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JoongBo: 23

The both of them have lunch together as she tells him of her idea to introduce girls to the boys. He asks her who's going to come and he tells her that if it's her friends, then he's okay with them as they have to be about the same as her, both pretty and kind.

HB: But, it's not so good to introduce them to people around my age right?
HJ: Why? I've improved a lot since meeting you.
HB: Mmm... *smile*

HB: What are we going to do next? Let's have a bet and the loser has to walk up the stairs home instead of taking the elevator! That's a good one right?
HJ: No. We've paid for the maintanance fee, why shouldn't we take the elevator? Let's not do foolish things like that. Let's bet on an aegyo, an aegyo.
HB: *shakes head*
HJ: You don't want to?
HB: *nods head*

HJ: Then...
HB: No, I mean, you've never seen any of my aegyos at all?
HJ: Mmm.
HB: *flabbergasted* Oh, what do I do, what have I been doing? Not even once, hey! Sorry, I tend to say 'Hey' when I'm flabbergasted.
HB: *sweet tone* You've never seen me act cute once?
HJ: Yes.
HB: *knockdown*
HJ: I've seen you looking pleasant, but never seen an aegyo.

Private interview:

HB: I don't know why he's so unusually obsessed with aegyos. He should like cute girls.. Have I really not acted cute even once? Chi... He said that I've never been like that, not even once. This makes me sad.

HJ: She has acted cute, but they weren't very strong actions so I pretended that I didn't know.

PD: When has she acted cute?

HJ: Quite a number of times. When she goes 'Eii, Shillang'. She does that a lot. If she had just done a simple one, I wouldn't anticipate as much, but she keeps avoiding it making me anticipate it even more. I definitely have to see it.

The both of them decide on a bet where the loser has to do whatever the winner asks. He agrees immediately saying that the loser has to do WHATEVER the winner asks and she realizes what he's thinking and quickly tries to take it back. He refuses and quickly acts like he's spitting on the ground, a thing that old people do to seal a promise, making her laugh.

They walk around the arcade and decide on the basketball game. He starts first and begin shooting hoops as fast as he can, much to her dismay. She tries to distract him, but to no avail!

HB: Shillang, do it slowly, slowly. *aegyo tone*
HJ: *ignores*
HB: *starts pulling* *blocking him*
HJL *continues shooting*

He gets 44 points and it's her turn, but she's not as good as him. She tries her best and he even helps her in the end, but all she gets is 34 points. Shillang wins!!

They decide to have another bet, and she tries to get him to agree to a bet where the winner gets to call off everything they bet earlier but he flatly refuses. They agree on a bet where the loser has to do one thing that the winner wishes for. They start aiming at the toys, trying to get them to fall off their spots, but it's more difficult than they thought, and they start climbing over the counter in order to be able to win the game.

Private interview:

HJ: I really did it as though it were life or death. You're actually not allowed to climb over the counter, but today I did it in order to win. Therefore, I feel bad towards the owner.

They are still unable to do it when the worker lets them attempt it again for free, this time saying that as long as they manage to touch the toy, they can win.

He manages to hit the toy and celebrates before getting stressed out again as she manages to hit it too.

They try again, this he misses but she doesn't. Bu In wins!! She starts showing off that she won and the crowd cheers. Unable to face the truth, he pretends to shoot her, surprising her and she starts laughing at him. She walks away proudly with her prize toy and he watches her, amused.

They continue walking when he tells her that it's tiring and offers to piggyback her. Although slightly reluctant, she gives in as he lowers his back, asking her to hop on.

HJ: Ah, you're heavy!
HB: *covers his mouth* Don't say things like I'm heavy!

He carries her as they walk together when he says that this is her wish and he has one too.

HJ: This is your wish right, now only mine is left. The angtal!
HB: *tricked!* *starts wriggling* Forget it! Let me off! Let me off!
HJ: I'm not going to let you off! You're already on my back so you have to do the angtal! It's just mine left! Angtal!
HB: *gives up* Ahh, I really can't do angtal.

