Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jung Min: Hyun Joong hyung's passion for acting stimulates my musical practice

This is the first time I've seen Hyun Joong hyung working so hard.

Jung Min, who is scheduled to debut in the musical 'Grease' stated that seeing his fellow member Hyun Joong, who is to debut in the drama Hana Yori Dango, being so passionate about his work is surprising.

He stated in an interview that Hyun Joong's passion was something that he had to admire. He said that Hyun Joong had paid a lot of attention to the drama and that he didn't think that there was any other person in the world that worked as hard as him.

He said that Hyun Joong starts the day early in the morning, learning horseback riding as well as taking violin lessons. He also said that the handwriting he uses in the script is completely different from what he usually uses which surprised him when he saw it, and that initially he thought that someone else had written that.

Jung Min also said that seeing Hyun Joong's passion acted as a stimulus for him to work hard for his musical as well. He said that as the members were going to see the show on the 1st, he was going to work hard at practices so as to not embarrass himself in front of them.

*Credits: Empas News*


Anonymous said...

He look alike married man now

pinksiren said...

nice to hear that hyun joong's hard work inspires his other bandmates as well tom improve their crafts... i feel kinda sad cause its gonna be a while before i see them together again as a group... but seeing them support each other now on their individual projects really warms my heart :-)

thank you very much for this news chonsa! :-)

Anonymous said...

HJ is really a good leader. He does not just take care of them but also motivates and encourages his fellow band members to attain higher goals in their individual lives. Been watching old reruns of some of their videos on YT such as the TYFWMU and other interviews, and it always shows how much HJ shows good leadership in this group. There were a couple of vds though where HJ just went crazy laughing so hard every time it was mentioned Jungmin is crazy. hehehe

Thanks Chonsa for this info.

I-am in Angeles

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for always giving an HJ updates.

Im excited wid curious to see HJ playing the role of Rui..thanks Chonsa!!

Anonymous said...

HJ is working hard because he said he doesn't want HB to work :P lol

Anonymous said...

hj is great leader in his member eyes!! i love it!!

Anonymous said...

awww Jung Min oppa! I love all these boys, they are all so tight knit like a family. I hope my SS501oppas will have continued success in the future.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE JUNG MIN!!!!! that is all.

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