Monday, December 22, 2008


Hey there guys! Just wanted to tell you guys that I will be holidaying till the end of the year so probably wouldn't be able to post as often as I can, so here's another updates post from me!

1) Both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo will be attending the MBC Entertainment Awards on the 29th of December. Hwang Bo will be presenting an award as well as performing. No mention yet as to what Hyun Joong will be doing though.

2) The both of them are currently in the running for 'MBC's Best Couple Award' alongside the other WGM cast (old and new) as well as other MCs from various programs. Which I'm sure EVERYONE knows about!

3) I watched the press conference for KPN, and Hyun Joong seriously cracked me up when he mentioned that he was happy hugging Barbie! Hahahaha! The male obsession with Barbie doll!

I will update this post over the week, or I may start a new updates post... whatever I feel like doing I will! ^^

Happy holidays guys!

*Credits: Empas News, 501dong, SPN News*


Kristy said...

ohh I can't wait! JoongBo reunion <3 haha I hope they win the best couple award!!!

yuu said...

lol HJ ah..he really is one guy XD. I love him though, not as much as I love HB :P.

I wonder how their reunion would be?...haha..might be awkward, but that's Joongbo XD. but if it turned out to be not and all is well,'d be a happy one also. As long as they appear together, I'm up for the end of year show :D!

Happy holiday to you Chonsa! ^^

ppsf said...

Thank You for the updates, Chonsa! Your posts have always brought us great excitements. Couldn't wait to see them together again and hope we could pick up more "hints"... after all, like many Joongboers ... I chose to believe!

Wish you and your love ones, a Wonderful holiday and a Happy Healthy New Year!

far said...

thx for the update chonsa~ a happy meery xmas and happy new year 2009!!! =)

Anonymous said...

thanks chonsa for the updated news about them. wish u happy merry xmas and happy new year for all joongboer over the world.

aja aja fighting joongbo, into the world!

Dal Ja said...

Happy Holiday Chonsa. Joongbo will win, because I said so. It will be nice to see them together again, first an Anbi reunion and now this. o.O is is WGM divorcee reunion bliss.

Anonymous said...

thank you chonsa
we can wait and i wish you and everybody happy merry xmas and happy new year 2009

Anonymous said...

Hi Chonsa!!!

Seasons greetings to you and thanks so much for all your hard work on giving us even the tinsy, winsy bit of news on our Joongbo. They are still the best for me. Hope that award show goes up and I hope they somehow are together....whether its sitting beside each other, performing together or as a couple for real and maybe all of the above... wishful thinking....always looking forward to your updates....Happy New Year!!!!

SheaX said...

have a great holiday chonsa! xDD
it's been a great year for me with a little help from our JoongBo, certainly made the last 7 months worthwhile !
thank you for all the Joongbo news and your lovely summaries !
merry Christmas and a great new year to you! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

happy holidays

I really want to thank you for this forum and your dedicationt to it.

As I visit other forums/websites dedicated to korean entertainmnet industry, I am apalled by the harsh words. I want to thank you for being reasonable and kind in this forum.

We need more people like you!



Anonymous said...

And of course, Hyung joong and Hwang Bo hwaiting!


Anonymous said...

thanks chonsa!!!
enjoy your holidays!

Anonymous said...

thank you chonsa your wonderful

Anonymous said...

thanks chonsa for the update!
always looking forward for the news about joongbo.

merry xmas and happy new you
be healthy and happy

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to everyone here and esp. Chonsa for bringing us good news. Gosh, HB will be performing as well as presenting an award? HJ will probably get jealous since all eyes are going to be on HB when she performs. LOL Okay, looking forward to the 29th, and JoongBoers fighting!!! Gosh, all the old couples are having good news. So happy!!!

Gomawoebuin said...

I just want to thank you for
all your hard work in 2008.

I hope you enjoy your holiday
and 새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!

Anonymous said...

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