Saturday, December 20, 2008

JoongBo: 29

Hyun Joongie is....

Tired out from their eventful day, Hwang Bu In lies down on the sofa as she dozes off, the banana in her hand forgotten. Hyun Joong is nowhere to be seen when the cameras show a pair of legs walking out of the bathroom before focusing on a tuxedo clad Hyun Joong.

He peers out of the door before he walks out to the living room where she's resting. He slowly goes up to her and takes the banana out of her hands, causing her to wake up.

Eyes wide open, she looks up before she breaks out in a smile at the sight of him in a tux. Slightly embarrassed, he laughs awkwardly before saying 'Ah, this is uncomfortable..'. She sits up and looks at him again, telling him that he looks really good.

HJ: Remember when we had dinner together the first time and you were wearing that dress? That's why I'm wearing this. Ah, my neck feels restricted.
HB: You look really nice.
HJ: Can you please fix my collar for me.

HB: Did you put this on all by yourself?

HJ: Mmm.

HB: You're doing well now.

HJ: Of course.

HB: Even without me you'd be able to manage.

HJ: No, you still need to be around.

Private interview:

HB: I thought we were going to a party, a party. So this is how it felt when we had our first dinner. Anyhow that night, he wore it especially for me. He looked good. Since he wore it for me. Or didn't he? Was he going to go somewhere else after I fall asleep?

They sit on the sofa together after dinner and she tells him to wash up when he asks her for a favor.. She turns to him questioningly and he asks her to help him take the pins out of his hair. Laughing to herself in exasperation, she tells him to come nearer as she gets up to help him take the pins out.

HJ: Those born in the year of the monkey are undoubtedly good at this.
HB: *laughs* That's right isn't it?

Finally done, she ruffles his hair before starting to laugh out loud at the sight of him. He looks totally messed up!!!

HB: Ah, I think I played too much of a trick on you! Our shillang is an idol!! *laughs*
HJ: Why? What?

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Has Einstein made his appearance?

HB: *laughs*

HJ: My hair becomes Einstein when you let it go.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Can you lend me 40 million for research costs?

HB: *laughs even louder*

They hang out again after cleaning up and she finally tells him her wish... She wants him to bring her the stars from the sky... The one thing he told her that he hates hearing the most.

HB: It's my last wish, as if you wouldn't do it! You'll do it right?
HJ: Oh, the alcohol we had just now *pretends to be drunk*

HB: *laughs* *hits him*

HJ: What?

HB: It's my last wish, you should do it for me.

HJ: Ah, to actually reach the stars takes 10 billion light years!

HB: *whines* Bring me the stars...

HJ: It's evil to do that! Why would you pick a star when all it does is quietly light up the sky?

She continues looking at him expectantly, using her subtle aegyos on him as he shakes his head in refusal. She however persists till he finally moves.

HJ: Hang on a second.
HB: Where are you going?

HJ: To get you a star, get you a star.
HB: Really? Yoohoohoo!!

Private interview:

HB: I was really just jokingly saying that. *smiles happily* Aigoo, he really listens well. I have really never said things like that once in my life. I was merely just joking around. But even then, I had this anticipation in me as I thought that he should still do it for me since it's my last request from him.

He goes into the room to figure out how to bring her a star as he fiddles around with a stack of papers. 30 minutes pass and one more look in the living room reveals her fast asleep on the sofa... whereas he's asleep while sitting on the floor...

Private interview:

HJ: It's not like I can go to NASA and get into a spaceship to get the star, so I decided to make the star myself and organize an event for her where I'd be the star and record the whole thing with a camcorder. But I was so sleepy while I was making the star. I can't really remember, but I think I did a pretty good job at making it considering that I was practically asleep when I made it.

He walks out to the living room, carrying a camcorder and begins filming her as she sleeps. He wakes her up as he says 'Hwang Bu In who looks good without makeup' and she tries to focus as she opens her eyes.

HJ: I brought the star, why did you fall asleep? *points to himself*
HB: *looks* *laughs* Ah, I can't live anymore!

