Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Updates in a flash

Hmm... just a brief recap of what I've read lately. Haven't really been able to blog lately, sigh.. Oh well, I'll just grab whatever chances at blogging I have!! ^^!!

1) Hyun Joong is hosting a fanmeeting with his fans on the 31st, where he will be watching the last episode of KPN together with them. He will sponsoring the whole event, including refreshments and everything for his fans and will even be performing a solo act for them. It is reported that he will be spending 1 billion won for the whole event, but it's worth every cent to him. Why? Because he said that he wanted to spend the money that he earned on something special for his fans.

2) Hyun Joong will be making an appearance as a model during the Seoul Fashion Week. He will be appearing at the finale of the Autumn/ Winter fashion show. Fellow SS501 member Hyung Jun will also be making an appearance.

3) Hwang Bo recently filmed the MT episode with the rest of the Infinite Girls (old and new members), where they spent time playing games and bonding with each other. Hwang Bo also had a mission where she had to kiss Shin Bong Sun!

4) Hwang Bo also attended the Seoul Collection fashion show on the 21st held at the Seoul National Theater.

*Credits: Naver, hankooki.com, Newsen, Starnews*


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the news !!
i love Hwangbo who always keeps herself so clean and low profile to avoid any unnecessary love rumors. She is REALLY an ideal and GOOD woman for any man in the world !!

Anonymous said...

i think on the last 2 pics, is she wearing the "ring"?

Anonymous said...

I see the ring too! I see the ring too! ^^

Anonymous said...

hold on, so what's with the ring? is that hyun joongs? sorry, anyone care to enlighten me? please. (they really make a good couple. i miss them! sigh.)

JayGee said...

what is the story behind about the ring?