Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hyun Joong+ Hwang Bo: Lettuce couple- Off and ready for winter

The Lettuce couple who finally hold their Winter Olympics in time with winter! Although the both of them have not gotten on skates even once, Hyun Joong seems to catch on the skills really well, whereas Hwang Bo dangerously wobbles on hers, not getting it right...

'Shillang! How do I get this to stop??'

However, Hyun Joong doesn't know how to stop as well?!

'Bu In, you'll be able to if you just go against the wall!!'

Will these two people be able to return from the Ice Skating rink alive?



Anonymous said...

hey so whats the very positive news really about? im dying!!.. to know!

Anonymous said...


can't wait for this and yeah I wonder what is the positives news....

Anonymous said...

hehehehe ...
we're gonna see this tomorrow.. i am soo excited..missing them soo much !!!

hi chonsa, thanks alot for the preview ^^

Zie said...


Hyun Joong... that funny.. Just go to the wall.. hahahaha

Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

i so love joongbo....;p
came across this vid on youtube and thought of joongbo couple...

All I Ever Wanted - Brian Melo

i'm so excited for the episode tomorrow... can hardly wait... ;)

Anonymous said...

hahhahaha this is what i've done too myself in my first time going to ice skating you know,just imagine i live here in USA and funny to think i dont know how to skating myself. And one day we went to ice skating and i was very scared coz it was very slippery and cold inside and and i begun to panic because i dont know how to handle myself but thanks goodness my friends helping me ,holding both my hand's so i could balance myself, then bring me in the wall to hold it there hahahhah. wont never forgot that experience. i think this is what happen to them too in this situation, hope they will survive and wont get to bruise

wendyjing said...

this looks like another episode full of joongbo moments! loving the screencap pic at the top!~
i can't wait!! :D
thanks for the preview!

and chonsa, don't listen to those trolls. they're just jealous they're not as cool as you

Far said...

omo so cute!

Winter Olympics... you've got me rolling on the floor! XD

I looked forward next episode. Thanks for the entertaining post! :)

yokesoe said... cute...can't wait.
thks chonsa.

Yingfa said...

i´m looking for this episode!!!because i love them, the lettuce couple!

Anonymous said...

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