HJ: Since there are lots of people around I have to act all cool. *to the crowd* Hello children!
HB: *laughs* I'm heavy aren't I?
HJ: No, you're not heavy at all!
HJ: Ah, with each step I take, my dark circles expand 1mm!!
HB: *laughs*

HJ: I can do it!
HJ: There it is! The safari! *starts running there*
HJ: We're here! *puts her down* *falls over*
HB: *laughs*
HJ: It's because it was so far!!

Private interview:

HJ: I thought that if it was 200m, it would have been alright, but it was further than I thought so I was a bit flustered. And she refused to get off, had she said it again, I'd have let her off.

HB: Things have changed a lot, and I've had my worries. I unknowingly hold back even when I'm opening up, but now I think that I don't need to do that anymore. Things that happen in the future are future problems, and I don't think it's right to be afraid of the future.

She brings out their missing kissing wedding photos and he looks at them before saying that they were really pretty and that he didn't know why they would have left them out. They admire their pictures together as they talk about which one they liked more.

She passes him sweet potatoes to peel and they head to the living room as they sit together discussing the get together when he asks her if she's setting the boys up on a meeting with her friends. She says that to name it a meeting would be too burdensome, therefore treat is as though it was just a dinner get together.

HJ: But why are you wearing such a short skirt? When the boys are coming over?
HB: *laughs* It's only you here now.

HJ: So when the bell rings you'll go in and change?

HB: Of course!

HJ: Call! You made a good decision!

She decides to call her guests that she's got planned to introduce to the boys, and while waiting for them to pick up, she starts dancing to the ringing tone, 2PM's '10 out of 10'.

HB: If ten is a perfect score, what am I?
HJ: Out of ten, you're an eleven!
B: *touched* *cries*

Hwang Bo calls her guest to invite them over as he listens from the side, curious as to who they are. He keeps peering over her shoulder and listening hard, trying to place the voice of her guests.

HJ: Who is it? Why is she calling you unni?
HB: Because I told her to.

HJ: Don't lie, she sounded really jittery talking to you!

HB: *hits him*

HJ: Bu In...
HB: Hmm?

HJ: Nothing... do it.

HB: Why are you suddenly calling me so warmly?

HJ: Just now we played a game right? Basketball...

HB: Ahh, really.. *laughs embarrassedly*

HJ: Why do it in front of the boys, it's embarrassing. Just do it in front of me.

HB: What?

HJ: Angtal.

HB: *continues chopping*
HJ: Quickly do it once before more people come.

HB: What's angtal, explain it to me.
HJ: Just do a simple one, pick up the cucumber...

HJ: *cute tone* Cucumbers are yummy!

HB: *laughs* This is an angtal? This is an aegyo?

HJ: Like this. *picks up cucumber* Cucumbers are yummy!! *cute tone* Like this.

HJ: Do it once...

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Why?
HB: Next week. This week's one is really not interesting. Next week really. I'll show you a really difficult one.

HJ: Okay, got it. *disappointed tone*

HB: Do you want to look forward to that or do you want to watch something that's really not that great such as 'Cucumbers are yummy'?

HJ: Both.

HB: *laughs*

HJ: *sad tone* Why, is it a waste to show it to me?

HB: *taken aback* No, don't say that. It's not a waste to show you at all.

HJ: Will you lose that many calories if you show it to me?

HB: It's just that I want to save it.
HJ: Don't save it, just show it to me.

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Then let's not use the cucumber. You want to do it using the green onion?

HJ: *cute tone* Green onions are yum!

HB: *laughs*

HJ: *sad* *disappointed*

She busies herself in the kitchen as he chops the sweet potatoes into chunks for her in the living room.

HB: What time will they come? Anyways, I have to change the moment they come right?
HJ: Hmm. The moment the bell rings.
HB: But they are family, would it really matter?

HJ: Hmm?

HB: They're family, so I think it would be okay.

HJ: You think it would be okay?

HB: Hmm.

HJ: Okay, then later when they come, I'll just wear my boxers.

HB: *falls over sink* *laughs*

He tells her that the boys were about to arrive so she should go and change now. She finally goes in to change and he lounges on the sofa, waiting for her to come out.

