Tuesday, November 18, 2008

JoongBo: 25

They sit down together to play the last game of the night, Truth or Punishment (the person who can't tell the truth has to drink soda) and they use the 'Stab the pirate game' to determine turns. They start the game and Hwang Bo, rather unluckily, is the first loser, much to Hyun Joong's delight as he now has the chance to ask her any question he wants.

HJ: The question that I want to ask is... Hwang Bu In has dated more than 5 men in her life!
HB: No. I've only dated two men before.
HJ: Ahh. Thank you for the good news.

Next in line to lose is Hyung Joon and Hwang Bo asks him if he's changed his mind at all since the first time he chose. He seems really awkward and bashful, and answers 'Not especially'. She begins laughing when Hyun Joong jumps in and asks if the girl is not especially anything at all, making Hyung Joon at a loss for words before quickly replying that he hasn't changed his mind at all.

They do another round and again, Hwang Bo loses and Hyun Joong gleefully passes his question to Kyu Jong who asks her if the person he indicated at earlier felt the same way as him. The boys cheer at his apt question and Hwang Bo decides to forfeit and drink the soda instead.

YE: Isn't her black knight going to stand in for her?
KJ: I would if it were me.
HJ: She's drinking it because she wants to, what need is there for a black knight?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Isn't that so? You drinking it because your throat is dry right?
HB: No, I really don't like soda.
HJ: I'll drink it for you then.

Kyu Jong loses the next round and Hyun Joong asks him about his ranking of the Wonder Girls, his number 1 and 5. They tell him to give out initials instead of names, and he quickly answers that it isn't a difficult question, but he had never thought of the last ranks and that his number 1 is Miss Y. Hyun Joong applauds his frankness, saying that a Vice President of a class is undoubtedly different from the rest.

The time finally arrives for them to make their final decisions. Both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo make them indicate again with their eyes closed, this time Hyun Joong threatens them by saying that if they peeked then they'd go blind within 5 years, making Hwang Bo laugh. He then tells them that if they are all successful then they'd congratulate them but if they aren't successful then he'd make a sound and they can all just leave.

The four of them close their eyes, and slowly indicate their choices. Much to Hwang Bo's delight, they are successful in their final choices!! They happily announce the results to all four of them, making them all rather shy amongst each other.

Private interview:

YE: As I kept playing games with Hyung Joon, I found that his character was rather nice and bright, so... Yeah. *smile*

YB: I chose him when we were dancing the Nobody dance, I pointed at him right? I thought that it would have been taken as a joke, but it was a good ending, so... *smile*

The boys begin leaving messages for the girls, with Hyung Joon going first. He seems really awkward and starts saying really boring things like, he has been monitoring their activities and that he would see them when they make their comeback, making Hyun Joong call him a cabbage farmer. Kyu Jong, on the other hand, leaves a more meaningful message bordering on a confession! He tells her that she was someone that he had always noticed and thought was nice and that he was really happy to be able to play games with her and get to be closer to her.

HJ: I'm happy that two of my sisters in law are members of the Wonder Girls.
HB" *laughs*

Private interview:

PD: Was it very tiring?

HJ: Yes it was. It is a difficult event to hold if you have no experience but Hwang Bu In did an excellent job in hosting it, so I feel like I've done good for my younger brothers.

PD: Would you do it again if you were asked to?

HJ: No, I don't think so. After it ended I thought about it and realized that it only benefited the others. I didn't gain anything at all.

HgJ: It was successful wasn't it? It was successful. Really, what made me happiest is that we all ended well. Thank you for elevating my tired and empty heart. I will work even harder next time, so if there ever is another chance, I'll make myself available at any time. I really love you, I'll be an even more hardworking Hyung Joon. Ye Eun, you've worked hard. It's YOU!!

PD: Don't you have any thoughts of contacting her should you get her phone number?

KJ: I don't know. If I could, I'd be happy, it's an honor. But I've always been rather introverted and Yoo Bin seems shy too, so I really don't know what I should do. But then I think that things have changed from the way it was before. I think that I'd be able to approach her and ask her how she is now. I'm happy that I've made a new friend.

They bid their guests goodbye, and before the boys leave Hyun Joong tries to help his brothers in hinting to the girls by saying 'Give me phone number', making Hwang Bo laugh. They sit down together, exhausted, and start discussing if the boys would ask for the girls' numbers. Hyun Joong starts imitating what he thinks Hyung Joon would do, making Hwang Bo laugh even more. They talk a while longer before he gets up to head to bed.

