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You're Beautiful 3

Tae Kyung: Go Mi Nam, this is the end of it all for you.

Tae Kyung shows her the proof he holds against her and threatens to reveal everything to Director An, as Mi Nyeo runs after him trying to change his mind. He refuses to listen, and coldly smirks at her as he bids her goodbye, calling her MISS Go Mi Nam. She takes one look at the phone in his hands before grabbing it from him and dashing away.

He starts chasing after her and she's finally cornered. He walks up to her and she attempts to run when he starts yelling at her.

Tae Kyung: Did you really think that nobody would know even without this video clip? Are you really that stupid?
Mi Nyeo: *thinks out loud* That's true... It's really something beyond my control.

He sees that she's released her hold on the phone and grabs it... only to see it flying away from him and landing on a truck. Irritated, he asks her how could she have just let go like that when she quietly answers that he was the one who told her to let go.

They rush down, and he orders her to climb up to get it. She does as she's told and returns it to him saying that nothing happened to him. He ignores her once the phone is in his hands, and starts inspecting it, not caring about her at all. He doesn't realize that the truck driver had gotten inside and was reversing the truck, before he looks up only to find the truck inches away from his face.
He looks at her, and sees her moving away with the truck, too shocked to register the fact that she was stuck on a moving truck.

Mi Nyeo starts panicking as she holds on for dear life. Frightened to tears, she stays frozen on the truck until she hears Tae Kyung screaming at her, telling her to hold on. He tries to get the truck driver to stop, but the truck driver has his headphones blasting in his ears and is oblivious of what was happening behind him. Tae Kyung runs out of breath and slows down, till he sees the truck stopping. He rushes forward with his last bit of strength and yells at her to jump before it's too late. Shakily, she jumps... and lands on him...

Which is totally romantic to us, but further reinforces his opinion of her... That she's a troublesome jinx whom he needs to avoid at all costs.

She sees his torn clothes and injured body, and apologizes to him.

Tae Kyung: Yes. It's all because of you that I'm dirty, I smell and I hurt.

He recalls all the bad incidents that happened to him, to which she played an important part and shudders, as he says that she's nothing but danger to him, and can only create trouble, hence the need to avoid her. He tells her that he doesn't want to have anything to do with her business at all, and says that it's her own mess, so she could clean everything up and just LEAVE.

Mi Nyeo watches him leaving, and agrees to go...

He is cute in here, especially when he thought that he was part of the 'Hidden Camera' programme, even to the extent of calling out for MC Lee Kyung Gyu! And his expression when he realizes that it's not a prank... PRICELESS!!

Mi Nyeo returns to meet her manager and stylist and tells them that Tae Kyung has found out the truth about her. They slump their shoulders in dismay as they try to find a way out of the mess. As of now, Tae Kyung is the only one who knows the truth, and he said that he was going to leave it to her to sort out... so if only they got rid of him, then....

Their imaginations run wild at the various possibilities of saving their skins.

One: Lock him up.

Two: Pretend that the person he saw wasn't Go Mi Nam, it was Gu Mi Nam.

And if all fails, there's always Three: Beg and apologize.

The parodies used in here are hillarious! Gosh, I love the OTT humor used here!

She asks the manager to tell the truth to Director An, and she'll prepare to leave...

As cold as Tae Kyung tries to appear to be, he can't help but think of her as he remembers seeing her limping away. However, he absolutely refuses to believe that there is a conscience in him, and tells himself that he needs to be careful about getting involved in her matters.

What the both of them don't realize is that Jeremy had seen their exchange in front of the elevator and is playing the scene back in his mind. He eyes Mi Nam with suspicion before asking him for an explanation, and she tells him that she is someone that Tae Kyung needs to avoid as all she'll bring him is trouble.

Which sets his imagination wild, as he envisions a romantically laced exchange of words before he slaps himself awake. *snort*

Shin Woo, on the other hand, notices her injuries on her hands and proceeds to apply medication for her when they reach home. He likens his care for her to what Jeremy does for Jolie, and she crumbles when she hears that he thinks of her as a dog.

Shin Woo: I don't mean it in a bad way though. It's like, you're a little dog that has lost his way. I feel the need to watch out for you, and help you out.

I want Shin Woo!!! I want Shin Woo!!!

He tells her one of his secrets, about how he lost a girl he used to like due to his countryside accent. He looks at her and says, 'I've told you one of my secrets, so you have to keep quiet about this!'

Shin Woo: Okay, now call me Hyung.
Mi Nyeo: That's a bit...
Shin Woo: Then... should you call me Oppa instead?
Mi Nyeo: HUH??
Shin Woo: You can't do that right? So call me Shin Woo Hyung, the way Jeremy does.
Mi Nyeo: Ah.. Okay. Hyung.
Shin Woo: Good boy.

