Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hyun Joong+ Hwang Bo: 'The fifth time at the beach was with me too...' Their farewell vacation together

Hyun Joong who has to leave Korea for the filming of his drama and Hwang Bo who watches him tired because of his busy schedule with a heavy heart, the both of them decide to end their time together. Although regretful, but in the end they decide to part ways.

The Lettuce couple go to Jeju Island in order to sort out their memories thus far.... How will their final vacation be?

*Credits: DC Gallery*


katty27 said...

thanks chonsa this wonderful news hope u will bring us more news about joongbo ok...chonsa fighting!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hi chonsa thanks for always updating and bringing us news. Hope you will continue to do so even after these two sundays. Maybe there will be more news of them hanging out and see around each other' house? lol then hope you will translate and post it here
but till now you have not tell us the extremely positive news... so ccan you pls pls tell us?

Anonymous said...

wow......the red beetle. Thinking back to their first episode, i did not think my feelings for them would amount to this much. Thanks chonsa for the frequent update, im afraid after the departure of this couple in two weeks, there will be less to update about :(

ps. They both changed so much and I think for the better too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, chonsa. Please don't close thi site. we want to hear some news with our couple even after the wgm. Can you use this site to remember them? Pls.Thanks. Fightin!!!Joongbo forever. My heart aches.

Anonymous said...

my heart aches too for our couple.
i hope you'll continue with
giving us updates about them
even if they're done with wgm.

i miss them so much...


Annie said...

aaaaaaaa So they did go to the beach together for the fifth time. I kind of hope they're not so that there will be a chance for them to go the next time. as they like to keep their promises.Oh well I t will be a black sad teary day. For Once I will not watch it because I have a date that day I can't show up with a ramyeon face.
Someone stab me please... T_T


Anonymous said...

sighz..hyunjoong kept his promise spending winter tgt and goin tgt to the beach the 5th really emoing.i really hope they will get married like kyu jong said;)

Anonymous said...

thanks Chonsa for the news. the 5th time was together too aww...Hopefully everytime they go to the beach in the future its going to be with each other. Chonsa, thank you so much for all the JoongBo news hopefully you can keep on updating us on news of HJ and HB. Hopefully there'll be good news to come in the future for JoongBo. Gonna need a towel and bucket now to prepare myself for their farewell.

Anonymous said...


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Colemancfee said...

thanks chonsa this wonderful news hope u will bring us more news about joongbo ok...chonsa fighting!!!!!