Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I love you all!!

Heyya guys!

Thanks for all the words of encouragement, hope and love that you guys left me after my rather emotional post. It was really gratifying to read whatever you guys said, and it made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I think I have fallen in love with all of you!

Although there was that occasional weird advertisement... why would anyone try to promote their goods when I'm baring my emotions is seriously beyond me.

Please advertisement people. Try to advertise on happy posts only. ^^

I am feeling loads better guys, loads loads better. And I will pull myself back to becoming the happy go lucky, optimistic person that you all know!





Anonymous said...

Chonsa: So happy your feeling warm and fuzzy again. It's kinda scary when one's mood sways.
And that weirdo, it seems there's one in every crowd (lol). Maybe he meant well (just kidding).

Anyhow, have you noticed that when you post something on KHJ, there's usually not many that post their comments. It's just kinda interesting to me, on the other hand, we'll write all kinds of stuff in reference to HB (maybe it's a girl thing)hehehe......

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you're feeling great again.

About the advertisement, lol, I've always wondered why anyone would post an ad in someone's blog. It's not like anyone would ever read the ads, lol. People who come here to read will only be interested in reading things on HJ & HB.

@the post above : regarding the comments thing, yes, interesting indeed. But I'm guessing that, although we love both HJ & HB, there are probably more Hye Jung's supporters reading this blog. :)

Cheers everyone.

Anonymous said...

Glad to know you getting better.
I wonder if that was the reason your Blog; out of Google search 1st page for a while.
Now a days, I found it at the 1st page of Google search again.
Congratulation Chonsa :)

Let's have fun then,
Come join the Postal Project Chonsa... Y^_^Y.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chonsa,
Are you a Korean?
Have you visit Hwang Bo's twitter lately?
she left some massage that I do not understand, so would you please be kind to translate the massage for us?
her twitter: http://www.twitpic.com/19gjhp.

Thank you very much Chonsa, :)

Anonymous said...

oh well, chonsa thank you so much for your dedication to this little corner i do llike very much to know about our couple!!!!

To the first poster ohh don't worry dear i'm a hardcore fan of kim hyun joong myself ans i confess im lasy enough not to comment that much but im very fond of the guy!!!!LOL

MAY I say , you din't look that amused with the idea of hyun joong and Hwang bo together...LOL but c'est la vie..they look gosgeous together don't they? THEY will produce hot babies lol...just give them time!!!


Anyways Chonsa dearesst, komawo

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