HJ: I'll wake you up early tomorrow.
HB: Okay. Good night.
HJ: But I've been thinking about this the whole night. If I really had just worn my boxers when the guests came like I said I would, things would have gotten really bad!
HB: *laughs* If you're scared, wake me up. If you're scared, call me.
HJ: Okay.

She turns the lights off and lies on the sofa before she starts calling out to him in the dark.

HB: Shillang, are you asleep?
HJ: Yea, I'm going to sleep.
HB: You're not asleep yet are you?
HJ: Yea.
HB: What are you thinking of?
HJ: Going to sleep?
HB: What are you thinking of?
HJ: I'm thinking of going to sleep.
HB: *exasperated* Good night then.

HJ: Have you cleaned everything up?
HB: ...........
HJ: Have you cleaned everything up?
HB: .................
HJ: Have you cleaned everything up?
HB: *smiles* .....................
HJ: If you don't answer me again, I'm really just going to sleep. Have you cleaned everything up?
HB: No, I haven't.
HJ: Let's do it tomorrow then.
HB: Yea, I'm really too tired to clean.
HJ: Quickly sleep then.

He wakes up the next morning and starts looking around for her, before he starts calling out for her, but receives no response whatsoever. He sits on the sofa and looks around, looking a little lost.

He spills his water all over the floor and panicks slightly, before he walks back into the room. Hwang Bo, on the other hand, is walking to the apartment carrying her dog with her in a basket.

He lies back down, saying 'Ah, I don't know' and closes his eyes for a few seconds before getting up and yelling 'Bu In!' again.

He hears the bell ringing and peers at the LCD screen and sees her, posing with a 'V' sign. He opens the door for her, asking her where she went before he sees the dog. She tells her dog to greet him, and tells him that its name is Jins.

HJ: Come on in, Poppie!
HB: It's not Poppie! It's Jins!
HJ: Why is it Jins?
HB: All my dogs' names end with an 'S'.
HJ: So this is really your dog?
HB: Yes, it is.

She hands him the mission card and he finds it empty. She tells him to write whatever he wants to and he ends up writing that she should do performances and tells her that he'd arrange for the schedules for her. She adds on to the mission, saying that he has to look after Jins as she does performances.

They start playing with Jins together, dresssing it up like a rabbit and Hyun Joong seems to have a strong liking for Jins, whereas Jins just looks at him.

She tells him that she is going to perform for military ajusshis, when he tells her that she shouldn't call them ajusshis as they are all younger than her. She starts laughing and says that she's happy to be going away for performances with him he agrees with her, even volunteering to drive for her. She asks him to buy her food and take care of her every need, and to treat her like Oh Sung Ah from the drama 'On Air' to which he agrees, saying that he'll take care of the dog and be her manager for the day.

Private interview:

HJ: The best events that would fit into our family precept is opening and ending performances. Because the money that Bu In earns is mine, and the money that I earn is hers, I'm really happy. I hope that she gets more events.

He begins to prepare her for her performance, telling her to warm up her voice with the piano before he starts telling her that he can perform 'Bogoshipda' like Choi Seung Guk. He starts screaming the chorus just like Choi Seung Guk, making her laugh. He then begins to play 'Bogoshipda' on the piano, as she listens next to him, about to fall into the music again when he starts wailing the lyrics out again, laughing as he sees her reaction.

They then begin having a pitch competition, seeing who can reach the highest notes. As usual, they both give in their best, but the victor is Hyun Joong, who screams as hard as he can to reach the notes, so much so that he claims that his head is beginning to hurt.

Hyun Joong then wants to test Hwang Bo's musical knowledge, and begins playing tuning pieces before randomly selecting a key for her to guess. She tries, and tries, and tries again and again but gets every single note wrong...

Private interview:

HB: My ears can't tell. What do I do? Wasn't it Shillang who purposely played the wrong keys as a joke?

HJ: I think we need to go to Jong Ra 3 Ga.

PD: Why?

HJ: To get her fitted with a hearing aid.

He begins asking her about her event, and she tells him something that leaves him speechless. .

HJ: How many songs are you performing?
HB: Two.
HJ: So it's 'Mature' and 'Getting Hot' right? So you'll need two different outfits, won't you?
HB: That's a good question. They're both different style songs aren't they?
HJ: Mmm.
HB: So after I sing 'Mature', I'll take the outer top off.
HJ: *speechless* Is that so?

