Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You're Beautiful 1

Go Mi Nyeo, a problematic nun in training, runs to service as she straightens her outfit, obviously extremely late for service as is noticed by the Mother Superior and the other nuns who say 'She must be running here now'.

Finally reaching, she scoots into the last row, trying to remain unnoticed when she sees a little girl listening to her PMP instead of mass. Indignant at her behaviour, Mi Nyeo tries to wrestle the PMP out of the little girl's hands... only... the PMP flies out of her hands... and onto the floor... blasting music from A.N.JELL's performance...

If I were Mi Nyeo at that point in time, I would have thought 'God, please just open the floor up and swallow me whole...'

On the other hand, A.N.JELL's having a smashing performance, singing their hearts out to the sea of fans cheering them on. Honestly, if they really were a group, I would have sung in the crowds as well. A.N.JELL rocks! They remind me of F.T Island, only yummier with Jang Geun Suk as the front leader. He's super, lip-smackingly delish as the leader of the group!! I just love the way he was performing on stage, you have to give it to him. He's hot. He's sexy. He's just to die for. He's just... Yummy.

If you haven't guessed, I absolutely love JGS. I want to steal him and keep him in my room so he can smile and sing for me all day.

But things aren't so bright and cheery for the boys. Tae Kyung (JGS) is suffering from a vocal condition, and he has to refrain from singing live. Which he absolutely hates.

Director An: I told you not to sing live, and to just lip sync, didn't I?
Tae Kyung: What else can a singer do then, if he doesn't even sing?

But Director An has a perfect solution to the problem. They'll just add another vocalist to the group. And he's already found the perfect candidate. To the surprise of the boys.

Mi Nyeo is relegated to cleaning the statues of David, Thomas and Julian in the garden. She begins talking to them as though they were really alive, and tells them of her worries and everything that she does wrong. While remaining chaste as she insists on covering David's privates with a towel, saying that it would be embarrassing for the both of them if they were to face each other in that situation. She continues cleaning David when she realizes that his butt has been stained.

Mi Nyeo: Who is going to clean you when I go to Rome? The thought of the birds using your butt as a toilet just worries me...

What she doesn't notice is this man watching her from afar, saying that she's really similar looking to someone in the photo.

She leaves to collect her ticket to Rome, as the Mother Superior watches on, obviously worried that she'll get into trouble. She heads on happily before she gets stopped by the guy following her. He approaches her, and she kicks him in the groin out of pure reflex when she starts getting freaked out by his constant questioning if she knows who Go Mi Nam is.

She speeds off, running away from him before he yells out at her saying that her twin brother Go Mi Nam is in trouble.

She finds out that Mi Nam is supposed to sign a contract with A.N.JELL's company as their fourth member, but is unable to appear physically to sign the contract. He begs her to take his place for a while, just to sign the contract and secure her brother's future, refering to her as 'Sister, to which she says 'I'm technically not a nun yet.'

She just has to be politically correct...

Agent: Please, help your brother!
Mi Nyeo: How?
Agent: By becoming him.
Mi Nyeo:*puzzled*

But she still agrees to help her twin brother, and goes to the company with her brother's agent. She steps out and sees the group of A.N.JELL fans waiting for their idols to appear. Amazed that they all look like angels, she walks pass them dressed as a nun. She's wearing what she wears everyday. That is her wardrobe.

But the fans see it as a way of getting attention from the guys, and are complimenting her on her ingenuity for thinking of that idea. While kicking themselves for not coming up with that idea first, and just thinking within the box.

She just stands amongst them, lost when she hears that they had been waiting to see them for days as she states that she needs to see them today, when they run towards a van. The boys come out, in true idol style, stunning the crowds.

They should have done this with F4, instead of the creepy 'Twilight' glow that shone on the boys everytime they walked together as a group. *shudder*

She looks at them, and thinks to herself that David, Thomas and Julian had come to life and were walking in front of her. In a daze, she doesn't realize that they walked past her, and that Jeremy (Lee Hongki) had signed on the fan she was holding.

The agent comes up to her and tells her to change into her brother's clothes. Which she does.

