Monday, November 2, 2009

Hwang Bo: Recognised as the best in Infinite Girls by national ski-jump atheletes

Hwang Bo has been acclaimed to be the best out of the Infinite Girls by national ski-jump atheletes.

MBC's 'Infinite Girls' has been recording a special entitled 'National Representatives' whereby the real focus of this week's recording was the national ski-jump atheletes. The girls had a go firsthand at simple training sessions of these atheletes, and had a challenge at the nation's first all female ski-jump atheletes.

The atheletes and coaches voted at the end of the recording as to which Infinite Girls member performed the best during the entire session, and the result came out with a uninanimous vote for Hwang Bo as the best participant throughout.

The nation's first all female ski-jump team will be broadcast on the 30th of October at 11.10 p.m. on MBC's 'Infinite Girls'.


A bit late news, but there hasn't been much on Hwang Bo lately, and I really wanted something on her here. ^^


ruthie said...

Good for Hwang Bo...shows how much active she is when it comes to sports.

Miss her...

Anonymous said...

she visited the ski jumpers twice! once @ nodaji and IG :]]

Anonymous said...

She was really awesome in this Infinity Girls episode!