Friday, March 5, 2010


Hey there guys,

I've been thinking a lot lately. Had a few things happen, and a few things that didn't happen.. A bit of this and that, but then hey, that's what life is about innit?

Reflecting back on the past two years, I think I have kinda done quite a few things. But I've also paid the price for such actions. I don't know if I can really express myself, but I wish I treated some people better. I wish I was more honest with them. And I wish I could make it up to them, but in a way, it's too late. I took too long. And I can't do anything about it anymore.

Oh well. That's just the way things are sometimes.

Gosh, I just feel so negative.

I think I'm gonna go watch Joongbo again. For the first time in about a year. I need to watch something sincere, something real. Something... that puts the faith back in you.

And maybe, I'll be more positive. And real. And more... me.

My life's events, events, come my way! Y^_^Y

Sorry about the emo post I'm writing, I just needed to get it off my chest.




Anonymous said...

I'm like ugh? It sounds like you need a hug...(Hug). Don't usually hug strangers, but I've seen your name Chonsa (angel in Korean, right?) I learned that from a ff. Anyway, I associate you with Joongbo. And anyone that's a fan of Joongbo has gotta be a good person, that's my honest opinion. Sorry you're feeling down and out. But, I feel there comes a time, each of us experience that sort of thing, it sure doesn't feel good. I just remember a saying that I read at one time, don't remember where, but it went something like; what you do today determines the outcome of tomorrow. Regardless, it's never too late to say your sorry, whether the other party accepts the apology or not, it's your sincerity that matters. Happy watching! Joongbo never fails to bring tears to my eyes, doesn't matter if I'm sad or happy. Maybe a tear shed will put things back into perspective. Gosh, just wanna wish you more smiles and brighter days..... By the way, just wanna say "thank you" for this site and keeping us informed of the double HJ's.

Peace and Love..............

Nonie said...

I seldom put up a comment... but you sound so down. and I can't help but want to cheer you up coz you've been cheering everyone by posting about Joongbo.

Thank You for everything and be strong Chonsa... :D

Anonymous said...

Big hug, Chonsa. I also had a bad day today. Reflect and then move on, dear. Life keeps going on and don't make the same mistake twice.

God bless, Chonsa >:D< >:D<

Charmed said...

Sending you a hug right now... Chonsa, dear, I think you are not alone on this one. People - at one point or another - experiences this. And honestly, I am no exception to this. At the end of the day, you still have to collect yourself and remain strong. Hope you'll feel better soon... will wait for your *cheery* post next time. Mwah and hugs. - charmed

Anonymous said...

Hi Chonsa, if only I can hug you now.You sound so sad and down. Whatever it is I hope that it will be ok. And like what the another anonymous poster said any joongbo fan is a good person. So you are a good person and whatever it is that makes you sad/down it will pass 'cause you have a good heart.
Thank you for this tread and please BE HAPPY...

Anonymous said...

hey chonsa,i nver posted a cmment bfore,but you seemed so down,please dont be!ive had some bad times in my life too.its just part of our life chronicle,so just live up with yeah.ILY!!Thanx 4 the joongbo updates that youve always done.chonsa,hwaiting!!

Anonymous said...

A hug for you ^_^
In down times like this, I think that it is best to give yourself a little break. Often times we like to be hard on ourselves. When a friend makes mistake, we can be compassionate and tell him/her that everything is going to be alright, things happen, everybody makes mistakes. But when it is down to us, we like to blame ourselves, thinking that we could have done better. But you know, what makes us grow up is not only pleasant things but also mistakes and sorrow. That is just part of a human's life. So, don't give up. We will keep making mistakes but we will learn from it. Fighting!! =)

Anonymous said...

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ssorry said...

chonsa fighting aja aja ^___^

Hyunika said...

Cheer up Chonsa!Hope by watching Joongbo eps again will brighten up your day!! Take Care!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, poor Chonsa. You sounded sad .. I wish I can say something to cheer you up.
But I guess Joongbo episodes can do a better job ...

