Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hwangbo's Infinity Girls partner and friend Jung Shia's wedding pictures are out! She looks lovely and her groom is not too shabby either.

Hwangbo WILL be attending the wedding and news have reported that she will sing a congratulary song for the newlyweds. I have been looking for her U.S. schedule and as soon as I get a full one it will be translated and posted here.

Infinity Girls will be Getting a makeover for their new season. They will get 2 new members as "Hosts" of the program and one will be a male host.

After some confusion as to how the comeback of SS501 was coming along, DSP finally sent out a letter explaining the exact details of their comeback.

The full album will be out in July, but in May a digital single with a solo song from each of the boys will be released.

Their second Japanese album will be out in May and we can finally hear the song Hyun Joong was singing in the Japan We Got Married episode! *stay tuned for that!*


Chonsa & Sharry
*Credits: Newsen*


pinksiren said...

good thing that the comeback issue has been cleared up... ive been looking for that comeback for quite sometime now...=)

those wedding photos are lovely! thanks chonsa and sharry for sharing! =)

evelyn168 said...

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw JSA's photos were how I loved Joongbo's pictures more because they were more lively. I'm happy for JSA, but at the same time watching the preview to IG this week, it made me really sad to see all the girls crying... I wish she stayed. I hope HB won't be too tired after the wedding, or else she'll have a hard time adjusting to the States... I'm so happy that American fans get to see her... I just wish someone gets hold of her pics.

One of the new MC for IG is Kim ChangRyul, member of DJ DOC who HB is really close to. I'm happy they're hosting it together because HB and KCR have hosted Couple Breaking and they did a really good job.

I'm so happy each SS501 member does a solo song. I really like this idea because we get to see how they're different. I'm definitely buying their Japanese album. I don't care if HB's voice is not on it. It's something all Joongbo fans can relate to because it's a piece of their memory together... But the song lyrics, well, are a bit R-rated... I hope it's okay for broadcast in Japan. In America, those lyrics doesn't mean anything, but Asians in general tend to be more conservative...

I hope SS501 and HB's comeback will be at the same time. At least I get to see them on stage together even if WGM is over.

katty1981 said...

thanks sharry&chonsa...for this post....thanks a million....great work...fighting!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm from japan
so i will say, the lyrics are OK
the same situation in korea won't happen,i believe.
don't worry~

Anonymous said...

this is considerably out of point.
but erm, the groom's shoes are a little too big for him, no?
check out his feet in the last pic.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the SS501 comeback! and this is really making me wanna REWATCH the episode of WGM... that time when HWANG BUIN visited HJ oppa @ Japan. ^__^

tatsika said...

thanks sharry&chonsa...for the news updated.

Man Bung said...

I love the wedding photos. Especially the last one, but upon closer inspection the groom's shoes are way too big for him! LOL!

SAMARA said...

Finally we can understand
well about the SS501's CDs ;)

Thanks for this explanation!
Take care ^^

Anonymous said...

falloutjane and Man Bung - I was laughing when I read your comments about the guy's shoes!! It is either big or that was just a shadow.

I think HB's sched in LA is in soompi. She will be in Cerritos, a presbyterian church. I will check it out myself so I could meet her.

Anonymous said...

hi im fr.vancouver,canada i hope Joongbo will visit us here at soompi forum ,the ring was the topic im really happy about that ,now i believe somebody is looking after her SOLO album of HJ big hit so that he can buy a home for future BUIN,and BUIN stay home and look after shillang while working dreamm..dreammm comes true.

eiwa said...

thanks for updates..JSA so pretty...Cant wait to hear dat japanese song..^^

lisha0815 said...

thanks for the updates sharry and chonsa...

congrats to JSA on her wedding (makes me wanna dance JSA dance ^^)

and thanks for clearing up the boys' comeback/solo thing...

sshutingg said...

i cant wait for the SONG tt feat buin!! and hope they did include her part.. (hope is not my wishful thinkinggg).. heeheex!!