Tuesday, December 9, 2008

JoongBo: 28

He carefully paints her nails, paying close attention to the colors and making sure that he doesn't stain her sides and everything before he finally breathes out and says to her 'Have a look', looking pleased with his artwork.

She peers over her knees and sees his finished produuct.. ten different colored toenails. She smiles contentedly as she wriggles her toes, and asks for a picture to be taken to commemorate the day that her Shillang painted her nails.

After her toenails dry, she gets up and heads to the kitchen as he follows her from behind. She opens the refrigerator and starts taking things out.

HB: Shillang, you're not feeling well nowadays right? Soon, there won't be anyone to take care of you.
HJ: .....

HB: I'll prepare boiled chicken for you.

HJ: You know how to?

HB: Of course.

She starts cleaning the chicken and begins to prepare the dish as he watches on, amazed that she knows how to make all these dishes. He walks up to her and offers to stuff the chicken for her instead.

He begins stuffing the chicken, stating that he has to add lots of ingredients inside and continues pushing all the ginseng roots and dates, filling it to the brim as she watches on, amused. The ingrdients begin spilling out and he realizes that he's put too much in and finally stops.

She adds it to the pot and sets it on the stove and it's done! All they need to do now is amuse themselves while waiting for the chicken to cook.

And that's exactly what they do. They decide to play a game of 'Go Stop' and instead of the usual penalties, they agree on a hitting the forehead punishment.

HJ: I'm really going to make you Chakra today!
HB: *laughs*

They begin playing, the both of them watching anxiously as they each have 6 points and it's 7 points to win. Suddenly she starts saying 'Oh, my heart really hurts. My heart really hurts' and he realizes that she's won. She begins singing as she lays her cards down and heads towards him to hit his forehead.

She begins to hit his head, and a HUGE red mark is visible on his forehead as he forces himself to bear her hits. She laughs out loud as she hits him one last time before saying 'What do we do about your forehead?' and he straightens himself, determined to get revenge.

HJ: Aigoo, I guess I'll see our Bu In crying today.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: When it's my turn, I'm really going to make your head get thrown back like this!

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Really.
HJ: *imitates her* Shillang, shillang (please!) *feigns being hit* *throws head back*
HB: *laughs*

HJ: *cries* Mother! Mother!
HB: It's really difficult for you to see me cry.

They continue playing, and it seems like the time for his revenge arrives! He wins the second time with impressive points and he looks at her gleefully as she opens her eyes wide in shock.

Private interview:

HJ: This was the best win in my life. Five Guang, Three Go's. Had we played with money, she would have cried.

They calculate his points and he gets a staggering 184 points! He looks at her and tells her that one hit was enough for him, and she falls to the floor as he gets up, all ready to hit her forehead.

He demonstrates how he's going to hit her head and she looks at him, extremely scared of his punishment, especially after he tells her that it's really going to hurt.

HB: I'm going to cry, really.
HJ: *nods head* Captions: Please understand, Bu In. *covers her eyes with her turtleneck*
HB: Ah, I'm scared!!! I'm really scared!!

She looks at him pleadingly but he shows no mercy, and covers her head again as he prepares to hit her forehead with his finger.

She begins to tug at his shirt telling him that she's really scared, pleading with him as he tells her to let go.
HB: Can't I do an aegyo instead? *begs*
HJ: *laughs* No.

HB: I'll do an aegyo!!!

He begins to countdown the seconds before he hits her, laughing as he watches her coiling back in fear. She tightens her grip on his shirt as he slowly counts down to one... and THWACKS her head with his finger.

She immediately places her hand on her forehead as she falls down to the floor, whimpering as he laughs at her. She lies there for a while and he tells her that he used less than half of his strength on her as he tries to console her a little. She slowly gets up before trying to stand, stumbling as she does and he turns to her immediately, concerned.

HJ: Bu In, are you okay? *reaches for her*
HB: *nods*

HJ: Are you crying?

