Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hyun Joong's new album

Hyun Joong has released the jacket photos of his upcoming album entitled 'Break Down' scheduled for release on the 8th of June.

His album has him with a different look from his usual appearance, and has been described by netizens to be a more masculine and manly side of him.

His album will carry six tracks and sees him collaborating with Ken Lewis, who has also worked with Usher, Kanye West and Eminem.

What say you guys? Cool? Macho? Too dark?



Anonymous said...

very macho hahaha Can't wait for his variety show appearances...judging from Running Man, although he looks manlier, his cuteness is still there XDD

Anonymous said...

I think this portrays the other side of him that could have been him, if he hadn't become an idol.
Wishing him lots of luck with his solo debut.

Anonymous said...

while my favorite hyunjoong look is still the pony tail one in tony moly, i appreciate what he's doing to build his body and to move away from his pretty boy image. his new suave, manly look fits well with a certain classy lady. kid groom has officially grown up and he'd look really good standing next to his buin now. if only they can do another wedding photography shoot! he's matured but she hasn't aged so they look about the same age now! on the other hand, i'm not feeling his image in the new mini album and Please MV. those shiny mafia shirts and suits and metal embellishments look really outdated and dare i say cheap (white sneakers???!!)...the imported dance choreography is plain awkward (first time i've seen a grown man skipping in a dance video???!!). with all the money keyeast has dumped into the MV, i honestly expected something classier, or even something more generic but palatable.

Anonymous said...

finally,i saw him in personal when he promoting his album Breakdown here in the Philippines,and i was amazed that he has a lot of fans here,the activity center of the mall seems to collapsed when he come out to the stage...people seems crazy when they saw him,they're shouting,yelling,giggling,of course,i am one of them too,hahahha...he's look now is totally like a man,super gwapo(handsome)!the first time i saw him is in we got married with hwangbo,i was laughing to both of them,their both funny and cool, although there was an age gap between them but they click to each other and since then i became one of their fans,i got updates to both of them thru internet,i have also korean tv cables.....hoping and wishing that someday he and hwangbo together in one album or a show,or a movie,or a drama....