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JoongBo: 26

They board the plane to Busan, where she's scheduled to have her performance, and he drives her to the army base as promised, being her manager for the day.

They begin talking during the drive, saying that it was their second time to Busan together, and she tells him that he fell asleep the moment they were on the plane and that he didn't even know that she nudged him. They continue making small talk when he brings up the way they are to split the performance fee, seeing that he's her manager and should get a cut from her fees.

HJ: What does the contract say?
HB: How should we split this performance?

HJ: 7:3
HB: That's too much! I'm Oh Seung Ah!! I'm Oh Seung Ah! 9:1!!

HJ: If we do it that way, then you'll never shine.
HB: *laughs* Having a manager is different, he has to make me a star.

They continue driving to the army base and he asks if he really can't go and she says that he can't because the people in the army have their temperaments when he asks if he should try just getting in naturally, and they decide to give it a shot.

HJ: Since you're the ending act today...
HB: *laughs* I'm not the ending act.

HJ: You should do the ending act... you're a top star...

HB: *laughs*

She then asks him where he's going to be waiting for her and he tells her that he'll be at the place where they were with Alex the last time they came, only this time he'd be with Jins.

HJ: What do you want to eat, Singer-Nim?
HB: Sashimi, you know I like eating sashimi, right? You didn't buy me sashimi the last time we came to Busan.
HJ: The financial condition of the company has been rather bad lately. You can't have anything more than flatfish.

HB: *laughs*

HB: I want sashimi, raw octopus and sea cucumber. I like those.

HJ: *sigh* Raw octopus is... Oh, the army base.

They reach the army base and Hyun Joong seems really nervous, worried about the tight security. He looks ahead, unsure as to what to do and say as they reach the army personnel...

However, luck seems to be on his side as the army personnel let him through not just once but TWICE! Relieved, he drives towards the third barrier, when he meets his obstacle... They stop his car and tell him to drive to the side as they peer into the car, looking at them. Strangely enough, one of them asks Hwang Bo for her autograph, a situation they never imagined! But then...

Army: Did you change your manager?
HB: This is my husband.

Army: This is my second year in the Army, if you could just sign this...
HJ+HB: *surprised* Okay.

Army: Kim Hyun Joong's name isn't in the list so he has to leave.

HB: Really? But he's here as my manager.

HJ: *silence*

Army: Then Hwang Bo can go in but Hyun Joong can't.
HB: So I have to work without a manager?

Army: Yes, you'll just have to do that.

HB: I can't manage without my husband.

Army: You can look for your husband at home.

HJ+HB: *laughs*

HB: If my husband isn't there, I'd be nervous on stage, can't you just let him through this once?

Army: We can't let people who are not in the list in.
HB: *whines* I really think that I can't manage without Shillang.

HJ: I guess there's nothing we can do about it. Please get off.
HB: *hits him* *laughs*

HB: I'm going... Look after Jins for me...*reluctant*

HJ: Okay. Go well. I'll play with the dog well.

HB: You sure you can manage?

HJ: Mmm. I'll buy your octopus and wait.

HB: Really? Sea cucumber, octopus!

HB: You have to put a diaper on for Jins then give her water. Don't fall asleep, give her snacks in between. Okay?
HJ: Mmmm. *nods*

HB: Isn't there anything you want to say to me?

HJ: Do well.
HB: Nothing else other than that?

HJ: Make the army guys cry. Earn lots of money.

HB: *laughs*

HJ: Receive cash.

HB: *hits him* *laughs*

HJ: Come back home soon!

HB: My life's activities...

HJ+HB: Activities, come to me!!
HJ: Go well. *waves*

He drives off slowly, looking back and waving at her as he is forced to leave. She watches him leave, pouting as she is left alone having to manage without her Shillang/manager.

Private interview:

HJ: It felt a little weird as we were forced to separate because of someone else's orders. I just thought that I had to watch over Jins and that I'll think of Jins as Bu In.

