Friday, November 6, 2009

Hyun Joong: Krystal over Jessica!

Hyun Joong revealed his honest thoughts on SNSD's Jessica and f(x)'s Krystal.

Hyun Joong spoke about the two girls during the recording of Champagne's SS501 special episode. Jessica, who was also present that day said that Hyun Joong once mentioned to her that when the both of them are compared together, Krystal was prettier than Jessica.

He smilingly stated that he was being straightforward about it and said that even in SNSD, Jessica ranked somewhere in the middle.

Hyun Joong's honesty is set for broadcast on the 7th at 11.20 p.m. (Korean time).


LOL!! I just love his honesty! Haha!!


Anonymous said...

i reawi like his disarming honesty ^-^ i can't wait to watch the variety show~!!

Anonymous said...

he chooses between hyori and hwangbo in this show als!! (check kbites)

joonnnngggboooo alll the way.....

Anonymous said...

!!! HWANGBO VS HYORI!! finally he'll answer the question everyones been dying to know.


Anonymous said...

omg Hwangbo Vs Hyori? whats HJ's answer? i wanna know and i cant wait for this!

Anonymous said...

yeah that's one of the reasons i like HJ..he is so funny and honest yet so 4 D!!!!

no sekai said...

i watched hyun joong in hyori's family outing recently. he says he still look at hyori as an idol. and he's 4d-ness really show there just like in we got married.