HB: *shakes head*

HJ: Why are you crying? *comforts her*

HB: .............
HJ: I really did it as light as I could. *guilty*

She controls her composure and asks him to play one more round, as he looks at her both concerned and feeling a smidgen of guilt. She refuses to look up at him as she looks down and begins shuffling the cards again. He tries to look at her, telling her to let him see her forehead when she takes a card and throws it at him, obviously upset that he thwacked her head like that.

Private interview:

Q: How does it feel to see the way she kept insisting on continuing with the game?

HJ: It felt good. The way she refused to give into losing. This is exactly the side of her that I wanted to see.

PD: Up till now, all the matches that you've had with each other...

HB: This is the most fun. I want to do it again. Instead of gambling in Las Vegas, I'm gambling with Shillang. It felt rather okay.

She brings out the chicken dish that she prepared for him and they sit down and have dinner together. The Chakra mark that he left on her forehead is extremely visible, although she doesn't seem to be upset with him anymore for doing that to her.

They begin talking with each other as he tells her that the dish is really yummy and she smiles as she puts more on his plate. He takes some and puts it on her plate as well, telling her to eat too.

HB: This winter, you're going to be working a lot..
HJ: Hmm.

HB: So eat this and be rejuvenated.

HJ: This really so yummy that I could cry. I feel healthier already.

She begins to ask him about his drama, asking about his lines.

HB: Have you been practicing your lines?
HJ: Mmm.
HB: What line do you remember?
HJ: "Who do you think you guys are? Get lost".
HB: *laughs*

HJ: There's a kissing scene as well.

HB: Really? *unhappy*

HB: *small pout* Do well.

HJ: *looks at her* I'll send you a message when I'm filming the kissing scene.

HB: On the filming days? Why?

HJ: To tell you to watch.
HB: I'll try not to get mad.

HJ: Really, I get a headache when I think that I'm going to be around actors. It's more comfortable to be around singers. I can talk with them when I meet them.
HB: *laughs* So that's why you married a singer.

HB: You've been stressed about being cast in a drama right?
HJ: Mmm.

HB: Don't be stressed. When things get tough for you, count on me.

HJ: Okay.

HB: 365 days, 24 hours, I'll be waiting.

HJ: Okay. *looks at her*

HJ: Eat well, when I'm not around.
HB: I'll take good care of myself during then.

They begin talking again, and she asks him to go to Jeju Island with her again, since they would not be able to see each other.

Private interview:

HB: Since the beginning, I was aware that this was make believe and that it wouldn't last forever. But even though I was well aware of this, I couldn't help myself. There have been emotions, and I cannot ignore the time we spent together. I don't think I'd ever do a program like this again, even if I get the chance to. Honestly speaking, even if it was with Hyung Don, I think that I'd feel the pain when we separated.

They begin talking about their trip to Jeju, and he tells her that they should just use the time there to do as much as they can, without even sleeping and he tells her that they should wear couple tees and everything when she says that they've already done that, so it's okay. He looks at her, a little sad as she stares at the ground, caught up in her own emotions when they hear a sound coming from the wall and see the mission envelope holder slowly falling down.

Shocked, they watch as it slowly falls to the table and the sadness is etched on their faces. Trying to make the situation lighter, they talk about it as though the holder knew that it was no longer needed and that they wouldn't be getting anymore mission envelopes, but the both of them cannot muster anymore laughter. She clears her throat as she tells him to go and sleep without any worries and he folds the envelope holder as he sets it down before heading towards the room.

Past memories they shared in the house play back as they both lie down in silence, immersed in their thoughts. It's their final night in their house, and all that's left... is to say goodbye to each other...

They reach the airport and check in at the counter as he grabs on to her drivers license and sees how she looked like when she was 20. He begins joking around with her again as he mentions that she's really born in 1980, making her laugh out loud at his never changing deadpan remarks.
Private interview:

HJ: The atmosphere between us was a little weird, since it was our last time together. A lot of the awkwardness that we had when we first met came rushing back. Usually, we'd be joking around but this time it was rather awkward so it felt like we had gone back to the beginning.

