Thursday, December 4, 2008

JoongBo: 27

The both of them are lounging at home spending another day together, sitting next to each other as they begin talking.

HJ: Bu In... You've been coming home quite often nowadays.
HB: Me?

HJ: Yea.
HB: But I'm coming home late at night.

HJ: Why?
HB: I went clubbing!
HJ: Really?
*phone rings*
HJ: The club called saying that you left your purse behind.
HB: *laughs*
HB: Weren't you worried that I wasn't back yet?
HJ: Hmm?
HB: Aren't you worried at all that your wife is coming home so late?

HJ: The club called.

HB: What did they say?

HJ: That you're sleeping there after drinking, so I don't have to worry.

HB: *laughs* But I didn't drink all that much.

HJ: Nah, I'm just joking.

They then begin discussing what they should do that day and she tells him that she hopes that they could just stay at home and look at each other, when he tells her that doing that would be burdensome for him since they've never done anything like that before, making her laugh.

He then tells her that he hopes their mission would be for them to hibernate since it was winter and she agrees. He then starts saying that they could film like a documentary, and the cameramen can zoom in on them as they sleep and the narrator would go "These two animals are sleeping. The female starts turning, and begins whining 'Ummm.. Ummm'", as he imitates her aegyo! She jumps up and starts hitting him as he laughs at her, having fun as he teases her.

Private interview:

HB: Everytime I'm about to forget, he reminds me again by imitating me. You know how people always remember things that have scarred them when they were kids? I think I must have scarred him. As I have scarred myself.

They open the mission envelope and see that their mission is to prepare for winter together. She begins suggesting snowboarding and skating and he tells her that he's completely useless at them before deciding to go indoor ice skating. She admits that the last time she went ice skating was when she was a child at the frozen rice field pond when they both start claiming that they were the kind of people who learn things really fast and that they would be able to skate well within five minutes of skating!

HJ: It'll be cold at the skating rink wouldn't it? I'll wear this again, for the second time today.
HJ: *reaches for the scarf she made him*
HB: *smiles*

Private interview:

HB: He said that he would wear it during winter, and he really did remember, now that it's winter... he's quite good. I think that he does remember things like these quite well. When I think about what we've done all this while, I realize that we do have a lot of memories together. Time does fly really fast... and we've lived for quite a long time...

The both of them get ready to go out and they begin practicing skating in their living room when he suddenly stops and sticks his hands out behind her.

HB: What are you doing?
HJ: Pushing you from the back!

HB: *laughs*

The both of them arrive at the mall, Hyun Joong looking really sleepy and blur as he just woke up from his nap in the car. She begins talking to him and he answers her questions dutifully when she stops and points to a sign in the window.

HB: Can't I do this once?

HJ: Eii, what are you talking about?

HB: Just once.

She pulls him into the clinic and he asks if she's going to get a Botox shot and she says yes. He follows her to the counter where she tells the receptionist that she wants to get flu shots.

HB: I'm here to get flu shots.
Receptionist: For the both of you?

HB: Yes, for the both of us.

HJ: *surprised* Me too?

HB: Mmm. Are you scared of shots?
HJ: It's not that I'm scared...
HB: We're both getting them together.
HJ: Why did I come to this place?

HB: *to receptionist* Kim Hyun Joong.

HJ: Since when did this start going wrong?

HJ: Ah, this feels wrong, really.
HB: Why? What's so wrong when it's for your health?

Private interview:

HJ: After waking up from my nap, I was suddenly registering at the clinic.. And I thought, something has gone wrong.

HB: I don't know about other things, but I know that he does go overseas quite often. It's okay since the places he goes to are all warm countries, but when he comes back to Korea, there's a big difference in temperature, so the chances of him catching a cold is a lot higher. If I had told him to go get flu shots, he'd brush it off by saying that he was fine and that he was healthy since he does have his pride. My shillang also doesn't like sharp, pointy things so I think that he would have avoided going for shots.

