Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fanfic and MV contest

Hey there guys! Sorry for the long delay in announcing the current status about the fanfic and the MV making contest!

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming support that you guys have shown! We are currently in the process of going through everything, and hopefully we'll be able to come out with the results soon!!!

It may take us a little while longer though, as we're currently occupied with the needs of daily life at the moment. Although I'd really much rather be sitting back and appreciating the works of Joongboers!

Thanks again guys! And look forward to the results!!! ^^


I received lots of requests for new submissions! Thanks for all the support guys! I'll extend the submission period for another week, so for everyone who wanted to submit but were not able to due to the circumstances, please send me your entries by the 14th of July.

Once again, thanks for the support!!! ^^!!


katty1981 said...

ya C, i will look forward for the results heehee fighting!!!!

hana said...

emmm, interesting info, looking forward of the best fanfic MV..

sammikoo said...

woops, is the contest ended?i wanna participate....

huifen said...

waiting patiently... :D:D:D

lai-za said...

I actually had an entry for this fanvid. I really loved making it but was not able to upload it on time because i had a lot of school work (midterms!) But i hope i can still send it so that you can watch it. and if you do like it, can u upload it in this site? please and thank you