Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What I remember: 12

'Hwang Bo-ya! Hwang Bo!!!'

Junjin ran after Hwang Bo as she sped off to her car. Jumping in, she drove off without even taking a look back at Junjin.

Cursing under his breath, Junjin started calling her while flagging a cab down to follow her car.

'Pick up the phone, Bo. Just pick up the damn phone!'

Junjin watched her car swerving in and out of lanes, not caring if she got into an accident or not as she sped back home. Junjin let out a cry of frustration as he threw himself against the seat, thinking of what she said to him in the elevator after they left Hyun Joong's room.

'Jin-ah, why did you have to hold my hand like that in front of him?'

'I.. it.. it was nothing. I've held your hand before, why are you getting all defensive now?'

'I know you've held my hand before, but why in front of him? Especially now??' she demanded as she glared at him through her large expressive eyes.

'I just didn't think it would mean anything to him okay? You guys are over, why should it even matter if I held your hand or not? What makes you think that he'd even care?' retorted Junjin.

Hwang Bo looked at him as tears glassed over her eyes. 'Because I know him inside out. Because I know what he thinks about even without him saying a word. Despite having left his side two years ago, I realized today that no matter how long I've been away from him, I can still read his mind like a book. You know why? Do you really want to know why?'

'No. Look, Bo, I'm sorry okay. Please stop this. I'm really sorry.'

'Because I still love him Jin. No matter how hard I try, I just can't stop loving him. And it's eating me inside when I know that I can't be with him even though that's the only thing in this world that I want. And to know that I've caused him hurt like this, it kills me even more. Do you even understand that Jin?' Hwang Bo asked before she ran out of the elevator.

Junjin closed his eyes as he replayed that scene over and over again in his mind.

'Bo, I do understand. Because it kills me to see you hurting like this too. Please, please, please God. Keep her safe now.'


Anonymous said...

i'm first!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh so much angst. in what way did hb hurt hj? why can't they be together when they're so in love? :sob:

all about (ss501) dabelsohgongil said...
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dalia said...

have you seen Hwangbo's cyworld recently? check this out


kiani said...

I really feel sorry for Jun's, but I think he already knew from the beginning that she still cared 'bout Hj.
I can feel all their pain.

Thank you Chonsa for writing this ff, I really enjoy reading it.

arnabgilasecretthoughts said...

i LOVE the story....omg....cant describe how blessed i feel while reading your ff... ^^ keep updating ya! ¬ ¬ ¬

Anonymous said...

i love your fanfic :) I hope you'll continue the story. so excited for the next part ^_^

Anonymous said...

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