Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hyun Joong and Yong Hwa to join forces

Hyun Joong and Jang Yong Hwa have been cast as MCs for MBC's Sunday Night's latest corner, Hunter.

The both of them will form part of a team of seven MCs, and the programme will focus on boar hunting, as the excessive amount of boars are seen as a threat towards agriculture and humans alike.

Both Hyun Joong and Yong Hwa have portrayed the roles of gentle, romantic men that make women fall over their heels in love with through the dramas KPN and You're Beautiful.


I personally think that this new programme will most likely wipe away that image, I mean one can hardly expect guys to be all gentle and accommodating when it comes to boar catching right?

Plus, with Hyun Joong's 4D thinking, I think the boars will be running away as fast as they can. Who knows what sort of ideas he'll come up with in order to catch a boar. Maybe make them join the olympics or eat lettuce or something. Or maybe he'll chase them up Halla San.

Although this does remind me of something Hwang Bo said during their first meeting at Jeju. When she was dressed up all pretty and everything, he looked like an ajussi who was out to catch pigs.

Hwang Bo unni, are you psychic??


Anonymous said...

maybe only me, but i think JYH acting better HJ. i can feel the saddness in JYH's eyes, his voice and quiet cry. when i see HJ cried in BOF, i feel nothing.

Anonymous said...

homg! i forgot about hwangbo's comment.. ahhahah :]]

Anonymous said...

actually, it's the opposite for me. when i watched hyun joong / jihoo, my heart wrenched, and the feelings were so deep, but i didn't feel anything for shinwoo.
i think that they tried too hard - not only the way shinwoo was portrayed was similar to jihoo, even the hairstyle and earrings had the same look.
i read an interview and jyh said that he watched jihoo as reference for the character. it really shows.
not dissing him, he's a new actor and i'm sure both of them wouldn't want cyber fights over them.
i think everyone will have different opinions over who "acted" better/ was more touching etc.

Haru said...
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Haru said...

Well the show is something to look forward to, even if their personality in real life completely opposes to the role they had portrayed in drama. 2 hotties together.. in one show.:) interesting :) not to mention i like BOF and i love YAB.

Anonymous said...

I forgot about Hwangbo's comment too. =^_^=

Anonymous said...

at first look, they really have the same face. and i so love yong hwa. hehe. :))