The both of them sit together waiting for their turn when he starts whining and saying that he's always being cheated by her, his reluctance to get a flu shot extremely obvious. She, on the other hand, doesn't back down and insists that he gets one for his health and tells him that it doesn't hurt when he tries to get out of it by saying that it would hurt lots.

She spots the machine to note their blood pressure and brings him over to check his. He listens to her and the results show that his blood pressure is normal, much to her relief.

HB: You're really healthy! Not sick at all!
HJ: Which is why I don't need a shot!

HJ: Bu In, don't check your blood pressure, I think I'll get hurt. I think I'll be really worried. HB: *laughs*

He gets her to sit down and check her blood pressure, telling her that they should experiment and compare her pressure levels when she's happy and when she's being irritated by him. He tells her to think happy thoughts and the results show that her blood pressure levels are normal.

HJ: Now when you're being irritated by me.
HB: How are you going to irritate me?
HJ: No..
HB: What I go through now is enough!
HJ: Let's just see if there are any changes in the results.
HJ: Old Hwang Bu In. Uunnng, Uunnng!
HB: *annoyed*
HJ: Hello. You can't see me at night right?
HB: *laughs* *irritated*
HJ: If we play catch at night, you won't be able to see me.
HB: *hits him*
HJ: You know why? If your eyes are closed, you can't see anything.
HB: *greatly annoyed*

The results come out.... and it's an extremely high rate! The both of them begin laughing at the results and she leans back against him in defeat, saying that the results were really amazing.

He hears his name being called and the both of them get up to go to the doctor's office.

She drags him to the chair and he sits there as the doctor begins asking general questions, all the time reiterating that he's healthy and has no symptoms that he's feeling ill. The doctor conducts a general checkup on him and he complies obediently when the doctor gives him a clean bill of health and reaches for the syringe to give him his shot.

Doctor: You're not afraid of shots are you?
HJ: No, not at all!

HJ: Are you going to give me one now?

Doctor: Yes.

HJ: Okay. *looks away*

HJ: I'm really not afraid of shots.
HB: Why do you keep repeating that sentence?

He continues to look away, visibly afraid of the shot yet refusing to look weak and puts on a strong front as he waits to get his shot. The doctor sticks the needle into his arm and before he knows it, he's gotten his shot!

HJ: You're done?
Doctor: Yes, it wasn't painful at all was it?

HJ: No, it really wasn't painful at all. *stutters a little*

Now that he's done with his shot, he begins to rat on her saying that she has a really high blood pressure rate when she tells the doctor that he was irritating her on purpose.

HB: Wouldn't my lifespan get shorter if he keeps doing that to me?
HJ: But isn't it good to get her blood moving every once in a while?

HB: *speechless*

It's time for her shot and he stands behind her watching the whole process (since he missed his own shot!) and starts commenting that the needle looks cute. She seems a little nervous and takes a deep breath as the doctor gives her her shot.

HJ: Why are you making that sound when it doesn't even hurt at all?
HB: You kept saying that it didn't hurt so I expected it not to, but it actually does kinda hurt.
Doctor: Well, you are being injected with a needle so it will hurt somewhat.
HJ: That's true!

Private interview:

PD: Did the shot make you feel better?

HJ: No, I was actually sleepy after getting the shot. I was tired. But I did think that I wouldn't catch a cold though. She has been seeing my busy, tired side a lot lately so it seems that she's gotten worried. I keep thinking that she takes care of all these little things, so I'm really thankful to her for that.

They pay for their shots and the receptionist tells them that they shouldn't take hot baths.

HJ: It can't be hot right?
Receptionist: You can't bathe with hot water.
HJ: *to Hwang Bo* Don't sing 'Getting Hot' for now.
HB: *laughs*

They walk towards the skating rink when she mentions that he reminds her of Bae Yeong Joon.