Just know that so many people love you here .. we kept coming & coming to visit, even when we knew there may not be any new post yet, lol. You have done so much for Joongboers the past 2 years, giving us much happiness with your posts.

Cheer up, Angel.

= Sandra =

European Fan of Yours! said...

Dear Chonsa,

I know how you feel, I feel that way sometimes - that I have not been good enough to people, or the other way around, that my closest people are ignoring me or just behaving badly to me. Either situation makes me feel terrible. Then I realized that life is a mix of ups and downs, the key is to find a balance, which will make you feel good with yourself. I have not found all steps in achieving this but I know for sure the firs step: SMILE! And for me this means reading YOUR blog and watching JoongBo clips. This combination has never failed to make me smile, and after I have already smiled, then, everything seems brighter and easier!!!!!

I send a 1000 smiles to you on this so sunny day in Germany! (and it is so rarely sunny during the winter in Germany.....)


jellybelly said...

Cheer up chonsa!:)


Click the first choice, then first button! Can vote 3 times i think, just have to refresh and vote again!

We are falling back!!
Comeon people! Let us spread the Joongbo-ers love! :)

Anonymous said...

Just remember the Legend at Mt. Halla: after hard times, there will be laughter too. Thank you Chonsa~ I hope your mood will be lighter once you re-watch JoongBo...I know that it has helped me tons of times ^ ^*

Anonymous said...

Chonsa I feel it too,
and I do not know wheter watch Joongbo will cheer me up again, because the problem is Joongbo it's self.
I need more than WGM Joongbo to bring me up.
I need the latest news of their interaction.
I need their confirmation, Yes or No.
Or I am done with Joongbo.
Joongbo is my Love Guru.
And I am realize now that Joongbo's love on WGM had influenced me somehow.
But I may not contribute in their love life, because this is their territory.
In fact, if they really in love during WGM, it was 2 years ago. and heart could be change. they are human and not getting married legally yet. anything could be happen.
I feel so stupid for keep believing, but I am still in love with them.
I admit I love Joongbo.
I miss Joongbo.
but I hate my self because of Joongbo.

jessica said...

I completely understand how you feel, I myself have experienced that feeling or state of mind for multiple times. I wish that I had treated people better, tried harder, or just in general shown greater interest in their problems or offered to lend in times when others needed help instead of turning a blind eye to it all.
But you'll get over it because this is just one of the obstacles/stages in your life that when you look back on you'll realise that as you said, it's just that way sometimes. And sometimes, that is that. You move on & people move on.
But keep cool & stay strong =D I seldom comment here but this time i left a whooollllle essay (sorry!). Be positive aja aja~!
Btw, don't be sorry about your emo post hehe, everyone needs to let loose sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

weagurae??? what happen??? y????
wat's wrong? herm...himmdeseyo.
i kinda know how ur feeling. and currently been watching joongbo back after 1year! kekeke..coz..their sincerity. anyway, i hope ur not that down now. ^___^ take care!` anhyeong...

Anonymous said...

Hello Chonsa dear,

When you're down & troubled, & u need some helping hand, or nothing is going right...
YOU'VE GOT A FRIEND IN ALL OF US, your fellow joongboers, 24/7, 365days..
Allow me to share w/u my own life's credo:

Whatever that is burdening your heart, make it a part of your Mt.Halla LEGEND!:-*
To whom much is given...much is expected...

We won't lose you...


Anonymous said...

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Alvina said...

oh wow, I can't believe it's been so long. A year away from the blog and when I come back this is the second post I see. What's wrong Chonsa? Where's that happy go lucky, optimist that I used to read about? Indeed, go watch some Joongbo. and perhaps, everything can be right in the world for you again. I understand your sentiments... believe me I do. At one point, I believed that life wasn't worth living anymore becacuse the dream that I've been aching for all my life was taken away from me in a moment... but, it would be cowardly to shy away and it's only the brave that continue to live life. Have fun Chonsa and... please take care?

Anonymous said...

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