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My thoughts on You're Beautiful 5

The boys find Mi Nyeo in Tae Kyung's arms, and while Jeremy is puzzled, we see Shin Woo getting emotional as he sees them together and feels somewhat threatened. Tae Kyung takes control of the situation again and tells everyone that Mi Nam was just too overwhelmed after his first performance, and later on and even helps her escape the probing eyes of the journalist, who thinks that Mi Nyeo in female disguise is in fact Yoo Hae Yi.

His reaction when he sees her in her female getup! It's finally hit him that she really is a girl after all, and an attractive one at that. Although he seems to be creeped out by the sight of her, haha! Although I think it could be the fact that she looks a lot like Yoo Hae Yi.

Which brings us to another facet in the drama. Tae Kyung can't shake Yoo Hae Yi off his back and is constantly linked to her, much to his dislike. The reporter goes to the Director and says that they are in a relationship. Although the Director denies it, he seems to think that there is an ounce of truth in what the reporter says and tries to dig a confession out of him. Trouble, trouble, trouble...

Jeremy finds out that Mi Nyeo's mother has passed on and thinks that the reason why his hyungs have been so nice to her is because they felt sorry for her situation. Which isn't exactly true, but then again when has Jeremy ever been right? He calls himself a rotten orange head, scolding himself for being so shallow in thinking that they were attracted to him (HEAVEN FORBID!) and promises himself that he will treat her better.

And he does. By arranging a celebration party for her. And introducing her to embarrassing videos of Tae Kyung!


Which Tae Kyung tries to stop from happening, but fails miserably. However, he feels somewhat comforted at seeing her laughing instead of watching her sobbing from her pain. And it is here that I feel that he really has opened himself to her. The great Tae Kyung! Who hates bothersome people! Willing to help her face the reporters in her place and even feels somewhat okay with her watching him shave a radish! This is practically a confession of his affections for her!

Tae Kyung: I see that you're laughing your head off now. When only moments ago you were crying your eyes out.
Mi Nyeo: ....
Tae Kyung: Ah, well... I guess seeing you laugh is a lot better than seeing you crying and depressed.

And his jealousy! And competitive streak!

Mi Nyeo: But you really were the best out of the three back then!
Tae Kyung: Back then? What about now?
Mi Nyeo: Erm... you're still cool...
Tae Kyung: But I'm no longer the best?
Mi Nyeo: .........
Tae Kyung: Ah, whatever. I don't care what you think!

BUT YOU DO!!!!!!!

Okay, I need to get a grip. And I said that this review was going to be less fan-girling and more intellectual substance.

But I can't help myself!!! Sigh............

And he doesn't want her to leave anymore, as when she tells him that she would be leaving soon as part of their promise, he looks at her and thinks that she has absolutely no loyalty or thought for her twin, as she seems to only have her parents in her mind.

But while it's going well for Tae Kyung and Mi Nyeo (in my opinion at least), things aren't working out for Shin Woo. He's drifting further away from Mi Nyeo... and he knows it...

Shin Woo: I'm watching you from here... but who are you holding your hands out to?

Jeremy has to have romantic thoughts about Mi Nyeo at least once in every episode, and here he actually feels something when she holds him. Which worries him as he thinks he could be going weird. But he can't help himself from thinking about her. Only he still thinks that she's a him.

Jeremy: Jolie, I keep thinking of Go Mi Nam ever since that day. Jolie, what do I do? I think of him all day long. What's wrong with me?

Hae Yi, on the other hand, notices that Tae Kyung isn't quite himself when he talks about the mystery person that ran off in her clothes. And tells herself that she needs to find out the truth.

Tae Kyung: Why would anyone mistake her for you? Your heights are different, body shapes are different. She is NOTHING like you at all.

And she does. Through Coordinator Wang, who is duped into telling her everything as she believes that the both of them are in a relationship. Sigh... Trouble, trouble, trouble...

Mi Nyeo continues to get herself into situations, by telling the guys that she's envious of the model's shoes as she has never worn shoes like that before. Which plants another idea in Shin Woo's mind.

