Monday, November 30, 2009

News Flash

Just a brief round of updates before I start traveling again! I'll try and update as I wander around, either news or just to let you guys I'm still kicking about! ^^Y!!!

1) Hyun Joong is currently at first place in the Taiwan online poll for Asia's Best Star, after having received a total of 41, 235 votes from netizens. He has been gaining popularity in Taiwan after having played the role of Ji Hoo in KPN. This poll will be held until the 4th of December and the results are to be announced in mid December.

2) Hwang Bo participated in the 17th Korea Culture Award ceremony on the 30th of November, performing her techtonik moves on stage. Looking hot as always!

3) Hyun Joong will be paired together with So Ae in 'You're My Pet', if the both of them do decide to take on the roles in the movie. Which kind of makes me wonder, why are such news articles being released if there is no definitive answer? Kinda makes it pointless in a way, as they are creating such a stir with the possible castings, but should it all fall through it seems like they are gonna be stuck in a situation where people are either gonna love the cast change or just hate it. Gah.. Just my two cents worth.

4) Hwang Bo also performed at the 'I Am Compassion- Because I love you' concert on the 27th of November. This concert is another marker in her hugely long list of charity work that she has been actively participating in over the years.

And this is another reason why I want to be just like her. Beauty, brains and most importantly, a heart of gold.

Hwang Bo JJANG!



Katty1981 said...

thanks C for updating their news...fighting...

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update Chonsa but what kind of award did Hwang Bo win? Love love her outfit and look at the awards. Stunning as always! =D

Anonymous said...

oh my! lots of kissing and hugging in "you are my pet" well..

HB stunning as always!