HB: I was actually more worried for Shillang rather than Jins, honestly. It felt really nice to have him come with me when I was working, I felt safer. Despite being my kid groom, my younger groom, I felt safer with him around.

Hyun Joong and Jins return to the hotel room to wait for Hwang Bo and he begins to carry out his second mission. To look after Jins. He gives her a drink telling her that Hwang Bo Omma only gives her water whereas he gives her corn tea, therefore he was better than Hwang Bo Omma. He then starts feeding her snacks and taking photos of her as she eats, before he starts kissing her and calling her pretty. He tries feeding her again, but is unsuccessful in his attempt at tempting her to eat.

HJ: Okay, let's eat now. It's time to eat.
J: *does nothing*

HJ: I'm going to eat it! *pretends to take a bite*

J: .............

HJ: The dog isn't eating her dog food.

Hwang Bo, on the other hand, is preparing to start her performance, and the crowd goes wild screaming "Hwang Bu In! Hwang Bu In!!'. She begins singing... but will she do the missions?

Private interview:

HB: When it was nearly time, I thought of many things and different scenes just flashed in my mind, such as scenes where he was telling me what to do and when he was watching me rehearse. I thought of the disappointed expression that he would have if I didn't do it, thoughts like that.

Hyun Joong begins reading a manga to Jins, acting out the different characters for her before throwing it aside saying what use is reading her a manga. He seems to be anticipating her return as he starts to take the food he bought for her out and sets the table for her, telling Jins that all they had to do now was wait for her to come back.

She finishes her performance and heads home as he starts talking to Jins, asking her why her mother was taking so long to return. The moment he hears the doorbell ring, he jumps up and tells Jins that she was home and immediately opens the door for her.

An extremely tired looking Hwang Bo Omma walks in and immediately calls out for Jins as Hyun Joong Appa brings out a drink for her. She inspects Jins and mentions that she looks like she'd been whacked a bit when he indignantly tells her that he didn't hit her.

HJ: I bought your sashimi, I got you your sashimi, eat.

She starts asking for house slippers and he gets up to look for some when she begins to reprimand him.

HB: Representative Kim! You need to prepare these things beforhand!
HJ: *quiet* *searches*
HJ: Ah, okay...
HB: I came home feeling all tired and everything and this is what happens?
HJ: I just need to get over this...
HB: Get over what? What are you going to do then? Hit me?
HJ: No!
HB: *watches* *starts throwing a mini tantrum*
HJ: *hands her bathroom slippers* There's nothing else but this. *his mini revenge*

They sit down together, Hwang Bo really happy that he bought her whatever she asked for and he begins to prepare a food wrap for her.

HB: You're going to make me a wrap?
HJ: Yea.
HB: *happy* *smiles* Really?

HB: Why are you mixing it? Why are you mixing the sashimi?

HJ: What kind of chigae is there? There's a mixed chigae isn't there? If you mix sashimi together, then it's a mixed sashimi!

HB: Aaah!! *opens mouth*

HJ: *feeds her*

HJ: I prepared water as well.

HB: *takes it* *smiles*

HB: This is really good.

Private interview:

HB: I came home after a really tiring performance, and the food I wanted was placed in front of me. And it was hand wrapped and given to me. This made me think of what Shillang said before, an easy life. I felt that way today. Usually when I finish all my work, I come back to only my dogs and cats. To have him waiting for me and preparing dinner for me, it made me feel like working hard.

He begins asking her if she taped the mission performance for him and she tells him she did and takes it out for him.

HJ: *delighted* Omma did something really weird!!

HJ: Before we watch the camcorder, go change your clothes. How can you eat dinner wearing your stage outfit?
HB: I was going to even if you didn't tell me.

HJ: Quickly go change and come.

HB: Okay.
HJ: Then eat dinner.
HB: Okay.

