Friday, March 20, 2009

Hyun Joong: Model for Hotsun Chicken Franchise

Hyun Joong's participation in the chicken industry creating the 'Hyun Joong effect' is truly amazing.

Hyun Joong recently signed on as the model for Hotsun's chicken franchise which is popularly known on the Internet as 'Hyun Joong chicken'.

An official representative from Hotsun Chicken said that after it was made known that Hyun Joong was its spokesperson in February, the sales had increased by more than threefolds. He also added that it was expected to perform better after the release of the CF, which Hyun Joong recently filmed. The CF will be aired on the 29th of March.



Anonymous said...

Finally some news from Chonsa!!! Not complainin ofcourse:)The fact that HJ n friends own their own chicken restaurants makes him even more believable as their spoke person. Chonsa!! Did you read the one about HJ spent more than 1 billion wons as gifts to 4000 fans. Pretty amazing eh!!

Anonymous said...

Omo, he spent over 1 B Won on gifts for fans??? WOW.

anythingcute said...

Hj killed Park Myong Soo!
IN chicken business off course!

Anonymous said...

wow. the third pic is S.E.X.Y. and the last pic remind me of girls in IG =)

feliciana11 said...

He should deliver those chicken at Hwangbo's unit/place . weeee.

Chascie said...

wow...increasing more than threefold..its totally incredible effect of our 4D groom :D i wish i can see him back with HB, do sumthing like CF or other program

Mizzing them so!

Anonymous said...

Ahhh,I want some of that chicken.kekekeke

Anonymous said...

cute, i want to try that chincken

Anonymous said...

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