HB: You really look like Bae Yeong Joon, with the scarf and clothes and all.
HJ: Where did you see Bae Yeong Joon looking like this?

HB: *thinks* Ssangchu Sonata! Didn't you watch that?
HJ: Even the scarf is similar. Bae Hyun Joon!

The cashier tells them how much their entrance fees cost and he immediately begins to play rock, paper, scissors to see who has to pay. She however doesn't respond immediately and he grabs the opportunity to make her pay the entrance fees instead!

HJ: Rock, paper, scissors!
HB: ....

HJ: You didn't put your hand out! You have to pay!

HB: I didn't bring money with me!
*ends up paying*
HJ: 14,000 Won! Give us a receipt please!

HJ: What size are you?
HB: 34, 36, 34!

HJ: .... Not your ideal size...

HB: *faints*

He goes in to choose skates for her and brings them out for her to try.

HJ: Are they the right size?
HB: Yea, I think they are.
HB: This is amazing!

HJ: What?

HB: I put the left side on my right foot and it fits! I need to change sides again.
Cashier: He brought you two right sides.
HB: *faints* Shillang... he said you brought me two right sides.
HJ: Me? *feigns ignorance*

The both of them get up and start trudging shakily their way to the skating rink, which is larger than what Hyun Joong expected.

Hyun Joong gets into the rink first and nearly slips and falls and he warns Hwang Bo by telling her that it was really slippery. He holds on to the walls before he begins gliding away, surprising her and she begins questioning him.

HB: Shillang, I thought you said this was your first time!
HJ: Hang on, I'm having problems with stopping. I need to go and hold on to the wall!

She watches on as he swiftly glides on the ice, envious and her drive to win burning steadily in her as she tries to skate, stumbling as she moves.

She finally gives up and asks him to teach her how to skate, and he goes up to her and begins instructing her as music from 'Winter Sonata' starts playing again in the background. The both of them actually do look like they are spending some romantic moments together before...

HJ: You can kind of skate better now right?
HB: Yea.
HJ: If you have problems stopping, just go hold on to the wall!

However, the both of them being them, they begin speeding across the ice, trying to outskate each other before they fall down on their bottoms...

That doesn't stop them though, and they get up and start racing again. Hyun Joong seems to have gotten the knack of skating, but Hwang Bo still wobbles as she tries to RUN across the ice. Needless to say, she falls and he comes around to peer at her, seeing if she's okay.

Private interview:

HJ: It didn't feel like I was with a girl, it was really fun as it felt like I was with a friend.

PD: Are you proud that your wife is someone like that?

HJ: Well, since wherever she goes, she doesn't get beaten up, I think it's very good.

The both of them decide to hold their winter olympics, the first game being a relay chase and the second game would be to stick post its on their backs and the first person who manages to remove the post it off the other wins.

They find two kids to team up with them, forming the Older vs Younger teams and sets them off first as they watch on, laughing at how cute the kids are.

The kids try their best, and Hwang Bo has the advantage of having the older kid who has longer legs, so she is in the lead. Hyun Joong however, refuses to admit defeat and begins chasing her even faster around the rink!

He skates as fast as he can and manages to catch up with her as she nears the finishing line. The both of them try their best to outdo the other, but luck is on his side as he manages to reach the kid a few seconds before she does. Hyun Joong wins!!

HB: I lost?
HB: *to the kid* You did well! It was me who couldn't perform...
HB: *pouts*
HJ: *to the kid* *gloats* It's great isn't it, being number one??

It's time to play their second game, and they decide on a ramyun bet. The loser has to buy ramyun back for the winner. They give each other 5 seconds to run off away from each other, before the fight begins!

He corners her, startling her before she grabs her beanie and starts whacking him, telling him to go away!

HB: Go away!!! Go!!!
HJ: That's cheating!!

She almost manages to corner him and grab his post it but he manages to run away... but he's not always so lucky...

