Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quick Note

Hey there guys! Sorry for the long silence, there really hasn't been much happening lately.. I'll fit in a few updates here, just to fill in the gap!

1) Jae Dong will be appearing with Hwang Bo in her new variety show! Which is good, cause I do like Jae Dong, although in terms of MCs, I prefer Park Myung Su, and MC Yoo. They have got to be the best MCs in the world! Gosh, I miss the old X-Man days... Oh, oh! And Uncle Shin! ^^!! Anyways, the first episode will air on the 26th, so watch out for it guys!

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2) The Anycall reality programme, in which Hyun Joong was participating in as a newbie worker has been penalized for indirectly advertising the company, which was not in compliance with broadcasting regulations.

Has anyone been following this programme? Honestly speaking, I have not... It just never struck me as something I'd watch religously, unlike the first season of WGM. Hmmm....

3) SS501's officially made their comeback on the radio show 'Starry Night' on the 24th. Their concert will be held in Seoul on the 1st and 2nd of August, at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

I'll be posting the fanfics here later on today, but only till Tuesday. Once the voting ends, I'll only leave the winning entries here. Have fun reading and voting people!

*Credits: Nate. com*

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tahrehsi said...

I agree, Park Myung Su and MC Yoo are like the best MC's ever. :)

Can't wait to see more of Unnie HwangBO!