Private interview:

HB: When I opened my eyes, he was there with the star stuck on him right? Even though I laughed, my heart hurt a lot. Didn't he use tape to stick the star together? It didn't seem like a star stuck together, it was more like a broken heart that was mended with tape. Aigoo, it was really funny and cute.

He passes her the camcorder to tape him leaving a message to her.

HJ: Annyeong Hwang Bu In, it's me the Star.
HB: *laughs in exasperation*
HJ: If you always look at me and make a wish, your wish will always come true. So Hwang Bu In, even without me, don't be sad. Always look at the stars in the sky and pray. Then I will appear in your dreams and give this star to you.

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Ah, really, I think I've become a strange person.

HB: No. Ah.. I really can't live any longer.

Private interview:

PD: What did you think when you saw him?

HB: That he wasn't a person! Was he a little prince? Let's just think of him as a little prince.

It's her turn now to leave him a video message and she tells him to film her prettily. He takes the camera from her before he begins questioning her like a criminal!

HJ: What is your crime?
HB: Hmmm?
HJ: What is your crime!

HB: I kidnapped a man.

HJ: Who?

HB: I kidnapped him for seven months.

HJ: Who is it? Just answer what I ask!

HB: Einstein!

HJ: You've been caught. *laughs*
HB: *laughs*

HB: I'm sorry. I regret it now.
HJ: Why are you regretting?
HB: So that he can be a star without worries, I set him free. It was really really fun, my life... because of Shillang.
HJ: That's right. Now it's not fun anymore is it?

HB: Mmm. I need to find something else to amuse me now, right? Can I go partying now?

HJ: Of course.
HB: Stay out late every night.

HJ: No, not every night. Do it within reason, within reason.

HB: Mmmm.
HJ: Wish me health and that my drama will do well.
HB: Drama, huge success! Shillang, huge success! Aja aja, fighting!!

HJ: Good job!

They sit together after finishing their messages to each other and plan their last day together. She wants to go mountain climbing, and shout messages to each other at the peak of the mountain, make promises to each other and walk back down... before they both go their separate ways. Sombre faced, he agrees to do whatever she wants with her.

She tells him that she'll wake him up the next morning and he promises to wake up the moment she calls his name, even rehearsing his waking up the next morning! She calls his name and he opens his eyes only to fall back asleep again. Laughing, she starts pulling his arm when he tells her that he has to show reluctance at least once so that he doesn't seem like a really easy man, making her laugh even more before she tells him to sleep.

The next morning, she walks up to him and tries to wake him up by gently tickling him, a trick she learnt from Kyu Jong when she was in Japan. He opens his eyes and as promised promptly closes them again as she tries to get him to wake up. She tells him that he should wake up early so that he can spend more time with her and immediately... he wakes up.

Still sleepy, he sits there for a while as she brushes his hair with her fingers, tidying his hair for him.
HJ: Have you changed into your mountain climbing gear?
HB: No. But I don't need to shower.

HJ: Quickly go get changed.

HB: You're going back to sleep aren't you? You can't! Quickly go get ready.
HJ: I wore my outfit to sleep.
HB: *laughs* Quickly get up!

HJ: *sits up* *finally gets up*

HB: *massages his back*
HJ: Ah, I've become the professor again.

HB: *laughs*

Private interview:

Q: You got up better than usual.

HJ: I think this ranks in my best 10 in my life. Since it was our last time, I didn't want her to go through difficult moments so I got up instantly.

The both of them reach Mount Halla and he tells her that if they manage to reach the top within 1 1/2 hours, the villagers will post the news in a programme announcing their feat. They enter the convenience store where they buy supplies for their lunch. Kimbap and a bottle of alcohol to drink at the peak.

They sit down to breakfast together when he begins telling her his goal for the day. To climb the mountain in record time and get on the 9 p.m. news. Exasperated, she tells him that his goals won't be met with that day when he insists that it will, even explaining his logic to her.