HJ: Are you done?
HB: Shillang...

HJ: Hmm?

HB: I soiled myself. *meaning her pants look weird on her*

HJ: This is much better compared to the one before. It's really stylish. I think you need to tuck the tee out.

The doorbell rings and she asks if she should open the door and he says yes, as she was wearing pants now, telling her to open the door confidently. She opens the door and they immediately start greeting each other with high fives. The boys walk in and start calling Hyun Joong who just looks on, charisma oozing from him. They give them the gifts of bottled soda that they brought, telling them to have a bottle every night. She throws a mini tantrum as he says that she'll open them all and he starts showing them around the house as she prepares dinner in the kitchen.

She breaks the news to the guys that she invited some of her friends over, making them really happy and excited. She also tells them to practice a few talents to show her friends, when they ask if she was setting them up on a meeting.

HB: Rather than calling it a meeting, which can be burdensome, let's just say that this is a good get together?
KJ: Do they know that we're here too?

HB: No.

Hyung Joon: *cheers*

HJ: Hyung Joon, quickly practice!

Hyung Joon: You're my sister, brother.
HJ: If you do that, you're going to be a complete flop!

KJ: *takes out soda* Ah, I'm nervous, I think I need to drink this!
HB: Shillang!
HJ: Hmm?

HB: I'm not lying, you can really look forward to this.
HJ: You've let me down once before. During our housewarming. *referring to her older friends*

HB: *pouts*

The boys follow her into the kitchen, visibly excited and start asking her all sorts of questions.

Hyung Joon: When are they coming?
HB: Don't ask.
KJ: Should we really anticipate?

Hyun Joong follows Hwang Bo into the kitchen when Kyu Jong walks into the kitchen and Hyun Joong starts chasing him out again.

HJ: *irritated* You just go sit outside. Ah, really, why do you keep talking to me? When I want to be by myself.
HB: Why?
HJ: I'm going to be with Bu In so you guys just stay there. Are you my guests? You guys are going to misbehave again. GET OUT!!
Boys: *surprised*
HB: *laughs*

They begin helping her in the kitchen when he tells the other boys to hold on to the pork chops and he would cut them as they were hot, making her laugh. She begins talking to the boys, telling Kyu Jong that there were no such girls in the world that were both pretty and kind, before he says that she was one that fell into that category. She happily laughs and high fives with him when Hyun Joong says that Kyu Jong is acting all excited as he really wants to get married, making her laugh even more.

They sit around the table for dinner and begin chatting when both Hyung Joon and Kyu Jong tell them that they get this feeling now, that the both of them were starting to look and act similarly.

Hyung Joon: The both of you look good together.
HJ: *imitates in a formal tone* The both of you look good together.
*All three boys start playing together*
HB: You guys play like this?
HJ: *same voice* When the girls come, give them noodles with eggs. If you like the girl, give her two eggs.
Hyung Joon: Noodles with eggs.
HJ: And the candied potatoes, don't give her one that you've bitten into. You have to give her a new one.

Hyung Joon starts asking her when her friends were going to arrive again, so she makes another phone call to them... not realizing that she dialed the wrong number, and the person that would pick up... would be a guy...

Guy: Hello?
HB: *screams* OMMA!! *hangs up immediately*
HJ: *looks at her* *reaches to massage her neck*
Hyung Joon: Who was that? Why is it a guy coming?
KJ: Why did you call another guy? *laughs*
HJ: Who is it? Bu In... Bu In...
HB: *laughs* *at a loss for words*
HB: No, no, I made a mistake...

Her mother suddenly calls instead and she answers, telling her mother that she was having dinner with Hyun Joong and the other boys when Kyu Jong asks for the phone so that he can chat with her mother too.

KJ: Hello?
Mother: Hello?

KJ: Hello, Mother.

KJ: You are well and healthy, right?

Mother: Yes, thanks to you.

KJ: I am eating all the food that Hyung Su Nim prepared now. Please don't catch a cold. I'll come visit you next time.

