Wednesday, November 12, 2008

JoongBo: 24

They all sit down together for dinner as the boys look extremely awkward but really pleased that the girls came, much to the excitement of both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo as they watch the boys flustered and trying to make the girls feel welcome.

Private interview:

PD: Do you guys talk about the Wonder Girls a lot?

HJ: I don't really do that, but Hyung Joon and Kyu Jong, all the boys, talk about them quite a lot. Since both the girls came, their lips must be splitting at the sides. They were really happy. They came over to play and struck gold.

HgJ: I really love her. Really. I was feeling empty and sad, then the God's gave their blessings and they came. Thank you for allowing me to have such a good time. I really love her. She's the best! *beams*

Hyun Joong reminds them of what they were talking about earlier, indicating which girl they were interested in. Kyu Jong picks up his right fork, indicating his interest in Yoo Bin whereas Hyung Joon, as expected, picks up both his fork and spoon making Hwang Bo laugh at his greed. Knowing now what their thoughts are, she tells them to start introducing themselves. Hyun Joong tells them to introduce themselves in twenty seconds, and Hyung Joon stands up to start.

HgJ: Hello. I am SS501's Kim Hyung Joon. Ah, I'm going nuts. It's good that you guys came! Please eat more as this was prepared for us to share. *time passes*
HB: Your age?
HgJ: Ah, right! I'm 22 this year... *timer beeps*
HJ: Time's up, please sit!!
HJ: *to Kyu Jong* You're not supposed to do it that way!

Kyu Jong stands up to introduce himself and becomes extremely shy when he sees Yoo Bin staring at him. He covers his face as he starts introducing himself, making the girls laugh at his shyness.

KJ: I'm Kim Kyu Jong. *covers face*
KJ: I'm 22 years old this year.
KJ: I like jjajangmyun.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: *gives up*

Private interview:

PD: Is there someone that you pay more attention towards?

KJ: I'm really sorry to Ye Eun, but I've always noticed Yoo Bin a bit more. When she came, I thought, 'Whoa, I'm sitting in front of a celebrity!'. We looked each other in the eyes once during dinner, and she has really round eyes so I was a little surprised.

The girls introduce themselves as well, and the boys listen to them. Hwang Bo then says that they should introduce themselves too, and Hyung Joon tells them to do it together.

HJ: I'm Hwang Bu In's husband, 23 this year.
HB: Ah, this is funny!
HJ: We used to live in a bigger house that even had a pool, but then we didn't get enough stage appearances so we moved to a smaller place.
HB: *laughs*
HJ: *to WG* If you go for any performances, please call us along.
YE: We do have quite a few performances.
HJ: If we appear together as a set, there is a 15% discount.
HB: *laughs* We need to get paid in full!!

They continue eating in silence, and Hwang Bo begins urging them to talk. Hyun Joong tries to help out as well by saying that the reason why the food splattered at Yoo Bin was because Kyu Jong's heart was directed that way, making Hwang Bo laugh. Kyu Jong serves the girls and Hwang Bo looks on.

HB: Our Kyu brother in law has manners!
HJ: Hyung brother in law is too busy eating by himself.
HgJ: *to Kyu Jong* Why you.... *glare*
KJ: *laughs*

They try to start conversations but the girls are monotonous with their answers, and Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo look at each other laughingly, wondering how to get them to warm up to each other.

Ye Eun initiates conversation this time, asking about their wedding photos and the boys jump at the opportunity to tell them where the album is.

HJ: I hope that you two can take these photos with our brothers soon!

Unable to take it any longer, she tells them that she'll give them 3 seconds to look each other in the eye.

WG: Yes?
HB: 3 seconds to look each other in the eye! Ah, Noona's tired! One..
HgJ: Really?
HB: Really!
HJ: We'll take it that you don't like them then.
HB: *laughs*
HgJ: Hyung, you're weird!
HB: Oh, I got such a good assistant MC!

They insist that they do it, and they try and fail the first time. Kyu Jong looks at Hwang Bo and asks if it was really important to do that and she says that it is as the both of them (Hyun Joong and her) were still unable to look each other in the eye. She makes them do it again, and the boys get really shy and can't even look at them for three seconds! Hyun Joong grabs the opportunity to tease them and begins chanting 'Go and date! Go and date! Go and date!'.

Ye Eun tells Hwang Bo that they do greet each other during performances, and then mentions that she met Hyun Joong outside once before.

YE: There was this one time that I met Hyung Bu outside.
HB: Outside?
HJ: Me?
HB: What are you doing wandering around outside?
HgJ: What have you been up to?
HB: Was there drinking involved?
YE: *shakes head* *laughs*
HB: What time? With whom? Where? What was he wearing? Location! What drinking snacks did he have?
YE: It was at a performance.
HB: Ah, a performance? Oh, so he was out earning money.
YE: We were at the convenience store, and I greeted him, but he didn't really respond much.
HB: I didn't tell him to do that..
HJ: I should just die!
HB: He knows how to behave outside now that he' s married.

She then tells them to hold out their forks to play the 'Love Pointing' game, getting excited by herself at the idea of getting them to do that.