He brings her to a restaurant, wanting to bring her on a date and tell her truth that he knows by presenting her with a pair of heels. Only his plan backfires, as she finds Tae Kyung crying in the toilet after meeting with his mother. Who conveniently forgot that he was allergic to shellfish. We visit a painful memory of Tae Kyung's, and that paired with the feeling of being used by his own mother, is enough to break him.

Mi Nyeo rushes to be with him, leaving Shin Woo behind. I think we can safely say that Shin Woo is merely a friend to her, and not a love interest. She sits with him, and is forced to walk for miles with him as he is too proud to ask for directions. But she can't leave him. So she does what he says.

Tae Kyung: Someone told me once that if I look for something earnestly, I'll find it.
Mi Nyeo: *That's what I said to him once!* (Okay, I heard that in my head, but I'm sure she thought that!)
Tae Kyung: So just believe me and follow me!

They finally reach the company and he turns back at her, flashing a dazzling smile that makes him look so ADORABLE and her heart races. Pounds. Nearly makes her faint.

And WHAM! BOOM! She's in love!

Although she doesn't know that. She's been sheltered for far too long to realize what her feelings are and thinks that she's just tired from the walking.

But she can't keep her eyes off him, and tells him that it's because he changed his hairstyle to something similar to their debut days.

Tae Kyung: I didn't change it because of what you said. It's just to suit the concept for the new album.

Mmhmm. But it's cute the way she keeps trying to reassure him that he's really cool looking and he dismisses her comments as being afterthoughts, and saying that she doesn't sound sincere and that she waited till NOW to tell him that when he had changed his hairstyle quite a while back. Sigh, the early stages of romance... so shweet!!!!

Shin Woo overhears this exchange as well, and has a completely different opinion than mine. He gets angry, and is cold to her which doesn't really bug her that much, as he's a hyung to her. She's concerned, but not overly bothered. Shin Woo, I feel for you. I really do. But you've missed the boat.

She packs her bags and is seen by Tae Kyung, who says that he can't wait for her to leave but his eyes tell a different story. Don't worry Tae Kyung, her plans are to be thwarted by her aunt's sudden arrival. I don't think she's leaving any time soon, she's going to be there for QUITE a while.

Which is good... in a way... Mi Nyeo now has no room.. and chooses to stay with Tae Kyung! Muahahahaha!!!! He refuses at first, but then when he hears that the Director wants to stay with her instead, and go to the sauna, for massages and exercise together.. he falters. Plus, her puppy eyes begging him to accept her breaks his resolve.

Tae Kyung: Go Mi Nam. Just... come to my room.
Director: Forget it, you don't have to say it like you're being forced to.
Tae Kyung: I'll have fun with him. We'll go to the sauna together, and exercise together. It'll be fun.

Her manager, although happy that she can stay on with them, is worried as Tae Kyung is, after all, a full blooded normal MALE. He gives her a taser and warns her of the signs that she is about to be attacked and tells her that she has to keep it by her side at all times to prevent such a situation. And so she moves into his room, armed with her taser and her luggage.

Tae Kyung: You've packed to move further away, but in reality you've actually moved nearer to me instead.

Much to the dismay of Shin Woo who again overhears their conversation. Okay, it's either that they scream on top of their voices at each other, or he's planted a mic on them. How can he hear everything they say so clearly?? And how can they talk about such detailed things that are supposed to be secret so openly for the whole world to hear?? Aii...

She prepares to sleep next to his bed when he cold heartedly chases her further away from him. Slightly downcast, she moves away and is kept in the dark of his true intentions.

Tae Kyung: How can she, as a girl, even think of sleeping next to a guy's bed??

He insists on sleeping with the lights on, and she waits till he's asleep before she turns the light off. And sees his sleeping form, and starts thinking of the different sides of Tae Kyung that she saw today. His vulnerability, his happy cheery smile and now, his angelic sleeping face. Which of course, sets her heart racing again. And so she prays. While forgetting that she has the taser in her hand.

And tases herself... before landing right smack on him.

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