They begin discussing what they were going to do in Jeju and he tells her to anticipate the trip he has planned for them. She, on the other hand, tells him that she wants to do what they did before as although they'd be doing the same things, it would be different. She then tells him that there is something she wants to ask from him, but that she'll let him know when they arrive.

They arrive at Jeju and he tells her to wait a while as he walks off. She sits on their bags as she waits for him to arrive. A red car pulls up to her, and it's him driving to meet her the same way she drove to meet him on their first day together.

Memories of the past come back as she watches him, but strangely enough, she looks a little unhappy. He seems to notice it too, and tries to lighten the situation by jokingly asking her to drive, despite her telling him that she was tired. The same conversation, only in reverse.

Private interview:

HB: Ah, what should I say? It was weird, really. Although it was a good thing... A hateful good day? It was just weird. Even though that day was fun and good, I just hated it. I can't really express my feelings.

They begin talking about their first conversation together, remembering what he told her about things that he didn't like hearing from a girl and everything. There is a huge difference from the both of them then and the both of them now.. These two people, have changed a lot since their first day together.

HB: You said that you were expecting a cute girl right?
HJ: Mmm.

HB: Now that you've lived with me, I'm cute right?

HJ: You're cute.

HJ: *imitates her aegyo*

HB: *hits him* *laughs*

HJ: How did you manage to hide your cute side all this while?

HB: *laughs*
HJ: You must have thought that you'd get all the guys. That's how you lived, right?

HB: Yea, truthfully.
HJ: You should reveal your cute side more, so that people will know. Plus you'd get more fans as well.

HJ: Ah, the wind is making my hair get into my eyes.
HB: Do you want me to use saliva to hold it down?

HJ: Mmm.
HB: *pushes his hair back*
HJ: The two people who are close enough to use spit on each other. We can now share our saliva.

HB: *laughs*

HB: We're now at the point where we can use our spit on each other, but lets not get to the point where we'd spit at each other.
HJ: Okay.
HB: Are we staying at the same place?
HJ: No, we're staying somewhere a little better.

Private interview:

HJ: When we had that farewell practice, I had that thinking where I needed to rush and treat her well. But now that we are really bidding each other farewell, I think things are a little different now. My goal now is to treat her like a queen. I really want to make her just like a queen.

They arrive at the place, and she's astounded by its beauty. He is equally as surprised as her as he says that he booked the place over the internet but he didn't know it would be that nice. And again, he has to spoil the atmosphere by saying that he's blowing the paychecks he received for the last few performances all at once, on this holiday...

He tells her to sit still and let him do everything, including opening the door and he does it for her, much to her happiness. She allows herself to be treated like his queen and walks in with him to their chalet and they both explore the surroundings together.

They go through their love vows together, and he takes note of the things that he's done on her list and says that he hasn't really kept the part where he should call her at least twice a day, and promises to do so.

Hwang Bo's list:
1) Not to look at other women.
2) To think of each other's point of views before saying anything.
3) To spend every holiday/ rest day together.

4) To not drink alcohol unless it's a special occassion.

5) To call me at least twice a day.

6) If you cheat on me, then you'll have to do everything I say.

7) To respect each other, and to always call me Bu In.
8) To meet each other's first love, but to not let the other know that that person is the one.

Private interview:

HB: You'd think that he'd be blunt and not bother with everything, but the fact that he did made my heart hurt even more.

PD: Was he an oxygen like husband?

HB: Yes. Although I don't know what it's like to have someone live like oxygen around you, but when I'm far away from home, isn't it usual for me to think of my mother? But... I think of Shillang. That's how much of family he is like to me, that I would think of him first even before my mother.

The both of them head to the horse riding farm, talking as they walk together.

