Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ji Hoo MV

Just something I found while surfing Daum. Enjoy guys!!

*Credits: Daum*


Anonymous said...

Apologizing to all the fans here, I adore Hj, as a cute, einsten wacky hair, 4 or 5 Dimensional, all of that. However I realy hate this hair style. Don't like it at all.too much. have no clue why I hate it but I do!.

Grow your hair again Hj a, or change the style please!

Anonymous said...

not only you who dislike his hear style.. it look so young and immature for me not fitted to his words and actions. sorry guys i much, much like the old style Hyun Joong. I miss himmmmmmmmm. Please grow your hear. but of course you are still my No.1 except for my husband .. kekekekeke

Anonymous said...

Heh, I beg to differ. I feel this do makes him look more mature~ His hair's not always this 'helmety'. There was a recent shoot where his hair was a little messy, and I think he looked good in there too~

Check the pics of him here -->