Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hyun Joong: Life after being Ji Hoo - I can't eat at tteokpokki stalls

Hyun Joong revealed what life was like for him after portraying KPN's Ji Hoo on Happy Together Season 3.

He stated that as he portrayed Ji Hoo, he got used to driving expensive cars and fine dining that after he returned to being Hyun Joong, it was difficult for him to adapt to his usual life such as eating at tteokpokki outlets and all.

However, he said that as his wallet was fast getting thinner and thinner, he is returning back to his normal lifestlye, causing everyone on the set to laugh.

The MCs also asked him if he was was being offered any roles in dramas or movies, to which he replied that he would want to take on roles of that other actors would reject such as that of a fool or of a murderer, revealing his inner drive for acting.

This episode of Happy Together will air on the 26th at 11.15 p.m. (Korean time).



=p said...

He would say something like that =p

Tatianagvbh said...

He would say something like that =p

Christina Sutton said...

He would say something like that =p