Wednesday, October 14, 2009

You're Beautiful 2

Still in her dreams, she says that it was a really beautiful view, and that the three guys were together in the garden with David, Thomas and Julian, before opening her eyes and wonders if it really was a dream. Blissfully awake, she tells herself that it was a dream, and turns to the side… finding... the rest of the guys sleeping next to her.

Jumping awake, she runs away from them, kicking Jeremy awake as she makes her escape. Standing in the sun, she slowly tries to recall what happened the night before. And realizes with horror… that she ‘kissed’ one of them, resulting in a slight lip injury. But which one??

She starts praying, and telling herself that it’s all a dream, that when she wakes up she’ll be in her room and that she can even hear the bells ringing.

Mi Nyeo: It’s okay now, everything is okay.

Jeremy: Is it really okay?

Mi Nyeo: Yes it is… *dreamy voice*

Jeremy: Even your lips?

Mi Nyeo: Yes… even my… lips… *opens eyes* Lips??

She sees Jeremy glaring down at her and asking her what’s okay if she remembers the part about the lips? She watches his lips and worries that it might have been his that she violated, albeit not on purpose. She looks at his lips and realizes that it’s not a dream before she feigns ignorance, much to his indignation and he begins demanding that she tell the truth, frightening her into apologizing as he scolds her for being willful when she can’t even drink and still having the gall to deny remembering what happened.

Mi Nyeo: I’m sorry!

Jeremy: If you’re really sorry, then go apologize!

Mi Nyeo: Huh? *confused*

Jeremy: I thought you said that you were sorry? Then go apologize to Hyung!

Mi Nyeo: You mean it wasn’t there? *looks at his lips*

She enters the house and sees Shin Woo making tea, and tries to slip past him when he calls out to her, telling her to sit down and have a hot cup of tea to soothe her insides. She watches him, and looks at his lips as he tells her that he was really surprised at what happened last night. She assumes that he was the one she violated and told him to forget everything, and just think of it as him having the bad luck to have had a stone being hurled down from the skies and hitting him.

I like her analogy, it’s so cute! If that doesn’t tell give the message that it was a purely accidental and unwanted incident, then I have no idea what will!

Jeremy walks in and sees her sitting down and drinking tea and explodes at her again. He demands why she’s still enjoying herself when she should be apologizing!

Mi Nyeo: *indignant* But I AM apologizing!


Mi Nyeo: It’s not this pair of lips?

Shin Woo: It’s Tae Kyung’s.

She finally remembers what happened last night as she sees herself falling onto Tae Kyung. And throwing up on him. Well… more like into his mouth. Which explains the looks of horror that the other boys have been showing. Shin Woo then tells her to go apologize to Tae Kyung in his room. If he’ll accept her apology that is.

On the other hand, a video clip showing the guys carrying the semi conscious Mi Nam and Tae Kyung into the van starts spreading on the internet, and spurns anger amongst the A.N.JELL fans towards Mi Nam, as they accuse her of spoiling their image and their camaraderie.

Mi Nyeo heads towards Tae Kyung’s room and tells him that she wants to apologize. He orders her out of his room, and tells her to come back later when he’s more calm.

Mi Nyeo: Then does it mean that you’ll forgive me later?

Tae Kyung: *speechless*

Mi Nyeo: So you’ll forgive me?

Tae Kyung: Why should I?

Mi Nyeo: Erm… because… you’re a nice person.

He balks and starts yelling at her, telling her to disappear because he’s always hated people who gave him reasons to dislike them from the beginning. She was falling into that category, so he can forsee that he’ll only dislike her more and more, so she should just get lost before he storms into the bathroom, leaving her standing there, speechless.

In the bathroom, he calms down a bit and says that she should have listened to him when he told her to leave the first time round, so that he would have had the time to calm down and handle the situation better. It’s obvious here that he knows that it’s no fault of hers, but she just caught him at the wrong time, further provoking him into bursting out at her.

She then proceeds to tell him that she’s leaving the tea and scented candle in the room for him to enjoy later, and puts the things down. Only she spills wax on the floor, and when she tries to clean it up, she burns herself and shrinks backwards… hitting his shelf and causing everything to fall down.

Things just get worse and worse, Mi Nyeo… I think you need to take heed when he asks you to leave.

She holds onto the shelf, trying to rectify the already very sorry situation when she accidentally sets the airconditioner on. Which causes pieces of paper to fall near the candle, making her worry that she’ll accidentally set the room on fire.

Yes Mi Nyeo, I believe that something like that could happen to you. You’re like a walking catastrophe.

She tries to put the flame out by blowing the candle, only it doesn’t quite work out that way. Then she uses logic. You need water to put a fire out. And her logic is… she needs to spit on the candle to put the flame out.

SO she tries. And Tae Kyung walks out. The good news is she put out the fire. The bad news… Tae Kyung thinks that she’s spitting all over his floor.

And… his rage increases.