HB: Ah, I'm having so much fun!
HJ: *laughs at her*
HgJ: She's the devil!!
KJ: I told you they were becoming similar!
YE: Can't you bring us on a house tour?
HB: After this!
HJ: Our house is small, this is it!
HB: This is it!
HJ: Do it with your eyes closed, quick.
HB: With your eyes closed... *laughs* Ah, what do I do?? I'm going nuts!
HJ: *looks at her* *laughs* What's wrong with you?? Acting like an ajumma!!
HB: *throws tantrum*

They begin convincing them to do it, saying that it's not difficult at all and they themselves demonstrate the pointing. Hyung Joon looks at them and starts shouting indignantly that they were making them do it just because they wanted to show off themselves!!

They convince them to do it, and quickly assess the situation, finding out who likes whom. Both the girls chose Kyu Jong whereas Kyu Jong chose Yoo Bin and Hyung Joon chose Ye Eun.

They discuss their observations as the others watch them.

Hyun Joong suggests having a toast with deokpokki, and they all raise their pieces of deok and toast to life and their youth.

They continue their small talk when Hyun Joong says that he wants to go to the toilet.

HJ: I need to go to the toilet.
HB: Shillang, there's no toilet paper in the toilet. *gets up to help him*
HJ: The toilet paper is here.
HB: *laughs*
HJ+HB: *heads into the room*
HJ: I'll do it first.
Others: *watches them, bewildered*

Hyun Joong tells her who the girls chose and they decide to take it a step forward, by getting them to team up as couples for a duet karaoke competition to see which team scores higher points.

HB: Who should we put as couples?
HJ: Since Kyu Jong chose her...
HB: So Kyu Jong with Yoo Bin, and Hyung Joon with Ye Eun?

The four of them are still rather awkward being left alone so Kyu Jong gets up to look for them and they come out acting as though nothing happened in the room.

HB: Oh, how refreshing! HJ: Half the toilet paper's been used up!

They sit down again with the others and carry out their plans, saying that they were going to have a duet karaoke session, when Hyung Joon and Ye Eun start asking them to demostrate first.

HJ: Really, if you can't beat my score, that's it for you.
HB: Shillang, you sound so sure of yourself!
HgJ: Are you going start doing difficult things first?
HB: What are you going to do?
HJ: I don't know, I just spoke without thinking!

They begin their karaoke duet, as everyone looks on curious as to what they would do. Hyun Joong begins singing 'Thank You' as Hwang Bo walks around before starting her own performance. She begins dancing the techtonik as he sings his ballad, making everyone laugh! Watching her, he begins to get influenced as well and starts dancing as well before he changes his singing style to trot. The both of them enjoy themselves, in their own world oblivious of everyone as they watch on, laughing at them.

Private interview:

PD: It seems like you had a tough time.

HB: I really had a hard time. I aged, even my voice sounded old.

Kyu Jong and Yoo Bin decide to go first and the song chosen is ' Confession of Ecstasy'! Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo begin dancing as he sings, adding the sound effects when necessary. Just when it gets to the peak of the song, Kyu Jong turns towards Yoo Bin and begins to sing to her, making it his confession to her as both Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong start cheering madly. Hyun Joong tries to help by encouraging Yoo Bin to rap the song, and Hwang Bo begins flicking the lights, creating a disco like atmosphere. Hyun Joong begins dancing even more wildly, adding on to the atmosphere and Kyu Jong continues singing as Yoo Bin gives up, unable to control her laughter.

They finish singing their song, and check the scores. It's a perfect 100 marks!

Private interview:

YB: When we first started, really, I just randomly chose. I just pointed at the one sitting in front of me and it happened to be Kyu Jong. But then when we were put together in a team, I noticed that he was the kind of person who would do what has to be done despite seeming shy. I myself am rather shy, so I'm not good at things like that. So I thought that he was really different, as I watched him and I thought 'Ah, so he has this side to him too'.

The both of them are equally as enthusiastic during Hyung Joon and Ye Eun's turn, dancing and jumping around happily as they sing. They also begin whispering to each other, making it seem like they have more things up their sleeves as Kyu Jong and Yoo Bin watches them from the side, curious as to what they said to each other. They check the points score, and as expected, it's another 100 marks for them too, making the scores a tie.

Private interview:

HgJ: The first time we chose, I just used the fork and pointed at Ye Eun, without any hesitation. PD: Who do you think she chose? HgJ: Initially, I thought this way... did I get two votes? It can't be like that, I'd feel bad towards Kyu Jong. No matter what, I think she would have chosen someone closer to her. After having talked to her, I think that we communicate quite well together. I think it's like that. *beams*

She decides to have a dance competition amongst the couples as they couldn't determine the winner through their karaoke session. She announces that the best guy out of the couples to dance the Nobody dance would win a prize, making everyone brighten up, including Hyun Joong!

HB: We'll give out prize money too!
HJ: Will you give it to me too? If I participate as well?

HB: Huh?

HJ: Ah, so you won't give it to me...

HB: You want the prize money?

HJ: No...

HB: Okay! Got it!