She comes out looking like Mi Nam, but she confesses that it feels like they are scamming people, and complains that the jeans are cut in too many places and that theyare too big, they keep threatening to fall off. He tells her that that's the latest fashions, and ushers her to meet with the Director to sign the contract.

She looks down at the contract, unsure of what to do before she takes in one deep breath. And signs. Go Mi Nam.

The Director beams at her, happy to have secured the future of A.N.JELL before Tae Kyung walks in. And goes up to her, sizing her up, sneering as he says:

Tae Kyung: Are you really that great?

He grabs hold of her and the contract saying that there was one thing that was even more important than signing the contract. And that was getting his approval that she was worthy enough to be part of them. He drags her into a recording studio, where the other boys are and demands that she sings, and prove to them that she had, the voice of an angel that their Director claimed she had.

She stands there, unsure what to do as the boys look at her expectantly. Tae Kyung smiles knowingly, and tells her to just give up. She doesn't have what it takes, and moves to tear the contract when she opens her mouth. And sings.

Tae Kyung stops midway as he listens to her voice. Which is absolutely angelic.

The effects in the drama do make it sound like we're listening to angels singing, the flying doves, the hymn-like music and the heavenly glow. Mi Nyeo can sing!!

Tae Kyung looks at her before turning around and leaving. And the boys take that move of his as his acceptance of Mi Nam into the group.

Jeremy: That was a really great rendition, I totally had goosebumps when you sang! Where did that voice come from? Anyways, it seems like Tae Kyung Hyung has accepted you, so I guess we're all bandmates now! Let's work well together, alright? *smiles*

Mi Nyeo sits outside with the agent, shaken at the events that took place, before she tells him to tell her brother that she'll come and see him again before leaving for Rome. The agent is shocked, before telling her that she needs to carry on the facade for a month because Mi Nam can't close his eyes.

Agent: I told him to go for an eye operation, sort of like as fan service, but it went wrong. He's now in the States getting corrective surgery.
Mi Nyeo: So you mean, I have to sing and dance and act like a guy for a whole month?
Agent: Yes. And you have to share a dorm with them.
Mi Nyeo: Ridiculous.
Agent: No it's not! I'll arrange for everything!
Mi Nyeo: I can't! *runs*

She sits in the chapel, deep in prayers as the Mother Superior comes up to her, asking what's on her mind. She reveals that her brother has some problems, but she can't help him anymore as she has to go to Rome and answer her call. Mother Superior probes further and asks why she feels like she has to be a nun, when she falters.. and says that she's never thought of being anything else but a nun. Mother Superior knows that she's saying this out of habit, and not because this is her true calling, telling her that nobody knows their own true calling till they have experienced everything else. They have to find their calling, it's not something that is set out for you.

Mi Nyeo heads to the airport, convincing herself that being a nun is her calling and looks forward to going to Rome. What she doesn't know is that the rest of the A.N.JELL boys are at the airport too, heading for Japan.

She bumps into Tae Kyung and picks up his MP3 player, and he picks her ticket. She apologizes, and looks at him before freaking out when she recognizes him. She flees as fast as she can, much to his astonishment as he chases after her to return her ticket to her.

She hides everywhere she can, even going into a smoking area much to the horror of everyone inside. She smiles and tells them to ignore her (like they can) as she looks at him looking for her, wondering why he's so persistent when she realizes that he has her ticket. Uh oh...

He, on the other hand, contacts the rest of the boys and tells them that he's looking for a nun who dropped her ticket. Eager to help out, the boys start looking out for her, stating that all they need to look for is a nun. I mean, there are only so many of them running around in an airport right?
So now she has to run from three guys, who incidentally are idols (my dream come true!!) and she's finally cornered when they all come walking her way from different directions. How does she escape??

She manages to. By walking alongside a group of women dressed in burkas. Great way of hiding! She successfully walks past Tae Kyung that way, and hides behind a post as she plans her way of snatching her ticket back from him.

She starts running, but runs back to her hiding spot as the other guys join up with him. They look at the ticket, and finally give up as the boarding time had passed, and head off to their departure hall. She watches as Tae Kyung looks at the ticket, noting that she was heading for Rome, before putting it in his back pocket.