She comes up to him when he's taking a breather and before he can do anything, she is right next to him. He tries to avoid her, but she grabs on to his scarf, pulling him towards her as she reaches for the post it. Laughing, he tries to get back at her, but fails as she manages to reach over and grab his post it off his back. Hwang Bo wins!

Private interview:

HJ: She caught hold of my neck, and that was definitely breaking the rules. I think she's really smart, she must have knitted me that scarf to do this. This is the first time I lost to her, so my pride is hurt. I think this is the dark point in my life.

Since he lost, he goes off to buy them ramyun as she stays at the rink and tries to perfect her spins. Unfortunately, she isn't Kim Yoon A and she falls over before she lies down on the ice, exclaiming 'Ahh, this is so annoying!'. He, on the other hand, spots something else to buy and holds on to it as he goes to pay for his goods.

He brings the food to her, and they sit down by the benches to have their meal.

HJ: You're cold, aren't you? *hands her a hot canned drink*
HB: *reaches for it* *smiles*

HJ: Close your eyes.
HB: What now?
HJ: Close your eyes. Say 'Ah'!
HB: *opens mouth*
HJ: *pops a candy in her mouth* Start chewing.
HJ: Ah, so they don't make it like they used to.
HJ: It's not as sour as it was before....
HB: *starts making faces*
HJ: *laughs* You must have gotten the one and only, super sour one!
HB: *laughs*

Private interview:

HB: It was really sour. He gave me the super sour! The most (best) sour one. Well, no matter what he still gave me the best. I need to think positively.

She begins eating the ramyun, and starts saying that it's really satisfying as she continues eating as he watches her.

HB: I'm going to eat yours too!
HJ: *looks at her stealing his food*
HJ: I better eat up before you snatch all my food.
HB: *giggles*
HJ: Ah, you really snatched it all from me. What do I do?
HB: *laughs*

HJ: You can still laugh? When someone is starving to death here?
HB: *giggles*
HJ: Sigh.... SIGH....

HB: *in defense* You said you didn't want to eat it anymore!
HJ: So when a mother feeds her child, she should say that she's hungry instead of she's full?
HB: *laughs*

HJ: Like a child who has no consideration....
HB: *laughs*
HJ: *imitates such a child* Mom, so you're not hungry after all! I'd better eat this meat then!

HJ: Bu In, eat more. You're hungry right? *adds more noodles in her bowl*
HB: *speechless* Mother said that she doesn't like ramyun.
HJ: Mother feels full just by watching Hwang Bo eating.
HJ: Eat more! *turns to side* *drinks soup*
HJ: Ah, I'm full!
HB: *laughs* *stars tearing*

HJ: It's okay, just eat. *drinks soup*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Ah, that was yummy!

HB: Ah, I've had a good meal.
HJ: *looks at her* Go and play, Bu In.
HB: *laughs*

They both decide to play Mujjiba and bet that the loser has to eat up the rest of the sour candies.

They begin playing the game and get really excited over who comes out with what, and Hyun Joong is convinced that she cheated when she pulled her hand away from his view! She vehemently denies it (it's true by the way, she didn't cheat!) and they both start a new game.

Hyun Joong loses this time round, much to her happiness, but he begins to try and weasel his way out again.

HJ: Let's do it two out of three!
HB: *looks at him in shock*
HJ: We always do two out of three!
HB: *gives in*

They both play their second round, and Hyun Joong wins!!

They play their third round, and the ball seems to be in his court and he gets to be the deciding party of the game.

HB: Hang on, hang on, hang on!
HJ: Open your mouth! *threatens*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: *laughs*

Knowing that she's extremely nervous, he begins to play mind games with her and starts laughing when she falls for it and then begins throwing a tantrum at herself!

She settles down and he throws his hand out real... and HE WINS!! And she just sits there, dumbfounded that she lost.

He takes the box and uses it as a funnel as he drops all the candies into her mouth. Taking pity on her, he eats one himself.

