Sunday, July 26, 2009

Diamonds Are Forever

Title: Diamonds are forever
Author: Winterbubbletea
Rating: PG-13

The constant expression of love, matrimony and over all best friend of ladies are Diamonds. In mineralogy the allotrope of carbon compressed to become the gleam of richness with superlative physical qualities are Diamonds.

A precious gem that few substances can scratch and still untamed and unbreakable gift granted to individuals of the rich for Hwang Bo she has always dream about being a wife. Granted gaining a position a celebrity wasn’t a figure on her plan when she graduated but it came and now she live in fame and glamour.

She even flirted along the avenue of shopping for brands and enjoyed the luxurious of hotel suites being wined and dined in her profession. Granted she would have went and bought herself a diamond ring let alone a pretty bauble but the weariness of falling down from her spot in the world of glamour made her wary.

Saving money-investing it though some of those fell through what with the stock market crash-and though she has faun over like any woman over shinnies-she hope for someone out there to grant her one on her finger.

Her boyfriend of eight years had disappointed her and in the end they parted. The one thing she learned about males is you got many different types-the ones that take for granted woman. You have a few that rather have a good friend where they have fringe benefits and no emotional attachments, and you got the ones where they are forever.

If marriage was forever-she think the avenue of suicide and killing spree would become fashion-if you can’t stand the other spouse it’s the most logical conclusion.

Then again when with the younger male of six years she finds herself unable to indentify what he might exactly be. Instead of presenting items like couple rings and shoes to woman; he presented peanut necklaces and paper stars he attached to himself.

An incredibly imaginative way and he doesn’t cook for her-he doesn’t do a performance for her on a stage with flowers littered on the floor in a shape of a spade. No instead he smiles and gives her the little things-and even after the period of We Got Married.

She is still a bit confused as to the courtship that Hyun Joong demands they do together. They were supposed to separate and they did but in the end fate had tied them together once again.

They are dating. They are courting. They go out together in secret and have fun together spending what time they can with one another in their busy schedules. So when one year passes then another—she begins to wonder if she would be left behind. That the thought of children, marriage, maybe something that Hyun Joong would never want. The fear that he may fall into those categories she has seen and it isn’t until today that she started to melt at the thoughtfulness and the incredibly misjudge movement of Kim Hyun Joong.

A box arrived-they were going to celebrate their anniversary as a couple dating. It has almost been three years and the booking of a private dining establishment ensures they will not be interrupted.

Already arriving into the dining room since she has been taught to be on time, Hwang Bo looks around at the set up the decorated walls of gold to chandelier of crystal made the setting romantic. A table sat in the middle with flowers and red table cloth made her heart flutter-going forward toward her chair a waiter pull her chair back and push it in for her.

“Is everything up to your expectation Miss?” The waiter spoke softly admiring how her silk dress of maroon complimented her tan skin.

“Yes thank you.”

The waiter pull out the wine from the wine bottle and showed her the vintage, “Will this do Miss?”

“Yes that looks wonderful.”

Unwrapping the gold wrap and twisting the cork the waiter skillfully pour into a glass and place the wine back then offered her the glass.

“Thank you.”

The waiter signaled with his finger and another waiter came forward and placed a box on her dinner plate. “Mr. Kim has instructed us to present this to you after you partake of the wine.”

“Oh!” A shy smile graces Hwang Bo’s face and she untied the pink bow and opened the white box a red Gresso cell phone laid inside the box. “What?” She was admiring the buttons made in diamond about to stroke the surface.

The phone suddenly rang making her jump and laugh in surprised, “Pulling out the phone she answers, “Hello?”

“Hello Koi.” The greeting made her laugh and look around for the caller.

“Where are you?”

“Oh I’m here already—I just wanted to see you holding your new toy.”

“What…why a new cell phone? This—this is expensive Hyun Joong.”

“I know.” Hyun Joong spoke with an emotional intensity and laughs softly, “But you are worth every diamond incase in that phone.”


“Just like those 23 diamonds inside that cell phone. It was my 23rd year when I met you, truly met you that my life changed.” Hyun Joong’s voice started to sound like it was getting closer. A frown marred her forehead trying to comprehend what he was telling her, “When a program changes everything I knew about myself and the belief of a relationship.”

“Hyun…” Biting her lips she turn her head and finally spot him standing off he side of the door the waiters had disappeared.

“It’s been almost 3 years now and I’m near 26 years old and still the feelings I had back makes me absolutely sure…” Hyun Joong went before Hwang Bo and slid to one knee and lower the cell phone onto the flower as he reaches for a black velvet box.

Silently Hwang Bo watches amazed, opening the box there was a slip of paper inside the velvet box. “Hwang Bo would you take a rain check for a ring after you marry me?”

Hwang Bo stares at the paper unrolled with the words IOU 1 diamond ring after marriage.

Then back at Hyun Joong-a large smile plastered onto his face, “Because I spent it on the Gresso phone for you and that phone is in payments.”

Hwang Bo laughs and places her hand onto her lips, “What am I ever going to do about you?”

“Why not marry me and find out?”

Laughing Hwang Bo sighs and stood up putting the phone to her ear, “I’ll marry you—only if you give me an engagement ring.”

A large smile still planted on Hyun Joong’s face, “That will take a while to do after I pay off the phone.”

“Then just get a movie contract again…” Arms wrap around Hyun Joong’s neck as Hwang Bo slid a kiss onto Hyun Joong’s lips.

“That would require me to kiss Jung Min.”

A soft laugh on Hwang Bo’s lips, “Be sure to earn a lot out of that then…”

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