Sunday, June 12, 2011

What I remember: 11

Hyun Joong opened his eyes and took in the unfamiliar surroundings before laying his eyes on the sleeping form next to him.

'She still looks the same' he thought as he reached out to brush her hair off her face, causing her to stir awake.


Hwang Bo steadied her heart as she heard him calling her the way he used to call her before everything changed. Smiling at him, she busied herself by straightening his blanket before finally looking at him in the eye.

'Hello Hyun Joong. It's been a while.'

'How have you been? Have you been taking care of yourself the way you take care of people? Do you still look at the stars and wish that I was healthy and well? Do you still look through your phone and think of who to introduce the boys to?'

Hyun Joong looked at her closely, silently asking her those questions in his mind as he took in her face. Taking in a deep breath, he opened his mouth to say something when he heard the door open.

'Jung-ah, I've done all the procedures and I've contacted his manager. They'll be here soon.'

Jun Jin walked in and put an arm over Hwang Bo's shoulders reassuring her that everything was taken care of before looking at the bed.

'Hyun Joong! You're awake!'

'Jun... Jun Jin hyung, thank you for all your help.'

'I didn't do anything, it was Hye Jung that told me what to do. Without her, I'd probably still be freaking out on the road, thinking of what to do next.'

'Yeah, she always knows what to do,'
Hyun Joong said in a small voice, betraying the rush of emotions that he was feeling at that moment.

Hwang Bo looked away, feeling the tears threatening to spill over, as she said 'Jinnie, we're going to be late.'

Jun Jin nodded as he took her hand in his and pulled her closer to him. 'Hyun Joong, we're going to go now. You take care and text me if you need anything okay? I've left my number on the table.'

'Okay, hyung. Thank you again. And you too.. Hwang Bo-ssi.'

'Take care Hyun Joong. Get well soon.'

Hyun Joong felt as though his heart was being ripped apart as he watched his Hwang Buin leaving with another man.

'So... she's... found someone who will love her the way I couldn't love her...'


joy said...

ouch! my heart is being rip apart right now.

thanks again chonsa.

Anonymous said...

mine too! wae wae wae??! they deserve to be together, not forced apart by misunderstandings.

kiani said...

First of all, Chonsa, thank you for the update.

What a difficult situation for the three involved, especially for JunJin, cuz he's already realized that Hwangbo is still in love with Hyun Joong.

Hyunika said...

Oh... Junjin comes in the picture now... how interesting! Hope there is nothing between them,merely just good friend.

Xyxy said...