Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Having a date with Hyun Joong

The 'Have a date with Hyun Joong' competition organized by Hotsun Chicken completed today, with 70 successful applicants making it through the selection process.

The competition, which began on the 18th of May, saw the overwhelming participation of their customers at their website, with over 30,000 people rushing to their website on the very first day causing their server to go down.

Hotsun's representative stated that the event had brought about more people visiting their website, especially to the Hyun Joong date page, and that sales had increased by more than 30%, thanks to the Hyun Joong effect.

His fans had also donated dozens of chickens to various nursing homes and orphanages.

The lucky 70 fans will be spending two hours with Hyun Joong on the 4th, where they will be having a sweet date with him taking photos, eating chicken and having an enjoyable time together with him.



Anonymous said...

It would be very amusing if a JoongBo fan went and showed the love... lucky fans though XD

Anonymous said...

I find it awesome how his fans donates to nursing homes and orphanges....something the lettuce couple-ish would do....helping out. Go Fans!!!! Hope some are Joongboers to let him know we support them too!!!!

lai-za said...

wow! lucky fans!

yokesoe said...

i agree with anonymous 1. i hope a Joongboer can show our love to him and HB.