Private interview:

HB: We went there during the honeymoon as well, although it wasn't shown on the program. At the time, we were really distant with each other since we didn't know each other at all. I was closer to the horse than with him! Really, honestly, I was more affectionate with the horse than with Shillang.

The both of them ride together, their relationship a lot more closer now than before and they even request that their horses be named after each other!

HJ: You can't do that. HB: Why? HJ: Your horse is older. HB: Just do it that way!!!

*starts running on the horse together*

HB: Hyun Joong-ah!!
HJ: Hwang Bo-ya!!
HB: Why are you using casual speech???
HB: Hwang Bo-ya!!!

To commemorate their day with the horses, they take a picture together. And thanks to the horse helper, they move in closer together for a more affectionate picture.

HB: Shillang...
HJ: Hmm?

HB: I'm talking to the horse, why are you answering??
HJ: Who?
HB: The horse!
HJ: Ah, really?
HB: Shillang... do well in everything, okay?
HJ: Bu In...
HB: Hmm?
HJ: I'm talking to my horse.
HB: *faints*

They continue chatting when he takes his handphone out and makes a call... and her phone begins to ring.... Smilingly she takes it out and sees that the call is from him.

HB: What?
HJ: Hello?

HB: Why are you talking with me through the phone?

HJ: I'm going to call you twice today.

HB: *smiles*
HJ: What are you doing?
HB: I've come to Jeju Island after a long while.

HJ: Really?

HB: Yeah. I'm here with my Shillang.

HJ: I'm here with Bu In too.

HB: Hang on a sec, I'll pass the phone to my Shillang.

HB: *puts the phone to horse's ear*
HJ: Hey! Who are you?

HB: *laughs*
HJ: Who do you think you are! Hey!

Horse: ............

HJ: Do you love Hwang Bu In?

Horse: *nods*

HJ+ HB: *surprised*

HB: This is really amazing!

HJ: You... **** horse...

HB: Bu In... you treasure Shillang lots right?
Horse: ...........

HB: Do treasure him lots in the future.
Horse: *shakes head*

HJ: Pass the phone back to him, there's one last thing I want to say.
HJ: What do you do? What do you work as?? You... Do you really like her?

Horse: *nods*

HB: I'm not doing anything, I'm just staying still!
HJ: Hey! Do you really like her?

Horse: *nods*

HJ: My Bu In hates me. Bu In, do you hate me?
Horse: *nods*
HJ: .......................
HB: *laughs*
HJ: I guess that the human Bu In is the best.
HB: Which is why, you should have treated me well when you had me.
HJ: Okay. I'll do that now. I'll treat you like a queen. Elizabeth Hwang Bo.

She rides off on her horse saying 'Im sorry, I've found my love' as he tells his horse not to follow them as it hurts his pride... but to no avail. The horse seems determined to go against whatever he says and they both slowly canter back.

Private interview:

HB: I am really thankful to the horses for talking that way. Compared to that, towards his questions... towards his questions I was more anxious inside.

Walking along the beach, they are reminded of the time when they discussed coming to the beach together for the fifth time. This is their fifth time, although... it would be difficult for them to make the sixth time together as well.

They look out at the sea, in the distance and decide to do as they have always done. Compete with each other. They agree to run till the edge of the waters, and he gives her a handicap again.

She walks a fair distance away from him and tells him to start running, but he's not paying any attention to her. He spots something in the little puddles of water and begins calling out to her, distracting her from their competition.

HJ: There's fish here, shall I catch them for you?
HB: Forget it! I'm just going to start running!
HJ: I'm serious.
HB: Quickly! Or else I won't run!
HJ: I'll catch them for you.
HB: There's no need for it, forget it now.
HJ: Quickly come over!
HB: Hey! I lived seven months with you, did you think I really don't know?
HJ: Seriously! There's even shrimps here!
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Really! Ah, so it's a flounder! Quickly come, I'm telling the truth.
HB: I don't want to.
HJ: Quickly come here and catch them to eat.
HB: I don't want to!
HJ: Let's eat them!
HB: Never! Absolutely not!

