Sunday, October 11, 2009

My current drama obsession!

Hey there guys!

I finally had a weekend to myself!!!! So, so, so happy that I managed to have just one whole day of Chonsa time..... bliss........ Everyone should do that for themselves at least once a week!

Anyways, I managed to catch up on my dramas, and I can honestly say this now... I am in LOVE with 미남이시네요 (You're Beautiful)!!!!!!!!

I like it so much, I want to write reviews on it. And I know that this site is dedicated to our lovely Joongbo, but I think it should be fine to have a side project! Plus, this site has become part of me, and I'd like to share my interests and current obsessions with everyone out there who's interested!

I will be taking my time with my reviews on it, and I haven't quite worked out what format I want to write it in. But I'll be releasing it as soon as I can! ^^!!!

Sigh, I can't wait for the next two episodes... when is Wednesday and Thursday coming again?




Proof as to how much I love this show... My ringing tone is now A.N.JELL's 'I will promise you'...


Katty1981 said...

aigoo it is okie C, i dun mind, hahaha...even i like Joongbo cpl...but i like other Kpop artist too...C keep updating hehehe...fighting!!! love ya...

Anonymous said...

ahh~!! I am so excited... I know I shouldn't because of hectic schedules but I've decided to follow this and IRIS this season XDD So I'd love to see your reviews when I can't catch up and am desperate for info LOL HongKi <3333

Anonymous said...

Yes please review the dramas...Coz im waiting for I'm Beautiful and IRIS to finish airing then i start watching..(haha coz i cant stand waiting for 2 episodes per week)..

Anonymous said...

i know i love it too, so it would be nice to have someone else view on it.

Jess said...

i've watched ep 1 twice and ep 2 three times already and i keep searching for bts of the drama on youtube. Definetly my newest obsession.

Anonymous said...

so much in common, dear chonsa!
i just finished watching both the episodes yesterday and I can't stop laughing..
i keep rewinding to some portions of the series!

i will be waiting..

- quartz05

Anonymous said...

i am feeling this drama soo much , its so funny and i truly adore the main actress , , this is the first drama i have seen this year that will be in the same category as full house, goong,samsoon(actor-hyunbin), and i am sam, , i loving it

carry on with the reviews and if you know of any links with subs do let us know .


Anonymous said...

OOOH...i like this drama too.I've in ep. 6 now.