Monday, July 20, 2009

Fanfic Links!

As promised, here are the fanfic links! I'll be uploading the MV links later, when my internet connection stops being cranky!

1: A Modern Fairytale by Rossi

2: After We Got Married by Marla Guibao

3: The Beauty Of Winter by Pepero

4: At Last We Are Together by katty1981

5: Capturing Grace by Nafiza Azad

6: Marry, Shag or Cliff by Winterbubbletea

7: Diamonds Are Forever by Winterbubbletea

8: Finally by LaiZa

9: Another Corny Pickup Line by Rossi

Enjoy guys!

Edit: I will be posting the poll up tomorrow, and voting will run for a week. So guys, read, choose which you like the best and vote!

Thanks guys!!

Love, Chonsa and Sharry


Anonymous said...

Chonsa, thank you for posting the links. However, I can't seem to see/download the files. Can you please advise me how to?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

How do we vote? Do we just leave a comment here? Or will you put up a poll?


Anonymous said...

Thanks Chonsa and Sharee. Looking forward to the voting

Anonymous said...

JoongBo goodies overload!!

Thanks Chonsa, Sharry and all the writers! You girls rock!

yammy said...

heyy~~ i can't read the fanfics! help!

i click on the links on the page, and it just takes me to a lot of ads...

help please!

thanks in advance :]

lai-za said...

Guys, please read and vote on my fanfic (if you find it good). Its short but its ok. :) I promise! It's Finally by lai-za. Please and thank you!

Anonymous said...

all the stories are amazingly good! :) Joongboers are really very talented! Just like teh two wonderful people who binds us together!

To the world! Congrats to all the entries!

P.S. Love your new display pix chonsa!

Anonymous said...

i think it will be better if u just post the fic in here because the sharebee lead to a lot of spamming ads and my computer got freezing ...

i want to participate but hate to say...
this is really hard to participate event..

i dont think ppl will dl the fic to read to vote it..

it took too much time..

dont take it to heart i mean well..
i just want ppls to join in a lot in an easier way.

Anonymous said...

I read all the fics and didnt get any work done because of them. I used RapidShare to download and it was easy. I had two favorites- one sweet the other funny. In the end I chose to vote for sweet- I am really a sucker for Joongbo love.

gal said...

Hi Chonsa & Sharry

Just wanna to inform u guys that when i tried to download these links using ZSHARE - my pc picked up a virus namely: my pc is fully protected but others may not be so lucky...although this virus is not too damaging but still better to be cautious..

and as the previous poster suggested, it is probably much more better to post each story here rather than everyone dl individually...

..and needless to say thanks to you both for sharing this wonderful site and all your interesting bits and bobs are all very fun to read...


Anonymous said...

i dont know what u guyz think
when i read n0.5 i feel like i read about someone else that is not HB HJ that i knew..

NO.1 is really nice to capture that..