Private interview:

HJ: Oh, I wish that she wouldn't dress like that. Everything is fine about Bu In, just her clothes. I wish that she would wear proper clothes, minus the holes. I was watching another program of hers, other than WGM, she dresses even more so that way. There was an exposure here, and all that could be seen was her innerwear. When I saw that, I wanted to smash the TV. I wish that she would live a little more carefully, now that she is married.

They talk about her performance and she asks what she should do on stage, when he gives her a mission to perform. He tells her to write his name using her bottom when she sings 'Getting Hot', and even begins to demonstrate how to, making her laugh.

HB: I'll do that, but you'll have to do something for me too.
HJ: What?
HB: In the middle of the beach in Busan, write my name with your bottom.
HJ: Okay!
HB: *suspicious*

HJ: I mean, if someone were to stand and do this on the beach...
HB: You're going to act as though you're not doing anything, aren't you!
HJ: Like this *writing her name while pretending not to do anything*
HB: *laughs*
HB: You can't pretend that you're not doing anything!!
HJ: Then you're going to have to do it really sexily!
HB: Okay.
HJ: You have to do it like this! *dances sexily*
HB: Okay, so you have to do it like this.
HJ: I'll do it the exact same way you did! When I see what you do, I'm going to do it with the exact same feel that you gave!

She begins practicing with him, and he coaches her on where to insert the movements, and how to do them sexily, the way he wants it done.

He begins telling her what to do for 'Mature' as well, and says that she has to act cute when she comes to the like 'I had such worries' to which she agrees before he suggests that she dances really happily, from side to side! She refuses to and he then tells her to pinch her nose when she reaches 'Scent of love' but she absolutely refuses to, and he settles for her placing her finger under her nose during that line.

He tells her to bring out her outfits for him to choose as he plays with Jins. She brings out all the outfits that she brought to wear and shows him the dress that she was planning on wearing that night.

HJ: You mean you're going to just wear that with no other skirt on the bottom? Just that?
HB: Yea.
HJ: *sigh* What is that? It's not like you're going running.

She then shows him a jacket style dress.

HB: I'll wear this...
HJ: I like that!
HB: But I won't wear anything inside.
HJ: 'Mature' is not an adult song!

He points out at a dress, but then changes his mind when he sees it saying that she's going for a national program and not for a cabaret.

HJ: Oh, that's good! That long skirt.
HB: This? You thought that this is to be worn like this right?
HJ: Yea.
HB: It's actually like this.
HJ: What?
HJ: Throw it away, quickly.

He then chooses a really long dress for her, and she starts protesting saying that if he were a member of the military personnel, wouldn't he be annoyed to see a singer who was completely covered up? However, he keeps insisting that it's a good choice, before asking her to match a few other outfits together.

HB: I'll wear this, and then choose whatever I want inside.
HJ: No, you can't do that.
HB: I'll wear it like this.
HJ: Try it out.
HJ: *shakes head* This isn't supposed to be like this.
HB: *laughs* Your expression.. Really, your expression now is one that is completely annoyed!
HJ: What is this?? You're wearing your running gear to dance.

Private interview:

HJ: If it's long inside, it's short outside. If it's long outside, it's short inside. I thought it was a tee, but it turned out to be a one piece. I think she brought a lot of weird clothes.

PD: Then what is your idea of an ideal outfit?

HJ: A long box tee and a long skirt. I think that's quite stylish now. And running shoes too.

He tells her to try out the long dress and she does, coming out to pose for him. He takes one look and shakes his head, saying that that's not the right dress.

HB: Don't you think it's sexy?
HJ: *shakes head* You can't wear this. The top part... is too empty.

HB: I'll try something else on then.
HJ: That's an even bigger NO.
HB: Oh?
HJ: That's an even bigger no.
HB: *looks at him questioningly*
HJ: Go try that.
HB: Try this one? *smiles*
HJ: And wear something over that.
HB: *laughs* There isn't one!

She comes out wearing the short dress and he sighs heavily, obviously unhappy with it.

HB: Shillang, I'll only wear this on stage, not on normal days.
HJ: I don't think this dress is it. *annoyed*

She comes out wearing a cardigan over it and he seems slightly happier, when she suggests bringing the skirt down and exposing her stomach.

HJ: Why are you exposing your stomach??
HB: This is the point of the cardigan! To show your stomach!

He pulls the sparkly dress and tells her to go try it on, when she tells him that it's too much shine. He begins to convince her, but all she does is glare at him before saying:

HB: What am I? A mermaid princess? *walks into room*
HJ: ...................
HJ: Not a princess... *smiles*

HB: Shillang, this looks really funny!
HJ: That's techtonik! That's exactly it!!! *blatantly lying*

HB: No!!

