Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's new?

Nothing much really... Hyun Joong is still filming his drama, there are lots of pictures circulating right now, but I'll get hold of them later and post them here. Although I'm pretty sure that almost everyone has seen them already, but it's always nice to have pretty things to brighten up this place, isn't it? ^^

Hwang Bo has been busy with her own schedules, radio hosting and appearing on radio programs, the latest being Gong Yoo's army radio program. Is it just me, or does it seem like the army really loves her? She was asked rather provocative questions regarding WGM, such as if she had to choose between the four current grooms, who would she choose. And naturally, she answered that she'd stick to Hyun Joong! Why? Because she is the type of person who will stay loyal to her man. I just love that part of the interview! ^^

There are translated versions of the interview circulating the web as well, but let me know if you want me to post it up here!

More good news? Let you guys know after this Sunday! Haha!! ^^

Oh, and for all those out there who have trouble purchasing star goodies such as CDs, photobooks and other interesting nitbits, there is this one blog that you guys can visit to see if there's anything you like. I went, and let's just say that I am a lot poorer now... Well, what's Christmas without spending some right? ^^ So everyone, go SPLURGE!!! Haha, I am really bad encouraging people to spend money. But in my defense, shopping is good for the economy.. and for the soul of a woman.

Check it out here:

Christmas is around the corner! Have you been bitten by the Christmas bug yet?


katty81 said...

hi chonsa ya i would like tat u will post the interview at the Gong Yoo's radio program....i know u will post it here chonsa...chonsa fighting ok?

Anonymous said...

Please Translate and post CHONSA!
i really love hwangbo and hyungjoong infos.

Anonymous said...

plz post the interview translation. thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks chonsa ! Kindly post the latest interview of Hb ....

And oh, I'm so excited for more good news about them !!!!!!!!! Waiting for Sunday to come !!!

Advance Merry Christmas , Chonsa !!!!!!!

JoongBoers , let's spread LOVE on Christmas !


enneLoL said...

thanks for the update, thanks for the summary.

if u want to know, my friend and I who are Korean illiterate really depend on you on the good news and summary because you presented them very well.

Then, please post any interview or update that make u happy for it will sure make us happy..

thanks again..

-South east asia joongboer-

Annie said...

Oh Chonsa, It look like you already knew about the good news from our lovely couple??(.)_(.)... Do you mind to share? :) Cus I really...really...........really desperately need something to lifted up my (our) crushed spirit.

^_^ and I would love if you post the interview.
You are like a Santa Clause for me.

Anonymous said...

by any chance
is the good news relating to pulling an alshin? lol just guessing
but i hope they come back
just not same outcome after they come back

Anonymous said...

dearest chonsa,thank u soooo much!!!!ur d best for putting up gud news,sorry for troubling u n we really appreciate all your efforts n works^-^.d keep up ur gud work n pretty pleaassee post up any interview regarding them both since i dunno wic web 2 look up 2 except urs.we luv u chonsa!!a song 4 u:'we wish u a merry christmas,we wish u a merry christmas,we wish u a merry christmas n a happy nu year!!'yyeeyy!

Annie said...

Oh if they pulling an Alshin.. Chonsa will you please tell me where you live? I want to hug you for real. ^_^

Anonymous said...

is there more good news??? coz u said after sunday there will be more.. what is it?? spill it.. plzzz!!

Anonymous said...

Gods...we're all so needy fans, aren't we Chonsa? XD

But yes, I second, third, nth vote for the translation of the interview if possible. I saw bits and pieces of it but not enough. thank you beforehand!!

Rossi aka. AllSeoul'd Out Addict

keepfalling said...

"More good news? Let you guys know after this Sunday! Haha!! ^^"
sunday.. the last sunday

Anonymous said...

:-| i hope the good news is them gettin together...for real... ^_____^
thank you so much for all the time you put in to your blog!!!! it's a god-send for us :D i would've never imagined getting as attached to the lettuce couple as i have :D
i searched for the interview translation but i dunno what to look for :( so it'd be great if you could post it too!!!

Anonymous said...

The spirit of Christmas is giving and sharing....and you Chonsa...have the spirit of sharing and giving to us Joongboers news about our favorite couple....i hope the "good" news is.. they are really dating for real.

Wish I could hug you and shower you with kisses...your kindness is always greatly appreciated...

Anonymous said...

Chonsa, you are awesome! non-stop news!! will wait for the 'asdditional good news' after the last episode. You don't sound sad so it must be the 'extremely positive' news!!

You are right! I think it is not just the military who is smitten by Shillang's Buin! I am afraid now that Shillang will be away, the young guys who were really after Buin might start lining up again!

Thanks again!! (LV from LA)

Anonymous said...

please do post the radio interview!
i will wait for the good news patiently! thanks

i'm going to steal your quote about shopping! a goood excuse for myself! hehe!

Anonymous said...

I still waiting for your good news patiently! Thanks ^^

Have a good day ^^

Anonymous said...

hi chonsa, thanks and i hope you will still keep this space and pls pls pls continue to translate and update news regarding joongbo if u can...

and still desperately waiting for the good news especially after watching yesterday episode.

Anonymous said...

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