HJ: Say we climb 1950 meters. That's like a total of 20 hundred meter lengths.
HB: Mmm.
HJ: It takes 13 to 14 seconds to run 100 meters. Let's just say that it takes one minute to go up 100 meters.

HB: Yea.

HJ: What's 20 multiplied by 1 minute? We'll be at the top within 20 minutes!

HB: *exasperated* *knows it's flawed*

HJ: Since we've eaten we have to do it in 1 1/2 hours! You know what'll happen if we don't manage to right?

HJ: We'll leave at 8.05 a.m.

HB: Even if you manage to reach by 10 a.m. really.

HJ: You're giving me two hours?

HB: Yea.
HJ: I don't have that kind of time.
HB: *laughs*

Excited, he sets off all prepped up and raring to go, even pulling her along with him as he believes that he can make it to the top in record time. She, on the other hand, knows that he is attempting the impossible and tries to talk some sense into him.

HJ: Should I go first then call you when I reach the top?
HB: You know that there's a place to rest halfway through right? Even to get there from here takes four hours.
HJ: WHY?? Even if I take one minute for every 100 meters, it's 20 minutes!
HB: I can't talk sense with you! Not even to the peak, if you can make it to the rest place within 1 1/5 hours, I'll do whatever you ask!

HJ: You said it!

HB: Yes, really!

HJ: Ah, I feel like running now!

HB: Run! Up to the resting place!

HJ: *runs*

Private interview:

HJ: I wanted to reach in record time as my last present to her. Set a new record for Jeju Island's Mount Halla and end everything happily.

He continues running as fast as he can all the way to the top when 30 minutes down the road, we suddenly see him sitting on the rocks, waiting for her. All tired out.

Private interview:

HJ: I thought too much of myself. The 1950 meters was actually in height, but I thought that it was in distance. I went on and on but still didn't see the end of the road and that was when I realized the limits of my body. Therefore I thought that I should continue walking with her, so I waited there.

He greets her as he sees her approaching him and tells her that he decided to wait and walk for her as he was worried that she might be thirsty since the water was with him. She however, doesn't fall for that line and says that it was more tiring that he thought. They continue walking together, chatting and supporting each other all the way to the top.

They finally arrive the top after five hours and despite being completely exhausted, she insists on taking a photo together at the top, telling him that regardless of how tired he was he had to smile. With which he c0mplies.

Private interview:

PD: How tiring was it?

HJ: *deep sigh* It was just... a legend. If I think back on that time, my eyes lose lustre and I get dark circles. I just want to claim that as the legend of my life. Halla San. I am actually worried, what if the sleeping volcano errupts and it grows even higher. If that really happens, I guess I'll try climbing it again.

They finally reach the top and look at the crater, discussing it together as they spend time looking at it especially since they went through so much just to get there... before they keep quiet, a sad look lingering on their faces.

Private interview:

Q: What were your thoughts? HB: Will we be able to go down? Will we be able to make it down from here? What do I do, we climbed so diligently to get to the top, did we climb up too fast? If we go down from here, it's the end of it all. Today is the last day that to see each other's faces. These were my thoughts.

They wander along, singing songs before deciding on a spot to have their lunch. He takes the alcohol and opens it to drink when he says that he should just drink the whole bottle. She laughs and asks if they should each drink up half and he agrees immediately, turning it into another challenge. She laughs at the height of his competitiveness and he drinks up before passing the bottle to her. She finishes the rest and they turn to each other, both of them pretending to be drunk.

They play around when he notices that the wind suddenly stops blowing and he tells her that. She looks at him before she suddenly starts commenting on that.

HB: To the world!
HJ: Hmm?
HB: When the wind suddenly stops, and the people all say 'To the world' in sync, we all get transported to a fourth dimensional world.
HJ: *exasperated* *hands her something to eat*
HB: Shut up?
HJ: No. Eat this.
HB: It's like you're telling me to shut up.

She takes out a water spritzer and begins spraying his face for him, moisturizing it before she does it on herself. He watches her as he tries to avoid the spray of water from hitting his face.

