Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hwang Bo at Seoul Fashion Week

Hwang Bo attended the Seoul Fashion Week on the 30th.

I'm totally loving her hair!!

*Credits: Naver.com*


ati said...

love the hair too! first time seeing her with hair this short.

jadezaldivar said...

Ah...ageless, ageless Hwangbo.

I liked the way her eyes appeared big. On the first pick i though 'Kim Won Hee!' hehehe. She's gotten whiter I notice.

To everyone, hi there!
I am Jade Zaldivar, and we can be friends at Facebook if you want.

I'm a hwangbo fan more than a joongbo hehe. I always watch reruns of her in xman on anywhere she's looking coool. hehe.

Take care everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Hye Jung looks really chic with the short hair do. I must say, she Doesn't look like the Hwangbo I know. Glad she's out in the fashion scene. Wish she'd come out with a perfume with her namesake or maybe 'Tears'. Handsome friend, Kwon San Woo could advertise it for her thru his store Tears. Wouldn't that be great advertisement for the both of them?

UnTouch@bLe ^guRL said...

why??? i hope its a wig!!
keke...i prefer her with long hair!
keke...^^ anyway...unnie is still wonderful!!!
to the world!!!! ><

Anonymous said...

she's so pretty!! love love the hair! :)

Anonymous said...

love the boy hair! I had this same cut twice!!
Ey chonsa... guess who? I'll text you later, I hope you still have the same number. Have lots to tell you :) Hope to be in the cave soon!

Akillarian said...

Wow. She looks different with her new hairstyle. New short hairstyle for spring :D

nisa said...

She's so fashionable.. hv a good taste!