He demands to know what she’s doing and she says that she’s trying to apologize. Angered even further, he slams his fist down on the shelf and asks her if he should use her method to forgive her. Only his action causes a trophy to fall on her head, knocking her out.

He panics, and tries to wake her up when everyone else rushes into his room. They see him holding the trophy and an unconscious Mi Nam, and assumes that Tae Kyung beat him up. Despite his repeated denials, their eyes tell them a different story.

Tae Kyung looks so funny in here! The look on his face! Priceless!

The agent rushes Mi Nyeo to the hospital, when she tells him that they can’t go to the hospital, or else she’d get found out. They then proceed to get medication from a pharmacy and he administers ice lollies on her head. He starts ranting about how he wants to make Tae Kyung pay for what he did when she says that he didn’t beat her up. He doesn’t buy it though, and says that her years of training as a nun has made her too kind and forgiving.

Tae Kyung calls, asking if she’s in the emergency room. She lies and says that she is, and she’s getting treated with an ice pack. What she doesn’t know is that he is actually at the emergency room, looking for her. Oops…

Mi Nyeo: Are you worried about me?

Tae Kyung: Worried?

Mi Nyeo: If that’s the case, I’m okay.

Tae Kyung: I think you’re misunderstanding something. I wanted to bring you to see the Director and explain to him that I DID NOT hit you.

Mi Nyeo: I will, don’t worry!

Tae Kyung: But where on earth are you?

He then gets reprimanded by the nurses for using his cellphone, and it hits him. If she was in the emergency room, how can she use a cellphone? She stumbles for an answer, and he hears the neighborhood vendor peddling his eggs. The agent pretends that there’s something wrong with the line, and hangs up as he stands there thinking, the little liar!

Mi Nyeo and the agent go to the office, where they meet a reporter who tries to get some news on their supposed rift. He sees her head, and immediately jumps to the conclusion that she was hit by Tae Kyung. Tae Kyung sees them, and leaves the company, while the reporter reports that Tae Kyung had raised his hands against Mi Nam, causing him to suffer injuries.

Which sparks an anti- Mi Nam protest by the A.N.JELL fans demanding that Mi Nam be kicked out of the group.

Classic example of how scary fanatical fans can get…

Jeremy also begins his punishment against Mi Nam, and sets his dog, Angelina Jolie, on him. He scolds her and tells her to return Tae Kyung’s room to its original state. He accidentally hugs her which makes her scream and throw his arms off. Jeremy is confused as to why she did that, and thinks that she’s just overreacting. But he is flustered too after that.

I think Jeremy has sensed that Mi Nam is actually a girl, just that he doesn’t know it yet. Sigh…

She bumps into Shin Woo, who reaches out to touch her head and she jerks back.

Shin Woo: It’s when you do things like that that makes everyone know.

Mi Nyeo: Huh?

Shin Woo: See. You’re doing it again. When you shrink back like that, people will misunderstand Tae Kyung, right?

Mi Nyeo: Ah, you were talking about that…

She runs up to Tae Kyung’s room to clean up and finds his collection on singer Mo Hwa Ra and a picture of a little child with her. Tae Kyung comes in and sees her there again, this time he thinks that she’s going through his things and loses his temper again. This time he drags her down, and finds the director there. He tells the director that it’s either Mi Nam who leaves the hostel, or he will. And storms out.

Mi Nyeo runs out after him, but is unable to do anything to appease him as he leaves angrily. She sits down, and tells the agent that she’s finding it difficult to stay with them. Tae Kyung’s already left the house because of her, how is she going to continue with the charade? He tells her that she has to do well for her brother, and that Go Mi Nam has already reached the first place in terms of google searches.

Mi Nyeo: I feel like a liar. Will our mother really find us if I carry on with this act?

We are then introduced to Mi Nam and Mi Nyeo’s aunty who kicked them out to the orphanage when they were younger, but is all too willing to claim them as family now that Mi Nam is a famous singer. When her friends commented on her lack of compassion while they were younger and abandoning them, she defends herself that she was so much better than a mother who was never there.

Gah. Whatever. You’re still an opportunistic git.

We also find out that the lady drinking while watching A.N.JELL on t.v. is actually Tae Kyung’s estranged mother. He gives her the cold shoulder, and brushes her away saying ‘Don’t act like you know me. You treated me that way when you were famous. So now that I am famous, please do the same favor for me as well.’

I love the way the plot is moving, it reminds me of another drama I watched where the two leads were drawn together due to similar circumstances in life, and the fact that they needed each other to survive. I can see this happening here, Mi Nyeo’s warmth and the iciness of Tae Kyung. He needs her to bring him back to life, and she needs him because… I still need to find out why she needs him. But then again, who doesn’t need a good looking JGS in their lives?