She gets changed and sits with him again and he sets the camcorder up to the TV before sitting on the sofa with her. She begins squirming and whining as she is about to see the most embarrassing performance of her life and he excitedly waits for the mission parts. She looks away and he forces her to watch, even pushing her head to face the TV!

He watches the screen and sees her doing it, before he starts laughing happily. She, on the other hand, is really embarrassed and starts rolling around, trying to block his view as he pushes her aside to see the whole thing. The cameras zoom in on the expressions of the army personnel, and they look a little puzzled at her actions, although they still cheered her on. He laughs out loud, happy to see her doing what he asked.

She then tells him that she didn't do the 'Scent of love' part and he seemed a little dejected that she didn't do that part. He asks her why she didn't do it and she tells him that after she did the first move, everyone looked at her like she was weird!

Private interview:

HB: I thought that he should be able to understand this much. The moment I did the first move, they all looked at me differently. They looked like they were wondering what I was doing.

PD: Why didn't you do the second mission?

HB: Honestly, I forgot. I was too nervous. But I pretended that that wasn't the case, because if he knew that it was because I forgot, it would seem like I was being thoughtless.

HJ: I was her manager for a day, and I didn't receive payment, so I decided to test her and see if she would do what I wanted her to do on stage. And it's not like she forgot, but more that she said that she didn't want to seem like an even more weird person for doing it again. But she should have just done it as she already seemed like a weird person. I was rather disappointed.

He then starts watching out for the part where she is supposed to write his name sexily with his bottom, and she is even more embarrassed as she tries to cover his view when the part comes on. He laughs happily as he sees her doing it, before asking her when she was going to write the rest of the mission. He looks at her and knows that she didn't complete the mission, and she starts defending herself saying that doing that much was already considered really good but he tells her that it wasn't and that she could have done better.

Private interview:

PD: Which part of it were you most pleased with?

HJ: The 'Thinking' part. The part where she used her bottom was too Busan-like.

PD: But isn't that what you asked for yourself?

HJ: That wasn't what I wanted, I wanted it to be done sexily and not too obvious. I have a dongsaeng at the army base there. He sent me this message: Hwang Bo came and did something strange with her bottom. When I got the message, I sighed and thought 'Really, what is she doing?', and when I confirmed it by watching the video, I thought that I would die from bursting inside. But for someone who finds it difficult to do things like that in front of others and hates doing so, I am thankful that she put in that much effort.

PD: But even then you find that it was regretful.

HJ: Even then, I still think that it was rather regretful.

He says that he wants to rewatch it again, and starts playing it over and over again, telling her to watch it with him, laughing out loud when he sees her embarrassed. Jins, however, can't bear to watch it anymore and closes her eyes instead.

After he's watched it over and over again, he goes back to the sofa and reminds her of her promise to show him the angtal. She says that she'll do it later and he starts insisting that it'd be easier for her if she did it now, as it would be more awkward and embarrassing for her later. She turns and looks pleadingly at him and he agrees, telling her to eat and prepare herself first.

HB: I definitely have to ask you to do missions next time. When is your comeback?
HJ: Comeback.. Next year.
HB: Huh?
HJ: Because of the drama.
HB: It's been pushed back?
HJ: Yea.
HB: Really?
HJ: Mmm.
HB: You'll be busy, I think I won't be able to see you, since you'll be busy.
HJ: Hmm?
HB: You'll be busy, so I won't be able to see you.
HJ: No...
HB: Regardless of what, let's always maintain a relationship where we'll know what each other does.
HJ: *nods* *looks at her*

Private interview:

HB: Now a lot of people like my Shillang and are looking for him to do many things now right? Although I am thankful, I feel sad. Since I see him looking so tired.

PD: But there are things that you want to do for him right?

HB: Yes, there are. Maybe that's why I did the missions. Just to be able to make him laugh for a moment. He's always making me laugh, but I hardly ever do so for him, so it felt good to do this for him.