Hyung Joon says that they are going to need mikes, and Ye Eun says that maybe mops or something that could work. They begin looking for stand mike substitutes as Hyun Joong says that he'll get them something they can use. He disappears for a while before coming back. As he walks back everyone starts laughing, as he brings back shower heads for them to use as substitutes.

HB: Okay, so we'll use this as mikes. Really, when Shillang does things like this, I think about what kind of person he was...

They tell the boys to hold the shower heads and become human mikes for the girls as they demonstrate the dance for them.

HJ: *scolds* The heights of the mikes don't match!

HJ+ HB: Do the 'Words'!! The 'Words'!!! *happy*

They both sit in front of the girls, acting like audience members as they watch them demonstrate the Nobody dance, cheering and asking for requests especially at the 'Words' part, imitating them as they did it. All the couples then gather together and begin practicing the dance, as Yoo Bin and Ye Eun begin explaining the dance moves to their partners. Watching earnestly, the both of them begin practicing the dance moves as well, having fun with each other as they try to learn the dance.

Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo stand by the side as they begin practicing the dance together, the two of them lost in their own world. They begin dancing enthusiastically, and when it comes to the 'Words' part, they begin laughing happily as they both overreact with the dance moves.

Finally it's performance time and the others ask them to start first. The both of them get in place as the music starts and begin dancing in perfect sync, beaming as they danced their first couple dance. Both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo become even more enthusiatic when their favorite part of the song comes on, and the moment it ends, the both of them jump happily in celebration of their perfect performance.

HJ: The prize money is ours! We won't lose!!

Both Kyu Jong and Yoo Bin begin to perform their couple dance when Yoo Bin begins shooting the love arrows at him! He's initially shy but does the same back to her, making both Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo cheer even louder!!

HJ: The lady makes the first move, right?
HB: *laughs*

It's finally their turn to perform and they decide to do the intro bit of the song in their attempt to earn more points. Hyung Joon begins adding sound effects to the dance, which makes it even more hillarious as he tries to dance the dance with her, making everyone laugh out loud as they clap when they finish.

Private interview:

YE: Hyung Joon is someone who smiles a lot and his character is really bright and would make the first move, so I think that no matter who he meets he'll be able to get comfortable and close with them. When we were dancing the Nobody dance, he was really hardworking and everything, so... yea. *smile*

HB: Shillang, go have a talk with the boys.
HJ: Got it.

HB: Got it?

HJ: Mmm.
HB: No, I think the girls should use the room.

HJ: Ok.

He sits on the sofa with them before he asks the boys what their true feelings are towards the girls and the boys seem really reluctant to tell him. He then promises to keep it a secret and manages to get them to spill the beans about their opinions of the girls. He looks at them, a little lost as to what to do now as now he not only knows the girls' choices but he also knows who the boys are interested in.

She sits with the girls as she asks them what their choices are now, if they are still keeping their first choices. Yoo Bin says yes, but Ye Eun seems to suggest that she'd like to switch partners first before she makes up her mind, surprising Yoo Bin. Hwang Bo tells them that their first choice was actually both the same person, Kyu Jong.

YE: But since she's older, I'll give way.
HB: Where is there a matter of who's older in love??
YE+ YB: *laughs*

HB: Did you girls give way to me because I'm older? No!

HB: Love needs to be won over.

HB: What are you doing?
HJ: I'm giving them advice.
HB: *runs off*
HJ: *watches her*

The two girls stay in the room discussing their chosen guys, when Yoo Bin tells Ye Eun that she had just randomly picked Kyu Jong, whereas Ye Eun seemed to really like him. Ye Eun denies it and says that she'll give way to Yoo Bin seeing that she's older. They smile at each other as she says this but there is a slightly tense atmosphere in the room. Outside, the boys sit talking to themselves, unsure of what the night would bring.


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ive seen this episode several times already but i still love it... totally enjoyed it! =)
the ss501 boys are so cute!!! hehehe

thanks for postting chonsa!

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me too...this episode shows d loveliness of HJ n HB a lot...

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If I have a sentence to describe about this ep , that would be " The best episode so far ! "

Thanks chonsa for the summary !


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Thank you very much once again Chonsa, really appreciate your efforts in giving us this summary. We know you are quite busy with other positive things in your life right now but you continue to share with us your love for JoongBo. Love the continued intimacy between our couple and they look so compatible with weirdness. They now have this emotional attachment that most of the time they don't have to say anything and the other picks up from where the other left of. Such good teamwork!!! JoongBo fighting!!!
I-am in Angeles

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Thank You! I am highly anticipating what's going to happen next!

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i blushed everytime i see them together

Anonymous said...

The episode of JoongBo keeps getting better. When I thought that this ep. is the best the next week's ep. gets even better. It just shows that the progress JoongBo has made really makes the show better as well. To see their feelings mature toward one another. Ep. 33 was good but I keep getting a feeling that the red hair WG likes Shilang for some reason. Anyway, thanks Chonsa for the summary always looking forward to your summaries each week and news on JoongBo.

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I hope to see HJ calling HB yeobo again! We only heard it during the Japan trip. The yeoba part in the car trip (farm episode) was cut and not broadcasted.

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WG girls looks like simple girls next door when they are not in their performance image.

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