HJ: I ate one, since I'm kind.
HB: *glares at him*

HB: Let's just go home.
HJ: There are things that we haven't done yet!
HJ: Here, have a drink. *hands her his bottle*
HB: *takes it* *realizes it's empty* *throws it*
HJ: *laughs*

They have their next event, figure skating, this time betting on a massage. He tells her that he doesn't just want any massage, he wants the oriental kind, making her hit him. They get a group of girls to become their judges and she keeps them in check by telling them that they can't just vote for him because they are his fans!

She starts off with this strange pose and begins her performance to the music of Bogoshipda. The girls watch her in amazement as she really does her best, not stopping even when she falls. He skates over to her and watches her as she acts like a nut before running away from her as she starts chasing him! She ends her performance, looking like she's really feeling the music and goes back to the judges.

He, on the other hand, does his own 4D thing and begins a series of actions to the We Are The Champions. Funnily weird as it may be, it's actually rather cool and everyone is impressed with him. She laughs her head off as she watches him and acknowledges that he wins this round.

The judges confirm that he wins this round, and he begins his ceremony act again, making her burst out laughing once more.

Private interview:

Q: Wasn't the figure skating embarrassing?

HB: Why, isn't it fun? Doing something totally unexpected is really fun. Honestly, married couples have to live the rest of their lives together. Of course, we're just make believe, but I still think that it's good if we can live happily. It was really fun. And funny.

They see a young girl skating really fast around the rink and he approaches her, asking her to have a race around the rink once with him. Although she agrees, this girl has attitude and shows it to him! He's really surprised and impressed with her spunk and begins telling Hwang Bo about her.

They get ready and when Hwang Bo signals for them to start, she flies off leaving him way behind her! He tries to catch up, but she's really too fast for him and she reaches the finishing line in style, even scraping the ice when she stops! He graciously admits defeat and calls her Korea's number one, whereas he settles at being Korea's number two.

The both of them are really impressed with her skills and try to copy her ice scraping move, even asking her to teach them how to do it. They begin experimenting on their own, but alas... they end up on their bottoms....

Private interview:

HJ: That little girl was really impressive. If I ever get to learn skating next time, I'm going to look her up for a rematch.

PD: What is the little girl's charm?

HJ: That young girl? She's totally chic. When she grows up, she'll become just like someone.

PD: Who do you think she'll be like?

HJ: So In Young Noona. The queen of chic.

Finally, they reach home after spending an exhausting day at the skating rink. Hyun Joong sleeps in the room as Hwang Bo runs around the house before running into the room to wake him up.

She jumps on the bed and he jumps up, surprised at seeing her there.

HB: Hyun Joong-ah!
HJ: *jumps*
HB: Are you tired?
HJ: No, it's okay.
HB: *whines* You're always tired...

Private interview:

Q: Don't you feel apologetic for showing her your tired side?

HJ: I do. I always feel apologetic. But today, she seemed even more tired than me, so I thought that I should treat her well. And I did, up till then.

He follows her out into the living room where he sits looking really sleepy and tired. She sits next to him and tells him that she'll give him a massage now, since she lost at the skating rink, and he quickly gets down on the floor appreciatively.

She begins her usual massage techniques, and he slowly starts to feel the massage doing wonders to his tired body.

HJ: Ah, that feels good. Bu In, it's really good. Sincerely.
HB: *smiles*

He then lies on the floor and tells her to walk on his back and crack it. She tentatively puts her foot on his back, worried that she might be too heavy for him to handle but he tells her to just walk on his back anyway. She gets up on his back, and begins walking slowly up to his neck before she starts wriggling around, trying to crack his back.

HJ: Bu In, don't.
HJ: Ah, that's nice. That's nice.
HJ: No, don't. *feels the weight on his back*

After the massage, she sits next to him as she asks him to do something for her. Something that he promised her before. A pedicure.