Taking out their lunch, they eat together in a slightly somber mood as he notes that this was their last meal together. She suggests that they leave messages to their future spouses, like how they did it in 'My Sassy Girl'.

HB: Gyeon Woo!!
HJ: Shut up!
HB: I'm sorry!
HJ: Shut up!!

HB: Yeobo, you're listening right? I'm a woman with a past.
HJ: Before.
HJ: Hwang Bu In... she hates doing aegyos, so don't ask her to do it... please. Although she can cook really well, don't ask her to all the time since it's bothersome. Don't lie to her. Call her at least twice a day. Don't look at other women, don't ever talk about your first love. And, please work hard at earning money so that she doesn't have to do performances and deposit it religiously for her. Since at that time, she won't be performing any more.
HB: *listens*

HJ: Well, he'll be a spouse that would take care of you regardless whether I ask him to or not. But please treat her well, unconditionally. Please don't come to Jeju Island for your honeymoon, since she'll remember.
HB: *laughs* *tears*
HJ: She'll remember if you come here for your honeymoon.
HB: *reaches for tissues*
HJ: The pepper powder has flown into your eyes. The wind is too strong.

She begins crying as he quietens down, unable to look at her as she tears. She tries to hold it back by saying that it was all okay, except that the last sentence was too sad. He listens silently as she begins to cry harder.

HJ: I thought of those last words as I was climbing up.
HB: That I shouldn't come here?
HJ: I think that you would reminisce too much. So I think that this is a place that you don't have to come to with your next husband.
HB: *cries silently*
HJ: Honestly speaking I can't express myself well. I think that you helped me a lot. Really, there were a few times when things got difficult for me. During those times, I watched you and changed the way I thought. I think it was like that.
HB: *cries*

HJ: I've been wanting to say this to you. I used to live like I was trapped in. You may not believe this, but other than my friends, nobody knew me. What kind of person I was. But I think that now you know me.
HB: *cries silently*
HJ: The dark side of me. This is all going to be aired anyway, but I'm not just saying this. You really changed me. And at that right time. I felt as though you were someone that the Gods sent to me.
HB: *touched* *cries*
HJ: That's what I've wanted to tell you. That you've changed me. When I was at my most difficult times.
HB: Really? *sniffles*

He then tells her that she was going to be the last woman that he'd mountain climb with, and she laughs before jokingly threatening him that if she finds out that he went mountain climbing with another girl, and he quickly confirms that he would never do that again. She then reminds him that they would meet again in four years, at the London Olympics when he tells her that they can go right now, there's no need to wait for four years. He then tells her that they should first conquer the Asian Games, making her laugh out loud.

HB: I didn't want to show me crying today.
HJ: *smiles silently* [It's okay, Bu In.]

She sits down and looks straight as it's now her turn to leave a message to his future spouse.. when she breaks down in tears again. Unable to control herself, she cries to herself as he watches on, aware of her sadness.

HB: Hyun Joongie is... *cries*
HJ: What's wrong? *gentle*

HB: *cries*
HJ: Why are you crying? *hands her a tissue*

HB: Hyun Joongie, is a child that really likes to win. So please lose to him. However, you can't make it obvious that you're losing to him, you have to act like you've tried your best but lost to him in the end.
HJ: *laughs silently*
HB: He can't wake up very well. But he will if you tickle him.
HJ: *smiles*

HB: He hates doing cheesy things, so don't anticipate too much. Even if he doesn't express it.. just feel it with your heart.
HJ: *sighs*
HB: The end!

He begins telling her that he feels that Tuesdays will be sad and empty now that they're no longer filming the program, as WGM filmings were always on Tuesdays. She agrees, but tells him not to focus and care too much about that aspect and that he should focus on his work.

She begins telling him that she'll manage as she's a really strong person when he tells her that she's not.