HJ: (From the preparations of the acting challenge) I've been under a lot of stress, and it feels like I'm losing time spent together with Bu In, so I'm a little worried... and regretful.

PD: What is it that you regret most?

HJ: Now we are closer, and it's like we've moved up one level, but because we're losing time so it's kind of like... I get thoughts like I wish we could get closer faster.

He watches her eating before asking if she was done. When she said that she wasn't he tells her to eat more and continues watching her eat. She tells him that she'll just have that one last one and he offers to make her another wrap, feeding her again before patting her on her back like he would a child, saying 'Oh, it's yummy!", making her laugh. He then jokingly begins to call her Jins, and she laughingly responds, playing around with him.

HJ: Jins!!
HB: *hits him*
HJ: Oh, Jins is angry!
HJ: Jins, was it yummy?
HB: Mmm. *nods*
HJ: Jins!
HB: Hmm?
HJ: Why are the both of you responding?
HJ: Jins, shall we go for a walk?
HB: *nods*
HJ: Go see Gwang An Bridge at night?
HB: Mmmm.
HJ: Jins...
HB: Hmm?
HJ: Shall we put a collar on you?
HB: ........... *laughs*

HB: Mmm *sticks hands out like paws*
HJ: Right paw!
HB: *hands it to him*
HJ: That's the left paw.. no hang on, it is the right paw. Jins is smarter than me!
HB: *laughs*
HJ: The dog is undoubtedly great!
HB: *sticks hands out again*
HJ: Left paw!
HB: *sticks it out*
HJ: NICE!! Okay, let's go see Gwang An Bridge at night, Jins.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: Jins, you want to wear clothes?
HB: Mmm. *nods*
HJ: What do you want to wear? This rabbit hat? *puts it on her*
HB: ..............
HJ: No, it doesn't suit you. Jins, come on!
HB: *gets up* *follows him*
HJ: *to the dog Jins* Bu In!
HB: *laughs* *runs into kitchen*
HJ: *laughs* Jins, are you ill? What's wrong?
HB: *defeated*

They walk on the beach and he keeps calling Jins Bu In and Bu In Jins, making her laugh. He even talks to the dog, asking her if she's cold, still calling her Bu In. They continue talking and they look at the bridge when he tells her that they turn the lights off at midnight and they decide to talk together till the lights go off.

HB: Then let's talk till the lights go off.
HJ: Okay.
HB: When the lights go off, shall we both go our separate ways?
HJ: Shall we?

HB: We've spent spring, summer and autumn together.
HJ: Yea. When winter comes, then we'd have spent the four seasons together.
HB: I don't think we can spend winter together.
HJ: No, we can.
HB: Really?
HJ: Mmm.

They continue walking and talking when she suggests that they draw in the sands again and she asks him if he remembers what she wrote the last time. He, however, seems to have forgotten what she wrote and only remembers that he drew her in the sands. She looks at him, slightly angry, and says that it was times like these that she felt really disappointed. She walks away and tells him that she is acting mad when he asks her what's wrong. He then challenges her and asks if she remembers what he wrote and she says 'Yes! You wrote 'Marco hyung is burdensome!'", leaving him speechless as she walks off again.

She starts scribbling in the sands again and he watches as he sees her writing 'In the end, you came with me the fourth time too'. He interrupts her in the middle of writing, telling her that he remembers now! He begins defending himself and starts reciting what she wrote, and she finally seems to forgive him a little. They read out what she wrote the last time together as they start walking away together again.

HJ: You came with me the fourth time too. I'm sure that the fifth time will be with me too.
HB: What if you can't come?
HJ: Call me, I'll come.

Private interview:

Question: You must have thought that one day this marriage life would end, right?

