, I think he's finally realized..

That there will never be a right time for the both of them.

Poor poor Shin Woo...


Anonymous said...

i've watched this scene and oh boy, my heart goes out for him. i wish it won't be too sad ending for him. T_T

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Ji Hoo and Jan di seen at BOF.

Anonymous said...

I liked the song a lot, he has a lovely voice (You guys should check out his band C.N. Blue!!) Although I feel sorta sorry for him, he really brought it upon himself...there were a lot of missed opportunities just because he wanted to "do it right" But maybe I'm just biased like that cause I absolutely love TK+MN XDD (Just like Jihoo in BOF, I felt sorry but got over it quickly, mostly cause I think he deserved someone better then Jandi hahaha) Anyway, I freakin love this drama <333

Anonymous said...

*sigh* I feel so bad for shin woo. :(
It hurt me when she jept rejecting him. the sad thing is he started confessing too her but she's to slow to realize. and when he musters his courage and decides to actually tell her she stands him up for tk!