HB: *laughs*
Hyung Joon: What do you mean go visit her?

HJ: Why are YOU visiting her?? It should be ME visiting her! This guy is weird!!

They then decide to come up with signals, indicating which girl they like. She tells them to indicate using their utensils when they start eating, left hand for the girl on the left, right hand for the girl on the right.

Hyung Joon: What if I use both hands?
HJ: Where's the spaghetti here?? Ah, really! *annoyed tone*

She then asks her if how he'll treat the girls and if he was confident that he would be able to treat them well.

Hyung Joon: Really, I won't treat this place like a house. I'll treat it like a restaurant.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: *irritated* Why is our house a restaurant? This is really weird, really! Can't you see the appliances and our photos hanging??

HB: But, although I prepared a good dinner, you guys have to handle it yourselves, displaying your heart to the girls you like. I can't do it all for you.

She tells them that her guests are about to arrive, and tells them to prepare themselves, telling them to keep their eyes shut. They tell the boys to wait in the corner as they want to surprise them with the guests. They obediently listen, not realizing that this is actually a trick planned by Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo!

Hyun Joong goes to the door and rings the bell and she pretends to greet the guests. The boys hear the door closing and are excitedly anticipating the guests.

Hyung Joon: HELLO!!
HB: *laughs*
HJ: *creeps up to them* *taps Hyung Joon*
Hyung Joon: Is it okay to turn around?
HB: One, two, three!
Hyung Joon+ Kyu Jong: *turns* *yells*
HJ+ HB: *laughs*
KJ: Honestly! When I turned to look, the first thing I thought was, Wow! She has really big eyes!
HB: *laughs*

They walk around, anxious as they wait for the girls to arrive. The bell rings again, this time it's real! The girls have arrived! Both Kyu Jong and Hyung Joon rush to their spot, standing facing the door as Hwang Bo invites them in. It's the Wonder Girls!! She pretends that they are older than her by calling them Unni, and Hyun Joong sits there quietly, astounded that they were her guests. The both of them then tell the two guys to keep their eyes closed and sit facing the girls, ushering them to the table and saying that they have to greet each other when they give them the cues.

HJ+ HB: One, Two, Three!!
Boys: Hello!

KJ: *turns to side, visibly shy*
Hyung Joon: *gets up, extremely pleased and beaming* *brings cushions for them to sit on*

HJ+ HB: *extremely happy*

Private interview:

Kyu Jong: It was really surprising. Honestly, I thought that Shin Bong Seon and Jong Shi Ah would come as they were members of the Muhan Girls. It was Girls, but a different Girls so it was really very surprising.

Hyung Joon: I really love her. Really. I never expected that this opportunity would have come to me. Oh, I really love her. Honestly. She's the best! *laughs* Oh, what do I do? I sound crazy!


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I loved this episode of Hyun Joong expressing his view more in front Hwang Bo now from angtal to wardrobe.

Definitely a husband to reckon with when he say the short skirt got to go. His Buin dutifully comply.

Yes, indeed when are you going to pay a visit to Mother-in-law?

What a great couple!!!

Jacqueline Tan said...

I wonder why people think she called Jun Jin by mistake. It could have been the Wonder Girls' Manager picking up the call. But the reaction from Hyun Joong is priceless especially that little massage on the neck.

I loved this episode of Hyun Joong expressing his view more in front Hwang Bo now from angtal to wardrobe.

Definitely a husband to reckon with when he say the short skirt got to go. His Buin dutifully comply.

Yes, indeed when are you going to pay a visit to Mother-in-law?

What a great couple!!!

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To Awie,

HB has special relationship with Junjing??
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This camp's been a little bit quiet the past couple of days. Hi everyone. Dear Chonsa, are you fine? Hope you are well. One quick question please, on the interview to Hyung Joon, in your summary he says he really loves her, in the other translations he says he really loves them. If it's a "her" I assume it's HB, if it's a "them", who were the them. I'm leaning towards the "her" because it would mean he really is fascinated with HB and thankful for the opportunity initiated by her for him to meet the WGs.

JoongBo fighting!!

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