Director An wants Mi Nam to debut during the Asian Music Festival, and no matter what people say, he insists on marching forth. Mi Nyeo begins training, obviously uncomfortable and unaccustomed to everything that is being thrown at her. I pity her here, she has to force herself so much… and she’s not getting anything much in return. And she has a huge anti-fan base as well. Sigh…

On the other hand, Jeremy and Shin Woo watch the series of events unfolding. Jeremy comments that Shin Woo is treating Mi Nam with too much favor, and asks if he likes the namby Mi Nam. Shin Woo begins recalling the night when she was drunk, and remembers the way she fell into his arms. And the way she looked, her features and the unmistakable girlish charm she has.

And we are lead to understand that Shin Woo has already realized the truth.

Director An has an online conference with Tae Kyung and instructs him to return to the dorm, to which he says ‘I’ll think about it.’ Director An leaves the room, accidentally turning the laptop into one corner as he gets up.

Mi Nyeo finally figures out the dance moves and receives a big round of applause as she poses. Only she doesn’t realize that the little balls she has in her pants, which are supposed to be the ‘real’ thing, has fallen out. Her coordinator rushes her into the room where the laptop was and begins fumbling down south and saying, ‘It’s okay to do it here’.

Tae Kyung chokes on his water as he sees this, completely misunderstanding what was happening when he sees the lights being turned off. And he sees two glow in the dark balls being put into Mi Nam’s pants. And he hears Mi Nam saying ‘Thanks to you, nobody will know that I am a girl’.

And he realizes that Mi Nam is actually… a girl…

Shocked, he presses the record button which records her saying that she is a girl, before he rushes to the dance studios and searches for Mi Nam. Seeing her, he goes up to her and pulls her into a hug, wanting to confirm the truth for himself.

Tae Kyung: Go Mi Nam… YOU!!!!!

The flashlight from the reporter’s camera startles him into silence as Director An tells the reporter to report that there are no problems within A.N.JELL at all. Tae Kyung keeps quiet while the pictures are being taken before he runs after the Director, telling him that he has something to tell him. However, Director An brushes him off and he just stands there, speechless as Director An walks away.

The agent directs her to the 2nd floor to have her shower, as the boys would be using the shower stalls downstairs. He keeps watch for a while before attending to a phone call, when the boys come up to the 2nd floor as the shower stalls on the 1st floor are not working.

Jeremy: Come to think of it, Mi Nam really doesn’t shower much. It must be as what Tae Kyung hyung says, he’s just really dirty. *walks away*

Shin Woo: *deep in thought* I wonder where she is right now.

Mi Nyeo finishes up her shower and is putting her clothes on when she hears the guys coming in. Rushing to hide, she starts lamenting about her sorry state, and how she’s stuck in a room filled with naked men who have little clouds protecting their modesty. (LOL!!!) In her moment of misery, she sees the Mother Superior who begins advising her on what to do.

Mi Nyeo: Mother Superior, I feel very embarrassed.

Mother Superior: When you were cleaning in church amidst the paintings of the naked cherubs, did you feel embarrassed?

Mi Nyeo: No…

Mother Superior: So think of this as that, and imagine them as cherubs and you’ll be fine.

Mi Nyeo: Cherubs? *dreamily*

She dreamily looks across again and sees a different scenario this time. A room filled with naked babies as they walk around with clouds covering their privates.

She begins walking out when she bumps into Jeremy who brings her back to reality as he pulls his towel off himself in front of her.

Shocked, she stands rooted there until Shin Woo throws a towel on her head, covering her eyes.

Shin Woo: If you’ve showered, you should get out.

Mi Nyeo: Yes, I should be going now.

Shin Woo: If you’re here, I can’t shower.

Mi Nyeo: Okay, I’ll go out now… *runs away*

God Mi Nyeo, catch a hint!!! He’s obviously hinting that he knows the truth!!!

She exits in relief and thanks god for letting her escape without anyone finding out. Until she sees Tae Kyung looking at her.

Tae Kyung: But you have been found out. By me.

She stands frozen and asks ‘Mother Superior, what should I do now?’


Mais said...

This just keeps getting better and better. Please keep on doing this! Tae Kyung reminds me of TOP from Big Bang. I wish it was him who played Tae Kyung. Hahahaha

Anonymous said...

Only up to epi 2 and I already love it. Great recap! Thanks =D

aini aziz said...

chonsa... you are really something~ you for subbing & summarizing this A.N.JELL

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I'm beginning to like this series! heheheh, this reminds me of the anime Ouran High School Host Club! sisters crazy about this!

Katty1981 said...

hi chonsa...i am hook on this drama...hehehe... ep3 is great at the last part...he jump into the pool and save her...hmm tae kyung is her anjell after all...please sub ep3...fighting!!!

Haru said...

OMG.. This is really really really getting interesting and funny too... where to watch ..where to watch it subbed.

engrmyrah said...

i love this drama! i've been following this from the beginning because of Lee Hong Ki..

nice job!

livelyf2dmax said...

Really looks promising. It's fast-paced and funny. Tnx for the summaries chonsa.

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