He walks away, happy that she's now smiling again before saying to himself, 'I need to be careful. I told her one of my secrets.'

Once again, Jeremy bears witness to a highly emotionally charged, romantic (to him at least) conversation between Mi Nam and Shin Woo, and he slaps himself again saying 'Get a grip! That's just ridiculous! It's not like that!' when he hears Mi Nam calling out for him. Telling him that he dropped his apple.

But he sees a seductive Mi Nam.

And FREAKS out.

He runs away, telling her to eat the apple and thinks to himself that there's seriously something weird about Mi Nam and he needs to be careful. Mi Nyeo however, thinks of it as a kind and caring gesture on his part.

She goes to her room, and starts feeling emotional as she tearfully prepares to leave.

Mi Nyeo: Oppa, I'm sorry. I wanted to protect your dream and look for Mum as well.. but I just ruined everything. Why am I like this?

Their aunt appears at the company, demanding to meet Mi Nam, only to be told to wait like the other fans. She sits down with the rest of them resignedly, and starts thinking about how happy Mi Nam would be when he sees her and the photo of the twins with their dad that she plans on giving him. *Right.. Opportunistic old fart*

Tae Kyung calls Jeremy and asks about Mi Nam, trying to find out if he's left the group. Jeremy sees a troubled looking Mi Nam and asks why Tae Kyung is so concerned about Mi Nam. Which also raises Shin Woo's eyebrows.

They arrive at the company and are ushered in as the aunt comes out five seconds too late. She rushes to try and pass the photo to Mi Nam, but is forced to depend on one of the staff members to pass the letter to him, and the message that she would be waiting for him outside.

Mi Nam heads to the Director's office, prepared to tell him that she's leaving the group when the staff member hands her the envelope. She opens it... and sees the picture... before running out, in search of the aunt, even running past the Director and telling him that she'll talk to him later.

She runs out and asks Fan No:1 if she's seen the ajumma wearing a red dress. Awe-stricken (despite hating Mi Nam's guts) she nods and directs him to the subway station.

Tae Kyung sees her running towards the subway, and follows her as she searches frantically for the lady in red, knowing that she was a link to the mother she so desperately wants to find. She misses her a few times, as honestly, she has no idea who she's looking for. She stands still, unwilling to admit defeat when someone pulls the hood over her head. Tae Kyung appears in front of her, as he tells her to stop, people are noticing them.

Mi Nyeo: There's someone that I need to see.
Tae Kyung: Unless you really want to be recognized, I suggest you give up.

He drags her away with him, and she unwillingly follows his lead.

They stand together as she tells him what just happened, and explains that this was an opportunity for her to find her mother. Something that she has been wanting her whole life. Even if the lady wasn't her mother, she wouldn't be disappointed, as all she wanted to hear was some news regarding her mother. Any link to her would be welcome.

He looks at her, obviously thinking that she was being too much of a romanticist, and proceeds to burst her bubble.

Mi Nyeo: She will come again won't she? I mean, she came all the way to pass me the photo, so she must come again right?
Tae Kyung: *looks at her hard* So what if that happens?
Mi Nyeo: Huh?
Tae Kyung: Even if she comes again, you won't be here anymore will you? Have you forgotten your promise to leave?
Mi Nyeo: Hwang Tae Kyung... I could very well find my mother...
Tae Kyung: Stop it.
Mi Nyeo: Let me stay till she comes round again.
Tae Kyung: I don't want to. Go Mi Nam, you're out of here. Nothing has changed. *walks away*

I hated Tae Kyung for being such a cold jerk in here! But, I think that it's his inner demons inside, the way he was abandoned by his own mother when he was young that lead him to believe that what he's doing to her, is in the long run, good for her.

He bumps into his mother again in the hotel, and she comments that he must have secretly wanted to see her again as he still stayed on in the same hotel despite knowing that she was staying there. Apparently appalled at the idea, a childhood memory comes back to him, and we see that deep down inside, he really does miss his mother.

Mi Nyeo returns to the company, and faces the Director as he asks her what she wanted to tell him. She takes one look at Tae Kyung's poster, before telling him with fierce determination that she would never leave the company. She had thought that being in the company was a burden to her before, but now she has found a reason to stay. She was NOT leaving.

She waits for Tae Kyung and tells him to believe in her, and let her stay in exchange for the one thing she prizes the most in the world. Her ring. She tells him that the ring is symbolic of her parents, and she was giving it to him to keep. He asks her if she really believes that she'll find her mother if she continues on in the group, and she tells him that she believes she will, if she sincerely searches for her.