HJ: I'll tell you one of your bad points.
HB: Don't.
HJ: You're not at all strong, yet you always act like you are. And you cry at the back, behind your strong image. I don't think you need to do that. People don't just see your strong side. But I'm not saying that you should act all feminine. I know because I've been by your side. You're not at all strong, so please don't act tough. Laugh and cry when you want to, I really hope that you don't try to portray your strong side so much. Other people don't know, that you are really very feminine. When you meet a nice person in the future, ask him for cheesy things like picking stars from the sky.
HB: *laughs*

HB: Who should I pretend to be feminine with next?
HJ: Are you telling me that you were just pretending with me?
HB: *laughs* Yea. I was for 8 months. But I got caught.
HJ: Live sincerely. That's when you're most like a woman.

They shake hands as a gesture of their goodbye, the both of them holding on to each other before she starts to pull away. Seemingly unwilling, he lets go of her hand and she tells him to go first and that she'll stay and continue eating. He refuses to and asks her why is she eating alone when he's hungry too.

They finish their meal together as they sit on the steps. As they pack up to leave, he suggests shouting messages to each other on the peak and ending it with a hug. She agrees and they both stand at the side, looking out at the clouds.

HJ: Hwang Bu In! Whenever things get difficult for you, remember the tough times we had at Halla San. I hope that you'll always remember that after tough times, comes times to smile about. Be happy!

HB: Shillang! Thank you... I'm sorry...

They both stand there watching the clouds after they shout the messages to each other, ending it with a cheer in unison, 'To the world!'. He opens his arms out to her and calls her to hug him, as they end their moment with a hug, before walking down the mountain together.

HB: Hello, I am the Lettuce Couple's Hwang Bu In. I think that we were able to live happily and beautifully thanks to all of you. Unfortunately, we aren't a couple who can express ourselves very well, please don't be upset. We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts. Don't be envious of us while you watched us, you all have to get married and live as happily as us. Everyone please be happy, thank you. Shillang, greet them.

HJ: Hello, all the viewers of WGM that I am thankful to. Firstly, I was happy for your interest and active participation in the Lettuce Couple. Thanks to everyone, I think we were able to have a happy marriage. Please give Hwang Bo Hye Jung Bu In lots of attention in the future too. I love you. We were the Lettuce Couple.


sub said...

wow. am i the first? this is a bit unbelievable.
this is so sad and touching.
happy ending but still sad.
i've actually missed the show for weeks rite now n just read summaries.
i was actually hoping there'd be a hug. ^^
thanks for all the translations/summaries.
now..i have to start dreaming n hoping they'd actually get married for real.

kinella said...

*deep sigh*

more than HB's tears what really moved me were HJ's words, when he thanks her for her help and support during hard times and for changing him. that part was beautiful.
i really hope they'll stay pals forever

i'm gonna miss them

thanks for your work, chonsa

Anonymous said...

It's Sunday , but I feel so sad ... There's no JoongBo in WGM anymore .... I've been rewatching their past eps for the whole week but I still miss them ... reading your last summary made my heart ache again ...
I miss them so much ...

Thank you chonsa ! Guess we have to find other ways to entertain ourselves now that their time in WGM is finished ... but honestly , I only want to see them together !!!!!!!!


yumi said...

this is even sadder than solbi and andy @_@;

SheaX said...

even though i've watched the last ep several times, reading your summary made me cry again...
"HJ: That's what I've wanted to tell you. That you've changed me. When I was at my most difficult times."

who can't help but cry and be touched by this ? *sigh*

im glad you posted the summary on a Sunday Chonsa, you made my day!

just like what HJ said , for us Sunday is JoongBo day and its sad and empty now that they're gone... that Hj is back in Korea , hope he gets in touch with Buin!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot chonsa for the subs.
i really miss joongbo. said...

Thank you so much for letting me relive their moments.

algelic said...

This was SO sad! I tried hard not to cry!

They were the only couple I liked, the only one that made me feel genuine emotions coming from them. I loved watching them grow closer, learning about each other and expressing their feelings.