HB: You promised me first! You were the one who brought it up first, weren't you?
HJ: *nods*
HB: Can't you do it for me now? *aegyo tone*
HJ: Do you have the things to do it?
HB: Yea, I'll go bring them. *happy* *eagerly jumps up*
HJ: Ah, you prepared for this already. *faints*
HB: *laughs*

She lays out all the different colors of nail polish and the necessary items for him to paint her nails for her and he does it for her, taking the task on really seriously. She tells him to choose the paint color he likes for her, and leaves him to work on her nails.

She peers over to see what he's doing and finds out that... he's painting her nails in different colors. She smiles as she watches exasperatedly, expecting exactly this from him.

She begins instructing him on how to paint nails, telling him that he's supposed to layer coats on them and not pool the paint on her nails. He does what she says, and takes his time doing it. She looks at him again before asking if he was drunk because of her foot odour and is greeted with... silence... He's fallen asleep while painting her nails! He wakes up and continues painting.

Private interview:

HJ: Oh, I don't remember that part well at all. When I woke up, I was already in the midst of a manicure. As I was blinking away.

PD: You got a massage as well.

HJ: I don't remember. Other than being stepped on, I can't remember anything. Ah, I remember something else! When my neck was turned this way, there wasn't any sounds, but when she turned it that way, it went 'Craaack!'! That woke me up a bit.

He continues painting her nails, carefully cleaning the sides so as not to leave any ugly marks on her toes as she watches on in silence, a contented smile drawn on her face. However, there is an air of sadness... as the time for them to leave each other comes closer.

Private interview:

Q: Are you expecting a farewell?

HJ: It's just a feeling I have, that we don't have much time left together. Even now, when we see each other, we see that the both of us are undergoing a lot of stress and difficulties, and when we both talk, we talk about the stress and difficulties that we are facing now. Both me and Bu In are currently in that situation, I think we're both feeling exhausted. Towards acting, there are a lot of expectations of me and I have this greed to want to do well, so honestly, I am feeling very burdened. Even as I say this, I think 'Ah, there isn't that many days left for us to meet each other anymore'. I have thoughts like these.

PD: Do you think Bu In feels the same regrets as you do?

HJ: Yes, I think she is regretful too. I think the both of us have the same feelings.

They sit in silence, him painting her nails and she watching him closely, and the face that initially held bliss slowly crumbles into one of sadness. There seems to be so many things that they want to say to each other, but are just unable to... So all that can be done, is to just sit together in silence and treasure their moments together...

"Although the both of them know about the pending farewell, neither of them can bring themselves to begin talking about it first..."


Gemeinai said...

my two favorite parts of this episode when she gave him a massage and when he was painting her toe nails. i thought that by she letting him paint her toe nails is a big thing, mostly since i believe a lot of women arent comfortable/happy about their feet letting their partner see their feet

im sad that they are leaving and will be depressed after they leave...i already started to watch their first episode...such a big difference ^^

Anonymous said...

i just want to cry out and scream to the heavens or something!!
i feel like they're being torn apart rather than saying a nice farewell :(
it's so sad
this episode was so full of emotion
they didn't say a lot but...just..the way they said it, the way they looked at each other as if they needed to remember every detail bc they won't get any more time sad
i love how fun they are and how honest they are! i love how she beats him up with her fists bc she's so excited around him. i just love them. they're so comfortable with each other. so it's so sad to not be able to see them any more.

omg i'm writing so much!
i just hope they realize that even though they won't be filmed together they can still hang out...and who knows?!? maybe we'll hear more of Joongbo!


Anonymous said...

Thanks chonsa ! I will be forever grateful to you for having this blog about JoongBo ... in less than 2 weeks time , I don't know what will happen to my Sundays after their farewell .... I'm already feeling sad....

I'm starting to miss JoongBo .... ottoke ????

This ep is funny and sad ...


Anonymous said...

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