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Joong Bo Fanfic: Finally – by lai-za

Rated: K+

Disclaimer: This is purely fictional and just for fun and for the love of the JoongBo Couple.

Author’s Note: This has always been at the back of my mind after I finished watching episode 38 but just didn’t have the drive to actually write it. I’ve written fan fictions before but not this type. Usually anime ones. I’m very happy for this couple and would want them to stay that way forever. I hope my fan fic gets to you guys.


“That’s a wrap everyone! See you all next Tuesday!”

See you all next Tuesday, he says. For everyone around here, they get to do the same old routine every Tuesdays. Wardrobe check, hair and make-up, lights, camera and action. But I don’t think Tuesdays are going to be the same from now on. Heck, my Tuesdays were never the same after I met her.

“Hyun Joong, we’re really thankful you got to be with us till episode 38. We really had fun watching you guys. I hope your new drama works out well and the guys here wish you all the best.”

The producer gave me a pat on the back as he walked back to his office. They had fun watching us huh? I sighed.

Fun. That’s what everyone sees in us. The other couples, the fans... even her family. We do have fun. I admit I’ve never had so much fun in my entire life. “Getting married” was the best thing that happened to me. “Getting married” to her that is.

I quickly headed to my dressing room, not wanting to talk to anyone anymore. Everyone’s stares and compliments on such a good “marriage”... I was good at hiding myself from everyone. But too much of this and I’ll crack soon. I can’t let them see that. I can’t let her see that.

I slowly closed the door and stretched out on the sofa. I sighed again. This time, I gave a loud sigh.

Fun. Is this the only thing they ever see in us? What about love? What about those secret stares I’d give her? What about those hidden compliments I’d say to her? I know I’m not used to saying those corny and sweet stuff girls normally like. But what about the paper cranes and making her ramen and everything!

I closed my eyes and tried to calm down. We’ve said goodbye to each other before. The one where we thought it would be our last time together. But we were given another chance. The day I knew that we would see each other again, I smiled all the way back to my apartment knowing that the next time I got home she’ll be there. Is a third chance still out there?

I love her. The moment I saw her there in our apartment in Japan, I knew I was beginning to fall for her. Though I cautioned myself because I knew that this was a pretend marriage, I still fell. And right now, it’s come to this.

I have to tell her how I feel. She was the one who told me that it doesn’t matter how far apart our age was. She was the one who said that it was wrong to draw the line just because we’re afraid of what is going to happen in the future. I have to tell her. I need to tell her...

“Hyun Joong... wake up...”

Woah. I fell asleep? I quickly turned to one side and sat up. Suddenly, Hwang Bo’s face was inches from mine. Both of her hands were clutching my sides, a smile playing on her lips.

“It still works.” She laughed. She sat down beside me while Jins was slowly nudging my chest. I took Jins in my arms and sat closer to her.

“I’m sorry I didn’t knock. You look so tired. But I was going to leave the set and I wanted to say goodbye. You should get some rest after I’m gone. Aren’t you glad this is all over?” She asked. She was teasing, but her eyes gave her away.

“Buin...” I started.


“Thank you.” I looked at her. She gave me a smile. “But I – “

Ring ring!

“Hold on a minute. Yes?” She took her phone and stood up.

I flopped back down on the couch dragging Jins with me. I heard her saying she’ll be right there and ended the call. She moved my legs and sat again.

“I’m sorry I need to go. My sisters wanted to have dinner tonight.” She took her purse that was on the floor and zipped it close.

“Jins, say goodbye to daddy now.” She took Jins from me and fixed herself. “Shillang, get some rest ok? I might not be there to cook you chicken soup and everything from now on but when I watch your drama, you better not have dark circles under your eyes or I might just be the one who’s going to buy you those anti aging cream you used to get me.”

I chuckled. Just like the old days... I need to do this now if I want to live like that again.

“Ok, I have to go.” She slowly got up, looked at me and said, “I’ll miss you.” I stared at her with my mouth slightly open as she went to the door.

When she turned her back on me, I felt that everything was ending right there. No, my thoughts screamed. Don’t touch that doorknob!

As she reached for the handle, I ran towards her and seized her hand. I saw her startled look for a few seconds before I finally let my lips meet hers for the first time.

I think she could hear both of our heart beats. I know I can. I could feel my heart pounding, wanting to stop to let it slow down a bit. But I couldn’t. I slid my hands through her hair as I felt her lips move with mine.

Slowly, she parted. Our foreheads touching, she kept her eyes closed but she was smiling.

“I was waiting for you to do something like that on our last trip together.” She said, slowly opening her eyes that were slowly glistening.

“Why didn’t you say so?” I whispered. I kept her close to me. It was hard to part with her the last time.

“I wanted to let you realize for yourself.” She smiled, her tears now slowly forming. “I’m happy”.

That was all I needed to hear. That she was happy with everything that we’ve done. That she was happy with me.

“I love you.” I whispered into her ear as she laid her head on my chest. I wiped away the tear that fell on her cheek. “Buin, I love you”.

“I love you too.” She said, cupping my face in her hands as we slowly drifted away into our own world...


zelleay said...


i don't even like the idea of reading fanfics, this is my first.

while reading this one, i felt chills all over my body. i was imagining it happening in real life...(sigh) hope it did!

hana said...

wow.... as though it is not fanfic at all... seems like real love story oh, how i wish...

Haru said...

Hmmnn to cheesy for HJ. I .. well .. can't or rather don't imagine him being like that :) but it's sweet its nice :)

cik mun said...

i do wish it will come true...hmmm...

Peppi Welsh said...

You're getting me crazy over these stories, Chonsa. They seem so real! Good job!