Monday, March 16, 2009

SS501 updates

SS501's OST theme for KPN "I'm Stupid" won Song of the Month in the Cyworld Digi Song Awards. They have sold 110,000 digital copies of their song, showing the popularity of the song.

I prefer Hyun Joong's version of it though, I think it's the Ji Hoo effect. ^^

Others have also mentioned that the boys were expressing their disappointment in Hyun Joong for not thanking them and such at the awards. One thing to remember is, the boys said it in good humor, they were merely teasing Hyun Joong. If there's one thing about them, they remind me of Shinhwa in camaraderie. And full blown teasing at every opportunity they get is part of this camaraderie. Why? Because they are the only ones who can do it and get away with it. Because they are brothers. So don't fret guys, it's all for laughs, therefore, laugh with them!

*Credits: Newsen, Daum, Starnews*


Anonymous said...

finally! some one who is not all blown up about the kyu hjn and ys being disappointed about hjg's actions.

i am with you chonsa! ss501 reminds me of shinwha too!! maybe that's why i love them both :]

if ss501 = shinhwa then ss501 will last loooonnngg as shinhwa has? (hopefully!!)

it is me or both HJ and HB have boiught cellphones recently???

awww i miss my joongbo! :]

i have been reading your posts for a while and this my first time leaving a comment!

as more i read, it seems like you and i think a bit alike (kyu love, shinhwa comparsion :])

joongbo/ss501 (kyu!!) lover @ CA, USA

i ll leave my username as soon as i remember my password to my gmail acount XD
and hopefully soon ill get to tag on my friend's blog and spread joongbo/ss501 love :] (still in begging process)

deeta said...

Haha, I just wanted to pick something random up. I feel it too, that SS501 is A LOT like Shinhwa (I even made a comparison of Leader and Eric) and it was because I felt their brotherhood was really similar with Shinhwa that got me attracted to SS. But anyways, rambling aside.

I hope things won't get overblown with this 'disappointment' thing.

Anonymous said...

first of all i love ur site!!!!!! thank God to see someone who appreciates joongbo far all i have seen are ppl wanting them to be together or poor hwangbo receiving threats from fans..*sigh*... but yah i think they were jokin about...but still i feel like since youngsaeng n hyun joong are kinda 'awkward' as they put it with each other...there maybe a lil seriousness in his expression of his disappointment...i dunno...but am sure they will take it in good sport... that being said...i really do hope HJ and HB are keeping in touch..that would jst be one really good relationship gone to waste... :(

Anonymous said...

hmmm i forgot to write in my previous post, doesn't YS and HJG's akward friendship remind anyone with hyesung and eric's of shinhwa? especially cuz Hyesung and ys are both the quiet ones of the group? AND eric and HJG are the leaders?
( just a friendly reply to the comment above ;])

maybe i m taking this too far... :]

I was watching some ss501 old stuff (when they were @ LA) and I saw the special necklace of HJG.. i wonder where that is now XDDD

i think i have no life beside my joongbo + ss501 fanning :]

well.. still can't remember my pass word XDDDDD but i'll leave my user ID: reaching4x

Anonymous said...

congratz boys!! many big happen for ss501 in this year, i hope they will always succes..
and i'm still believer, juzt hope they can cameback in wgm together..

Anonymous said...

Me too. they remind me of shinhwa.They support and teasing Hyun Joong at the same hyunjoong go far like eric did with Phoenix(Boolsae). hope he can go far over his sunbae.And have his private life soon.^^

Anonymous said...

Thats kinda sad for HJ but i know he mistakenly jusy forgot it due to nervousness? YS is just asking that as a brotherly love and affection for the whole team. I am reallty hoping that even hwangbo and hj is not together in all activities, they seriously get in touch with each other. Just even a phone call away.I've seen their love grown for each other. Believin' Joogbo 4ever.

Anonymous said...

just something i picked up here and there...

during star golden bell, they were guessing uncommon korean last names in one of the games and kyu jong(ss501) choose "hwang bo" (Hb's last name) even though he was the first person to go (and thus were a lot of other easier ones) and after wards he smiled all mysteriously :]]] and you can see young sang smiling also if you look closely at the back xD
(0:22-23 ish)
just something.. that might be nothing.. but us joongboers, nothing is nothing X]

The-OnlyFour said...

I had finished watching the whole episode!

Anonymous said...

well , i myself don't like what hyun jung did . as the leader of the group he should be the one who is always present . but he did solo, rather than work with the group . i don't believe that it's hyun jung's effect , as what you call it made the song famous . it's the hard work and talent of the triple s . well, i don't want to make some fight , but the triple s has the right to get angry with hyun jung !

i am not ANTI hyun jung , but i can't take the fact that he's getting all the good credits , while he did nothing at all , but to work by himself .