I hold on to the hope that maybe one day they'll come back to the show. Or at least that this won't be the last show they'll participate in!

sshutingg said...

i had cried many many times bcoz of this.. and i still does.. omo~

is sunday.. and i felt something missingg.. i think is the same as Hb and HJ missing something during tuesday where they normally do their filming of WGM.. haiz...

i still believe in them no matter how quiet the situation is now...

miss them so much...

Joongbo fighting.. Joonboers fighting too....

**patiently waiting for gd news.. =)

Anonymous said...

i miss them too. i think on sunday is joongbo day but now is quiet on sunday every sunday wait for joongbo on wgm show but now is no more goodbye wgm show....

evelyn168 said...

Thanks for everything Chonsa..

It must be really difficult to post this... I guess we're all happy and sad at the same time.

We're happy that Joongbo has progressed so well and we're sad that we can't see them on screen together..

I really wish that they can come back on the show again, maybe as a Valentine's special or something.

Anonymous said...

I really miss this couple. Hoping HJ will still get in touch with Hwangbo sepite of his busy schedules. And hope she will just embrace the love of HJ if he confesses to her. I think, they will be a good couple in real life.

Anonymous said...

WGM is not the same anymore. Some don't like them but for us they are best couple in the WGM. I stopped watching this show after they left. It seems like the show is scripted and don't have the real emotions been shown. Unlike the lettuce couple who been honest and real.

Anonymous said...

They might been really in love during the 8 month show but we don't know if they are still getting touch. I am hoping they are. They are really meant to be. They are perfectly suited for each other. Even in the compatibility charts showing it. Miss them....

Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Bring back my JoongbO , waaaahhhhh !!!!! How do you cope with this misery ??? ottoke???????

I miss them !!!!!!

Chonsa , are there any good news again?????

Thanks Chonsa !!!!!!! Your blog is one of the things that keeps me sane after JOongbo's farewell !

How I wish I never got myself into this addiction ....*sigh ....

Anonymous said...

Been watching reruns of the Joongbo and I still tear up at just reading this. I don't know if anyone would agree with me....just my appears that they try so hard not to show affection with each other and despite being together for those months....they still had ackward they are shy to show us that there might be something more between them, other than just the's the way they look at each other, in the way they they have a shared secret....I don't know if anyone had caught it...ep 38, they were sitting on the couch facing each other, after they washed up I think....they were talking and the camera zooms in on them...for a bit and then the camera zooms out...and for split moment they were holdings hands and then let was very intimate I thought....she was also wearing the watch he wore whey they were having there wedding pics...the one where he was to kiss her....could someone just confirm this that it happens and its not just my wishful hope....

Off the topic.....also, does anyone know how can watch "can love be refilled", I think it was done in 2005....Kim Hyun Joong and Park Jungmin was in it. He can act....He will do well on Boys over flowers.

Anonymous said...

I MISS THEM this week there's nothing to watch!! : (
oh btw did he say i love you to hwangbo?? <3 hope so

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot chonsa...

i was wondering too, who HJ was saying i love you to ... hwangbo (wishful thinking)...

missing joongbo so much...

Anonymous said...

i still cry when i read your summary. i wonder when will i get over it....i dun wan to honestly.
thanks so much chonsa!
you are really super nice to do this everyweek.
internet really brings the world closer! i really love joongbo!

LadySin said...

I think no matter how fleeting, no matter how it started, or ended, somehow she loved him, and he loved her.

Anonymous said...

i really miss them!!

from now on, i'm not looking foward to sunday anymore

thanks chonsa

Anonymous said...

i was CRYING when i was reading this article. its so touching. i think hj and hb are the bestest couple ever!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

argggghh! i just discovered WGM last month and i've been watching it every night and now that I'm almost done, i saw this summary and it really broke my heart.

In my heart, I know they care about each other but had to let go because of their circumstances. It is just so sad to see them end this way. If it's real love, it won't be easy to find again and i just hope and pray that they'll end up with someone like or even much better with what they had now.

Under his tough demeanor, I can see that KHJ knows how to love and I know he's grateful to Hwang Bo for showing how to do it.

Thank you so much for posting this even if it got me teary-eyed.