HB: Why aren't you running?
HJ: Forget it. What's the point in winning, since it's the last time?
HB: *faints*

Despite telling her that, he suddenly starts running proving her suspicions right. They run as fast as they can, trying to outdo each other before reaching the waters, him slightly faster than her.

Private interview:

HJ: I thought of losing to her since it was the last time, just to give her good memories. But I forgot about that thought while I was running. My body reacted when I saw her running and all I thought about was that I would lose to her. I regret it now, I should have kept my initial thought.

They write messages to each other on the sands again, doing what they usually do when they go to the beach.

Her message to him:

I was always happy with your love. Goodbye. Bu In.

They walk over to read his after reading hers and his says:

Thank you for creating such lovely memories with me. Don't lose me. I'm ssorry for not being able to treat you well.

She first notices that he missed out a character in his message and he bashfully adds the missing character, making the word 'Lose'. She then notes that there's a big difference between the characters for 'Forget' and 'Lose'. She continues reading and sees that he wrote SSorry instead of Sorry.

HB: Did you do that because you're in SS501?
HJ: No, it means that I'm really sorry. Ssorry versus sorry!
HB: Didn't I say before that we're not supposed to say sorry to each other?
HJ: That's why I wrote it in English!

He tells her that the in coming tide would wash away their messages to each other, so they should take a photo of their words before that happens.

Private interview:

HJ: There were a lot of times when we were at the beach when the tide was coming in. The fifth time we went to the beach, it felt like the tide was coming in really fast. Because it was the last time, I wanted to do more things for her but the tide kept coming in and we were being pushed out by the water, so it felt like time was really going by really fast.

He tells her to sit by her scribbles, so he can take a picture of her next to what she wrote. Taking pictures of their scribbles in the sand before the tide comes in... Holding on to their memories, documenting them the best they can.


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anyway, i just want to share this simple comment a read from YT:
qua9:...Love the way HJ has grown through his relationship with HB. I truly think tt regardless whether HJ and HB end up together in real life, she has changed him and his life irrevocably for the better... He may never meet anyone else his own age quite as good as her."

I'm happy with the first part, but the last line made me cry like there is no tommorow.

i still don't know what will happen to all JoongBo-ers this sunday...i just hope that both will part ways with a smile...


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i wonder how long are we going to guess the true aspect of their relationship?
i guess that's where part of my attraction for joongbo lies, the continuous guessing game...

hope the last episode will answer some of the nagging questions we all have and that the answer will keep as happy even though it's their last and they have moved on to other things.

fighting!!! =)

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Thanks chonsa for the summary, I noticed that you didn't translate the one where the mission envelope fell. I truly understand, it's really breaking your heart right? I teared up that time.. Wow, I still don't know what I will do after joongbo.

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Hope there's still a hope to keep them "real".

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you know, during the horse-phone conversation, I couldn't help but think that in the future, if for whatever reason she has to be with another guy (for work, a friend, whatever) that he actually would respond just like that; sort of in a jealous way like "who do you think you are? she was MY BUIN first!" kinda reminding them that he is the one with a special bond with her and that they should think twice before they do anything LOL

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But I'm really wishing this couple all the best in their future endeavors ... I just hope we will hear more positive news about them one of these days ...Wishing them to be healthy for all the fans who love them , and hope that they continue to inspire people with their beautiful personality ... I will continue to support them individually and hopefully as a real couple ...

Take care chonsa ! May you receive more blessings !!!I've come to admire you too , eventhough I don't know you personally ....In a way , we JoongBoers are connected more because of your blog ...


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i'm so sad... there are things that might lead them to future being tgt... bcoz HB said she will be there for him 365days and 24hrs... lean on her... and Hj said to tk cr of herself when he is awy.. so when he is finally back he will tk cr of her then??!!

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