HJ: It really suits! Just a little bit more, ahh like that! *claps*
HJ: If you dance the techtonik in that, everyone watching will faint!
HB: *starts dancing*
HJ: Really! That's the best one!

HB: Can I wear this and take the plane?
HJ: Huh?
HB: Can I wear this on the plane?
HJ: Where are you going to sit?
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Sit right at the back, and I'll sit up front.
HB: Am I embarrassing?
HJ: No, the clothes are embarrassing.

She finally decides on the grey jacket and the mini dress, and begins posing for him as he instructs her on what to do, before she suddenly pretends to flash at him.

HB: *flashes*
HJ: Oh, why is she like this?
HB: You're being harsh.
HJ: Fine, do whatever you like. There isn't one outfit that I like anyways. *annoyed*
HB: *smiles* Okay.

HJ: Why didn't you do the move for 'I worried about these things'??
HB: Oh! I forgot!!

HB: I forgot!!

HJ: Do you or don't you want to debut?!?
HB: *laughs*

HB: I'll do it again! I want to debut!

HJ: This is your last chance.

HB: Yes! Please make me a singer!

HJ: If you can't do it this time either, it's the end for you.
Singing and all.
HB: Yes.

You'll have to just go to Misori!
HB: *laughs* *collapses*

She begins singing again and this time she remembers, successfully completing both for 'Mature' and finally receives his seal of approval.

Private interview:

PD: Why do you think he asked you to do those missions?

HB: Please ask him that for me. Why did he ask me to do that? I just thought that I needed to keep my promise to him. As I used to be really disappointed when my elders used to break promises to me when I was younger, I felt that he would be disappointed too. If you don't keep little promises, I think things would start to fall apart.

She begins to attempt writing his name with her bottom but he tells her to redo it the first time round, saying that she had to do it sexily and subtly. She tries it again and he finally approves, smiling contentedly as he watches on.

HJ: Do 'Hyun Joong Jjang'!!
HB: *exasperated* Okay, got it.

She begins trying to fit the whole thing into her dance, before ending it. He approves now, but the question is, will she be able to complete all the missions that night?


Anonymous said...

BIG THANKS chonsa!!!
its really fun watching HJ's expressions whenever HB changes into a new outfit...deep down he must be admiring her nice figure eventhough he disapproves.

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why she slept on the sofa. she need to sleap with him or he would sleap on the sofa

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haha^ she can't sleep with him.
there'd be a HUGGE freaking scandal.

thanks for translations!

Anonymous said...

haha^ she can't sleep with him.
there'd be a HUGGE freaking scandal.

thanks for translations!

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i think hwangbo slept on the sofa bcoz she was being considerate as HJ had sleeping troubles before. but i feel that they weren't really sleeping at that place

anywayyyyy, luv ur translations!! keep it up. Thanks

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Thanks Chonsa for the updates, u the best, saranghaeyo.
Our couple are FLIRTING!!! HwangBo was so smart to bring the clothes that would ire HJ. kkk Even though HJ was protesting all the way, his smirks said otherwise. No big frowns on his face during the whole fashion show time. ahahaha They both managed to do sexily the butt name dance. JoongBo hwaiting!!!
I-am in Angeles

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Thank you for this. Your translations make the whole "dressing sequence" sounds much softer and thus less controversial for the audience (since we've been debating that point rather heatedly in soompi XD).


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hwangbuin treat shilang is really good....she knows hj's sleep habbit and he slept better that he could own the room.As hj is difficult to fall asleep and he like nude sleep.haha~therefore she sleep alone on the sofa~
so funny and so happy to watch hj's expressions.He showed his possessiveness & protectiveness of her buin strongly.Love joongbo and chonsa.Thanks for yr summary.

Anonymous said...

I have a mixed feelings watching this episode...Hwangbo had really put her guard down...there was no akwardness...kinda already comfortable with HJ to the point of showing some bare skin without inhibition...

HB's dog should have called HJ "Appa" instead of "Ahjussi"...he!he!

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Jins is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!! looks like both the dog owner and dog got a bobo from hyun joong ><

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This episode was a really good one for JoongBo. It does show that they are really comfortable with one another to the point when she flash him with the gray dress. I love watching HJ's different expression when he's annoyed. Haha and Jins, but why Jins? Her next dog's name should be Joongs. LOL