All she can do is sigh and say 'My ticket to Rome...' helplessly as she watches her ticket walk away from her.
She stands watching the flight take off as her shoulder slumps down, resigned that she missed her flight.
Turning on the MP3 player, she listens to the music inside as she thinks back of the days when her brother and her were kids, being ridiculed for being left by their parents. The agent told her that her brother's dream was to become a famous singer so that he could find their mother again. Would she be the one to deny him that dream?

Mi Nyeo: Is this your call, oppa? Where should I head then?

The day when they introduce the fourth member of A.N.JELL comes, and everyone is excited to see who the great new talent is. So they wait. And wait. And wait.

Before Mi Nyeo, who had decided to step in for her brother, steps out looking exactly like Mi Nam. The boys watch on, as Tae Kyung sulks at the thought of a new member coming in. He just doesn't like her, only to Tae Kyung and the rest of the guys, it's a him.

A lady drinking while watching T.V sees A.N.JELL and says 'It's that child. Should I watch him from now on?'

She moves into the dormitory with the boys and starts exploring around before she settles down and unpacks. Seeing Tae Kyung's MP3 player, she decides to return it to him only she doesn't know where to place the MP3 player. Unknowingly she disturbs the position of his lamp as she leaves it in his drawer. Suddenly, she hears him at the door and she runs into the bathroom to hide.
He senses something is different when he steps into his room, but ignores it at first until he sees that the lamp has been moved. Annoyed, he goes into the bathroom and he sees Mi Nam on the toilet seat.

Tae Kyung: What are you doing here?
Mi Nam: Erm... *fumbles with the bidet, water splashes out at her* Hang on a second! Stop this!
Tae Kyung: It takes 30 seconds to stop.
Mi Nam: *wet* *speechless*
Tae Kyung: Do you shower using a bidet?

She apologizes for entering his room without permission and he lays down several rules that she needs to abide with in order to live together.

Tae Kyung: I'll let you know a few things so that we can live in harmony so listen up.
One: Don't touch me unnecessarily.
Two: Don't simply enter my room. I don't care if you want to use the bidet as a shower, do it in your OWN room.
Three: Don't touch my things. I'll never let you go if you do that. Understand?
Mi Nam: Yes.

She leaves the bathroom, and he looks at the toilet before saying 'This bidet is more dangerous than I thought. I need to be more careful.'

They are at a company party, and Mi Nam is introduced to everyone and to drinking. She also meets her coordinator, who knows the truth behind her gender cover.

She wanders around, drinking and getting more and more tipsy before she makes her way into the female toilet. Jeremy sees her and tells her to go upstairs, where the mens is.

In her drunken state, she giggles and makes her way there when she meets Shin Woo who tells her to take her to unbutton a few buttons as he sees her sweating away. Brushing his hands away, she tells him that she's fine and she wasn't hot at all and pulls her coat back on.

Unconvinced, he tells her to get some fresh air on the varandah and she walks out, missing a couple of steps. Tae Kyung is out there too and he watches as she leans over the railing dangerously before going up to her and pulling her back.

Tae Kyung: Are you mad? You'll fall over!

She starts gagging and he looks at her, slightly concerned before telling her to go to the toilet. She signals that she can't hold it back anymore and he tries looking for the next alternative, a flower pot. She throws up into the pot, and he's disgusted and stuffs the plant back into the pot when she's done.

What the heck Tae Kyung.. It's not fertilizer.

The other boys come up and see that she's relieved, and Jeremy is shocked as he thinks that she peed there. She starts walking away again, saying that she loves it here while the rest of the members look at her.

Shin Woo: I think that things are going to be really fun from now on.
Tae Kyung: *annoyed* We'll have to see. If that's really the case.

She gets up on a bench and exclaims how close the sky was to her. She tries to reach for it, stumbling before she falls off the bench. And the guys rush to her. As she falls. On one of the three of them.

And she dreams.

That she is in a garden with David, Thomas and Julian while she descends from the heavens and walks past them as they look on at her, with awe in their eyes. She asks, has she gone to heaven?

She opens her eyes and thinks, 'Am I still in heaven?'


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