He looks at the ring with disregard and throws it into the pool to prove his point, that her faith and belief isn't enough. That once something is abandoned, it's the end of it all. She shoves him as she reminds him that the ring was extremely important to her, and he says 'See. You're angry at me because you too don't believe that you'll be able to find it again.'

She tells him straight to his face that she will and he tells her that should she be able to find it, he'll believe in her and accept her. She heads for the stream as he walks away, confident that she'll never find it.

Tae Kyung: You'll find it? Hah, try me. Go Mi Nam, I'll teach you the lesson that when things are abandoned, it's the end of it all.

I think it must be the years of training as a nun, as she honestly holds on to faith and determination. She searches the water till the skies turn dark, despite the freezing cold. He peers at her from behind the wall, surprised at her perseverance, only he sees it as stupidity. She'll never find it, never ever... because.. the ring is with him.

BUT... the evil monster in him isn't really that evil after all. He spends the night restless, worrying if she's still out there looking for the ring, although he tries to console himself by saying that she should have given up by now. Which doesn't stop him from rushing out to the stream early in the morning to see if she's still there. He searches for her, and sees no sign of her and feels relieved that she gave up... until he sees her form coming into view. She was still looking for the ring that was not there.

He sees a new side to her, and stands defeated to her endurance and perseverance.

Tae Kyung: Just give up and come out.
Mi Nyeo: *ignores him* I must find it.
Tae Kyung: Hey, you don't have to look for it anymore. Your ring... is here.

She looks up and sees her ring in his hand and heads towards him. He thinks that she's going to beat the crap out of him, but what she does surprises him even more. She grabs hold of his hand, and smiles.

Mi Nyeo: I found it. I found the ring.
Tae Kyung: That's right. You found it.

She grabs it away from him and he assumes that she wants to hit him now, but then she hugs him as he stiffens from shock.

Mi Nyeo: Thank you, Tae Kyung. Really. Thank you.

She refuses to let go despite his attempts to pull her away, before he finally gives up and lets her hug him... with his hands up in the air.

He lets her have a warm bath, standing outside the bathroom as she giggles with delight to which he says 'Hey, be quiet!'

She comes out and sees his bags all packed, and is delighted to be told that he'll return to the dorm and promises him that she'll do her best.

Tae Kyung: I'm only doing what I promised. This is by no means an understanding that I will help you.

Mi Nyeo bounds all over the place, and cheerily greets her Hyung-nim, assuring him that she'll do her best from now on. He smiles, and reminds her that they have a photoshoot session. At the swimming pool. She freaks out and he has his evil smile on again.

But she gets the last laugh as they are not required to take off their clothes. Which leaves him sulking like a child that just got his candy snatched away from him just as he was about to lick it.

Mi Nyeo botches up her shoots, and has to redo them over and over again, as Tae Kyung watches her with disdain.

Shin Woo, the gentle hero, encourages her and reveals another secret of his to her. That he too botched up his first photoshoot by taking the term 'One shot' literally. And drinking all the wine in his glass. Which she doesn't really understand, and he has to explain it further to her.

And Jeremy sees them again. And tries to reassure himself that there's nothing going on between them.
Tae Kyung teases her again, this time about the lack of a chest which most women boast about.

Jeremy: Tae Kyung Hyung too? No, he was just being friendly to him. It's great that members maintain a close relationship right?


They finish up and Mi Nyeo worries about changing when Tae Kyung comes up to her and tells her to just change in the locker room. Like a man does.

She stands outside, waiting for the lights to be turned off in the pool area. Once it's dark, she heads to a corner and begins to change. Shin Woo, on the other hand, asks if anyone has seen Mi Nam, arising Jeremy's suspicions again as he goes up to Shin Woo and tells him that he wants to talk about Mi Nam.

However, the lights suddenly turn on again as one of the staff members had left some equipment outside, much to the shock of Mi Nyeo. She sees them nearing her, and jumps into the pool, attempting to hide from being found out. Yes, she jumps. Never mind the splash.

Tae Kyung worries about her, and goes out to look for her, and sees her clothes on the floor. He looks around and sees bubbles forming, as he guesses what she did. Standing by the poolside, he looks into the pool as he notices that it's been over a minute.

Tae Kyung: How long are you going to stay in there?

Mi Nyeo has one of her conversations with the Mother Superior in her head again, and says that she needs to stay there for as long as she can. For as long as she can take. When she sees someone swimming up to her.

Mi Nyeo: Mother Superior, someone is coming for me. Is that person an angel?


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