Thursday, May 19, 2011

What I remember: 10

Beep... beep... beep...

Taking in deep breaths, Hwang Bo tried to steady herself as she looked at the man lying down on the hospital bed. It took almost all her strength to keep from screaming his name out loud and shaking him awake as he slept on.

'Shillang, what did you do to yourself? You were supposed to be happy, to live your life well. I was supposed to look you in the eye and smile when we finally met again. This is not what it was supposed to be like,' she thought to herself as she felt her body go numb from the sense of helplessness that she felt.

'I would do anything just to hear you sing to me again. Please wake up, Shillang...'

Justify Full
*Three years earlier*

'Buin, make sure you watch my solo later. I've planned a big surprise for you! But don't be too scared when they jump out, okay? ^^Y'

Hwang Bo smiled at the silly text that Hyun Joong sent her and continued watching Kyu Jong performing his solo at the SS501 concert. Thanking her lucky stars that she was no where extremely near the stage, she began giggling as she imagined storks flying out from cages all over the place, when Kyu Jong announced the solo performance of their leader, Hyun Joong.

'Hi there everyone! I hope you're all having a great time!!' yelled Hyun Joong as he stepped out on the stage, dressed in a Pooh Bear suit.

'I know this looks weird, but you'll stay with me right? And not be ashamed of me right??' he asked the cheering crowd as he focused on his star that night.

'I wanted you to know that I have been practicing this for a long time, and that no matter what it's the thought that counts. Pay attention closely, and if you think looking at me is too awkward for you, then just close your eyes and feel this.'

And she believes in me
I`ll never know just what she sees in me,
I told her someday if she was my girl
I could change the world with my songs, but
I was wrong
But she has faith in me
And so I go on trying faithfully
Forever in my heart she will remain
And I hope and pray
I will find a way, find a way

Hyun Joong walked down the stage as he continued singing and headed towards the wide-eyed Hwang Bo. Laughing, he saw her freeze with shock before trying to duck away and disappear into the crowd.

'HWANG BUIN! Where do you think you're going? I told you before, no matter where you go, I'll be able to find you!'

Hwang Bo turned to stone as she heard Hyun Joong calling out to her as the entire stadium screamed their cheers. Refusing to look at him, she willed the ground to open and swallow her whole and save her from his piercing gaze.

'I told you not to be scared. Hwang Buin, there's something I've been wanting to tell you for a long time now...'


Hwang Bo looked up as she saw thousands of sparks light up the sky. Laughing, she covered her mouth with her hands as she watched the most spectacular display of fireworks spell out their names.

Watching her closely, Hyun Joong stepped by her side and repeated softly into her ear.

'I will find a way for us both. I love you Buin...'

Closing her eyes, Hwang Bo said a quiet prayer as she felt her heart explode with happiness.

'God, if you can hear me, thank you. Thank you for bringing him into my life. Thank you.'


katty1981 said...

wow...i love it...thanks for posting this up...always love ya...fighting!!!

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I love it! Cant wait for the next chapter. Im dying of anticipation, same yearning for Joongbo's coming out on 2012 haha! Segyero!

Anonymous said...

Aww.. A glimpse of their past. Thanks a lot! ~<3

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Oh goodness...thanks so much. As I read this, I can literally see it playing through my mind, you literally whisk me into their world all over again...

I wait ever patiently, feel like I'm watching a drama as I read through. You have an absolute talent for this, I've read many many romance novels in my sooo many years and I swear you have the knack to bring your readers into that moment as if watching it from the side line.

Thank you for the hard work...this can't be easy, so know I will wait patiently for your next chapter. Whenever you have the time, the heart and your creative juice flowing. You are definitely one of the best seller authors.

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i check this page daily for an update because i love stories from you dear author! thank you so much!

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what a touching public declaration of love! what happened after that? why did it become so screwed up? i'm so dying to read on.

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im hooked with this fic.. pls update soon..

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my boyfriend and I loves reading your work! thank you so much chonsa!

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C,This is awesome...Love it.. thanks for sharing and looking forward for more... :)

kiani said...

"Woah" firework spelling out their name? So romantic.

Thank you again for the update, I honestly agree with everyone's comment, kudos..

dalia said...

been reading your blog for a few years now.. ever since JoongBo
omg.. how i miss Buin's laugther and Shillang's antics

Still a believer.. they are meant to be together!
Thank you chonsa.. cant wait for the next chapter!