HB: Yes, of course. I've always known. The last time when we were both asked to choose whether we wanted to continue our marriage life or not, honestly, I feel bad for that time. I just needed to say that I wanted to stay together at the time, but then I had thought that maybe it would have been better to say sorry, for each other's sake. However, in the end, my greed won out. Although it felt less bad as he felt the same way as me, but I feel sorry for that now. When I see him so tired out like this, I feel bad towards him.

Question: Shillang knows of this feeling too?

HB: He said it the last time, that even though he doesn't know for exactly what reason, but he was sorry. Therefore, because of that I wondered if he knew as well.

The both of them stand at the site, waiting for the lights to go off, but even after 30 minutes, the lights remain on...

HJ: Did the part timer quit? It's not turning off...

Hyun Joong starts filling a mini tub with warm water as Hwang Bo sits outside on the sofa waiting for him. She starts calling out for him, asking if he's done and he comes out with the filled tub and sets it on the floor before rolling on the floor, in exagerated exhaustion, making her hit him for overacting.

They start bathing Jins together when he calls for Bu In.

HJ: Bu In.
HB: Hmm?
HJ: *to Jins* Is it warm?
HB: *glares*
HJ: *smiles*

He then begins reminding her about her aegyo, asking if she was done thinking about what to do and she tries to wriggle her way out of it by saying that he might just die from it being too sweet, so she shoudn't show it to him. He, however, is not fooled and tells her that he won't die, making her pout as she doesn't win this time. He asks her what style aegyo is she going to show him, and she tells him that it's a barf worthy one and he just goes 'Okay, a cute barf worthy one', making her laugh.

Private interview:

PD: What style do you think it will be?

HJ: A style with the feel that will you will not be able to place. Even though I don't think she'd be able to do it well, I think it'll be funny.

They then have another mini competition between them, asking the now dry and clean Jins to run to one of them as they both call out her name. He grabs her as she runs to Hwang Bo and pretends that she was heading towards him, saying "Oh, she came to me!" making her laugh at him. Jins however, looks at him like he's a weirdo.

He tells her that he wants to take a family photo with Jins and they pose together, the three of them taking their first family photo together.

They sit together, lounging as she looks at the photos in her camera when he starts talking to Jins. He pretends that Jins is asking to see the aegyo and says that although he doesn't really want to see it, he'd still see it if she wants to. He then adds that she wants to see her do it standing, and Hwang Bo just looks on at him laughingly before getting up to prepare for the aegyo.

She puts on a hood thing and looks at herself, saying that she looks really cute and he just looks at her speechless before he talks to Jins again. She tries to prepare herself, but she can't and runs off into the room to prepare herself for it.

He watches her in anticipation as she battles with herself before finally giving in.

HB: You can't fall too much in love with me because I'm too cute!
HJ: Okay.

She finally does it for him and he watches her with a HUGE smile on his face as she whines a little before ending it with a flying kiss! She then runs into the room and plops herself face down in embarrassment as he sits outside, beaming and hiding behind Jins, happiness drawn all over his face as he finally gets to see her acting aegyo especially for him.

Private interview:

HB: So you're mad after all. Your eyes don't see anything after all. You do too much just for one person after all. I thought thoughts like these.

PD: If he asked you to do it again?

HB: I'm not doing it! I'm not doing it! I can't! I'll give him money! Money! I can't do it!

She finally comes out and sits with him and he starts teasing her by first imitating her, and she throws a tantrum telling him to stop before he uses Jins to imitate her again. He tells her that it was really cute and that he saw it well.

Private interview:

PD: Honestly, were you disappointed or happy with it?

HJ: I was happy with it. If it was someone else who did it, I'd think 'What is she doing??', but because it was Hwang Bu In who did it, I felt the effort behind it. It was really funny. Now that I have something to tease her about, it feels a lot better.

She tells him to go to sleep and he gets up to go into the room, and says goodnight to her before imitating her again, making her throw another tantrum at him. He finally stops and says that it'd appear in his dreams as he heads to bed, and all she can do is laugh and bow her head in defeat. She's lost again to her Shillang...


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