Monday, August 8, 2011

What I remember: 13

Jumping out of the cab, Junjin sped to Hwang Bo's car as she pulled over in front of her apartment building.

'Bo! Look, I'm sorry okay. Please, I didn't mean it that way. I just.. I just didn't think...'

Hwang Bo looked at Junjin, his forehead creased with worry and leaned against him, pulling him close in a hug.

'I know Jin. I know. It's just that... I dunno, I just become a wreck around him. And although I want to pull myself away from him, I can't. Thank you for always being there for me though, I really do love you for being the brother that I can always depend on.'

Sighing, Junjin squeezes her tight, knowing that he will always be defeated by her memory of him.

'I'll always be your brother Bo. I love you too.'


LvKprogram said...

Thank you for new update!
I wish story was little longer^^

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. Been waiting for it too. In fact, i rewatched WGM's ssangchu couple episodes recently. Reading your latest post brought me back to the farewell episode in Mt. Halla. How i wish they were really a married couple. Would it be too late to wish on a star for that to happen?

arnabgilasecretthoughts said...

thankyu for updating ^^
been waiting for quite a while...kekekee

Anonymous said...

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yokesoe said...

thanks so much for ur writings. i always be ur fan.

Anonymous said...

tks for the new chapter. please update again soon

Anonymous said...

hoping to read your next chapter soon ;p

kiani said...

Hi Chonsa,
I enjoyed reading this ff, so is this the ending to their story here?
Anyway, an awesome JoongBo ff, thanks.