Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Christmas wishlist

I've been having a dry spell this past week... Sigh... Santa, show me some mercy!

This year, I think I have been good and kind... So I won't be getting any switches or twigs I hope! Therefore, I want to post my list in hopes that I'll be able to get all I wish for this year!

1) For everyone I love and believe in to be happy, healthy and have the best of luck the entire year next year!

2) For my presents to reach everyone in time, despite the whole post glitch that I JUST found out today... *sigh*

3) An Ipod Classic, 160 GB (white/ silver/ black) (I know I'm greedy, oh well!)

4) To have the strength to resist from the ultimate evil... ONLINE SHOPPING...

5) Kyu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYU KYU KYU!!!!!!!! (Muahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!)

Have all of you written out your Christmas list as well? Better get it done fast! And tell everyone! So that your chances of getting it is higher!!! ^^!!!



Anonymous said...

You know what, chonsa ? We have the same wish as a present for this Christmas ! I also want an ipod , hahaha ! I guess , I'll pressure my hubby for it , lol ! Most of all , I also want for all my loved-ones to be happy and healthy ! I bet that beats all the material things we could wish for ... So for all of us , JOONGBOers and anybody for that matter , I wish you all to be happy and healthy the whole year through !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!


pinksiren said...

chonsa... can i share kyu with you!? hehehe!

well, i got everything (well almost) that i want for christmas its mainly books (stephanie meyers series and rowling's new book) and cds (ss501's) im just waiting for my photobook and im good! hehehe! you are right,telling everyone what you want early gives you better chances of getting them...and im one example!
anyways... ive been blessed with so many things this year... so i think theres nothing i want more... just good health and happiness for me and the people around me i guess... =)

merry christmas to you dear, your blog has always been like a ray of pure sunshine...and to all joongboers out there, wherever you guys are, merry christmas!!! =)

Anonymous said...

I hope all your wishes come true. Have a Merry Christmas! said...

Chonsa, I hope you get all your Xmas wishes come true (is Kyu = Kyu Joong? The SS501 member?)! You have been such a real "chonsa" for me for all your wonderful posts, updates and this blog. I don't know how you can keep up with this! It's amazing. I will continue to read your blog everyday! Again, thank you very much! Hope your holiday season brings you happiness!

Anonymous said...

Chonsa, you have been very good to all of us Joongboers; may all your wishes come true and may you have all the blessings this Christmas has to offer.

rispas said...

C...may all your wishes come through..hmm..kyu..good luck to you..heard a lot of girls say he belongs to them..hahahah

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Chonsa...thank you so much..for letting apart of Joongbo's world.

I wish our couple..a very Merry Christmas..and a Fruitful health, wealth and relationsh

kinella said...

merry Christmas and happy new year to you too, lovely Chonsa ^_^

Anonymous said...

my wish is same as all joongboers.. that our joongbo will become a "real" couple and get marry within 7 years ^^
merry christmas to EVERYONE esp. Chonsa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chonsa,first of all thanks so much as you made for all of thing for JoongBo couple,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ^^

Hope all of your wishes come true^^.

fossilgirl said...

merry merry christmas chonsa.. you have been such an angel to all of all joongbo lovers.. may all your christmas wishes come true.. again thanks a lot..